Monday, August 13, 2018

Transport Me: A Flash Fiction Story

Transport Me
A Flash Fiction Story
All Rights Reserved

My movie theater always requires a walk to the door. The icy rain is running down my neck, it causes a chill and my speed to pick up, all to get to the heat within the door. Grabbing the wet handle I rush into the warm air; I am hit with the smell of stale popcorn and sugar, it is strong enough I almost taste it. 

The silence of the winter now lost to the noise of people who didn't want to spend their weekend at home. I look around and see a bunch of kids, many crying, and groan. I hand over my money for my ticket and quickly buy a bottle of water and rush to the theater to avoid the noisy children. 
The floor is always sticky with slushies and popcorn, and I can hear how my foot sticks to the ground. I feel a shudder go through me. Why can’t they for once clean these theaters? But I promised a friend I would come see this movie with them. 

I spot them quickly. Their smile hurts my eyes. They are so happy to see me. I quickly sit in the leather seat and they push a button to put my seat up. I hear them speaking, but the words are lost as the lighting is dimmed and the sound of the first trailer hurts my ear drums. But accept the handful of popcorn. It is stale upon my tongue.

When the movie starts I am transported from the sticky, smelly, stale, cold, wet, and crowded with screaming kids, theater and enter the world of hero.  

I can almost taste the food he is eating, smell it cooking, hear the pin drop in the background of his location, see him almost in 360 degree vision, it is like I can reach out and touch him.
With the movie, I remember why I brave the sticky, smelly, stale, cold, wet, and crowded with screaming kids, theater. 

When the movie ends and the credits roll I come back to reality. The water I had bought warm, the popcorn now soggy in and the butter and grease can be seen destroying the bucket, the floor now a stickier mess as we stand to leave, the ripping of our soles from the floor as we walk echo as we just watch the people rush back out into the cold icy weather. They are all in a hurry now to get home. The warmth of the heater is beating down upon us, if possible the sounds and smells stronger than before, the salt and butter of the stale popcorn still on our tongue, even after we have finished our drinks, and we just look up at the board to see when another movie plays. 

We look outside and see the icy rain has turned into snow; we shiver in thought of how that would feel across our skins as we tried to cross the huge parking lot. We smile and buy another ticket. After all, through all the faults of a movie theater, there is nothing quite like a good movie to transport you into another world.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Seasons Goddess Novels

WIP Spotlight:
The following are blurbs from a series of novellas that are in process!
The Series is Called Seasons Goddess
All Rights Reserved

I look at my land that I have given birth to. They call me Spring. New life. But also the goddess of Rebirth. I help my people find their way through the barren lands of death to paradise to spend an eternity or to be reborn. I have never once wanted a mortal life. Happy to give life and lead them to their just awards. But then one soul came and fought me. He wanted to go back. He was a young warrior who wanted revenge for his father and mother's murders. I made him a deal. If he could make me want to become a mortal than I shall return him to life. I never thought I would face temptation so great... Will I resist or will I finally know what it is to live a mortal life and have a pure love?

I have been in lust many times. I have lived many a mortal lives. Father now has forbidden me from living a life of lust and has sent me to the mortal realm to find true love. If I die without finding it I shall never again sit upon my throne as the goddess of love and reproduction. Instead he shall arrange a marriage for me and I shall produce a daughter to take my throne. I have been sent down to Earth as a mortal with my memories but none of my powers. Will I be able to find love or will I fall to the curse of my foremothers?

I have always been jealous of my sisters. They all know of love. And I have always been one to assist with power. I am after all the goddess of power and protection. Protect the family. Provide for the family. I have become bitter. I have caused much heartache for the mortals. Natural disasters. Disease. Heartache. All in my bitterness. Things I cannot undo. But as my punishment I am now sent to live as a mortal. Will the answer to my happiness lay within this mortal life I am forced to live? Or will my bitterness destroy me once and for all?

I long for beginnings. I always see the end. I help the passing of souls as the goddess of Death. I worked well with my sister Spring. But I long to be a part of a beginning. A once upon a time. Not a they lived happily, or unhappily, ever after. I went to our father and cried to him about the injustice of my existence. He took me in his arms and held me as he told me that I would have my Once Upon a Time. I was then sent to live amongst the mortals. My mission is to live my Once Upon a Time to my Happily Ever After. If I fail then I will be dethroned as the Goddess of Death and lose all my powers and knowledge of who my soul truly was and become forever a mortal stuck in a reincarnation loop of despair. Will my Once Upon A Time lead to my Happily Ever After or will I destroy my soul?

The ElementEaters Series

I think it is best I do the ElementalEater Novels as more short novels/Novellas I have them outlined and they will be published next year some time. Mostly because they are meant to be fast paced stories. So here are the digital covers and their blurbs:

Azar Gabija Kenna was born of the molten fires of the Earth. She was a FireEater and immortal. She only had her master. Her teacher. The one she loved like a father. They lived for a very long time before they learned to time jump. One jump equalled one decade. Then about 100 years ago for them Azar fell in love. Edmond was a noble who wanted to make her his lady. But her and her master gained the attention of a WaterEater, Irvin Arlyn Calder. He wanted their power to time jump and to make her his consort. She had to destroy the town to weaken the WaterEater and Edmond was killed along with the town. Now 100 years later and Azar has broken from her master to live her life and stopped time jumping to sit in a college Anthropology class and in walked a reincarnation of Edmond. Will she get a second chance at love or will Irvin make her once again lose out on a true love in his pursuit for her power?

Anatu was born of the waters of creation. She was once worshiped as a goddess of war. She was a WaterEater and once upon a time she had been in love with Ba'al. A mighty storm god who ended up a king of hell. Where she had sent him after he had killed her family. He and his legion of 66 had brought the number of ElementEaters down to so very few. She vowed never to give her heart again after she sent Ba'al and his legion to hell. Now they have broke out of hell and she must send them back with the help of a mortal. Will she be able to keep her vow or will she fall for this mortal as she sends her first lover back to the depths of hell in which he belongs?

Irkalla has been known by many names. But she never gave up her spot as an Earth goddess. Not like others. Or like the young ElementEaters who never became gods. She took over a part of the Earth she called Land of The Dead. She was the ruler as she prepared the souls for reincarnation. Then a mortal, a living mortal, has entered her realm looking for his lost daughter's soul. She had given him three tasks and if he wins he may claim his daughter's soul. If he falls she shall gain his. But she never imagined that she would start to respect this mortal. Will she be able to keep her deal or will she do anything, including giving up her goddess throne, to gain his heart?

Aura was a goddess of life in ancient times. She used her powers to breath life into infants who would never have had a chance. Then her own child was stillborn and her powers could not work. So she ran and hid away. Time jumping and avoiding her master and trainer. Avoiding all humanity. Three thousand years later she decided now that her master is no longer hunting her and has taken a newborn FireEater on she can live her life alone. She decided to jump many years away from them into modern times. She never imagined when she opened her bar Elements she would hire a man who would test her determination to be alone and to never have another child. Will she run again or will this man and his son bring out her power long dormant within her?

Friday, August 3, 2018

Random Scene in The Final Lullaby Tour

I have been busy writing! I felt that there needed to be a bit of funny in the book!
Here is a random scene in The Final Lullaby Tour
All Rights Reserved

Random Conversation overheard as Doyle stalked his next victim:

Victim: Wow, really in the end it would be easy to fake these papers if you had a notary stamp.

Person B: Oh yeah! It is insanely simple to almost get any paperwork, legal documents, even passports if you know the right people, have the right equipment, and a stack of Bens!

Victim (very wary): You seem to know a lot of about this…
Person B: Well, yeah, I researched it for a novel.

Victim: A novel?

Person B: Yeah, I am an author. A poor, struggling, have to work a day job author but an author.

Victim: And you researched this?

Person B: Yep, along with how long does it take for a few hundred pounds of cement to dry, best way to dispose of a body, and how far down can those infrared scanners actually read. All quite standard searches when you are writing a novel where the main character is a serial killer who travels. And faking papers is the easiest thing a villain can do.

Victim: You know all that is illegal right? You don’t actually do any illegal things right?

Person B: Of course not! I wouldn’t do anything that could get me thrown into prison! I wouldn’t want to have to become the
head of a prison gang! That is just way to much work!

Victim: *blinking*

Person B: I mean, first working your way up, then getting your minions, then enforcing everything, and opening up an illegal shop for supplies that aren’t allowed. Not to mention finding a way to get my fix of social media!

Victim: Your chief reason is that it is too much work?

Person B: *tilting my head* You mean that isn’t everybody’s reason? I mean I know I have better things to do with my time than worrying about leading a gang, spending hours getting contraband into the prison, and I for sure have better things to spend my money on then illegal documents and bribes!

Victim: Have a good day! *Power Walks Away*

Person B: *Shrugs, turns to clerk* I need to renew my passport.

Doyle has to stop himself from laughing. He was glad he hadn't picked her. But he had to meet her. He looked her up and down. She was just his type. Small, curvy, long brown hair hair and eyes. Perfect. After all who would suspect a man of being a serial killer if he had a wife and family. He moved up to her.

Doyle: That was quite an interesting conversation. I would love to get a drink with you. My name is Doyle.

Person B: *Smiles* My name is ****

I don't have a name yet! Please list your suggestions! 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Final Lullaby Tour Prologue

The Final Lullaby Tour Prologue
All rights reserved
Copyright Katherine Rochholz

Prologue: Birth October 13th, 1962

            There is an old superstition that floats around the lands: When there is a ring around the moon something wicked this way comes. Upon the night that Doyle Azrael Sullivan was born the ring was blood red and so pronounced the science community would talk about it for years after the fact. It would even be brought up in a trail of a century almost sixty years later. For upon that night the media would claim a demon from hell was born, after all he shared a name with the falling angel of destruction, though the name meant ‘help from God’ once upon a time.
            But that would be far into the future; for now Doyle is just starting out upon his path in life, never knowing exactly how he will live up to his name: Dark Angel Of Destruction, a name that would be a title of a book far into the future.
            For now upon that cold October night in 1962, shivers went down the backs doctors and nurses, that had nothing to do with the weather, when they looked upon the silent newborn that had been born with a tuff of black hair and amber eyes, the copper color around the pupil as red as the ring around the moon that night. A shiver that was a forewarning of the red that would flow in his wake.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Honest To God Realistic Writing/Publishing Schedule

They are all basically final drafts and edits going on this year.
July: Elemental Mazes/ 1st draft of Sister Death/To Bring An End
         Short Story The Final Lullaby Tour
August: Finalizing Elemental Mazes for publishing.
September: Praying Final Draft

          Existence Short Story Final draft
October: Monster University II (1 short story a day for 31 days plus 3 bonus)
November: The Keepers Untitled Sequel
December: Plotting 2019 (Mostly the last 3 Katy Lily books).

Monday, July 16, 2018

Choosing Between 2 Titles

In am conflicted between 2 titles of my Camp NaNoWriMo Novel.

Sister Death


Endask Til: To Bring An End?

Basic Plot:
I have walked alongside the River Styx and longed to cross, cross to find oblivion or peace, even pain, anything to end this immortal boredom. When my sisters became the Norse deities Future, Fate, and Present I was forced to become Sister Death. I call Gjöll the River Styx to piss of the other Norse deities. After all I am the Sister Death. Sister to the Fates, To Life. While Freya is worshiped, the Fates known as Skuld, Uror, and Veroandi, are revered and respected. People forget that they gave me a power all of my own. Even Hel forgets that she is not the Queen of the Dead. I am the judge of the dead, the true Queen, I choose where the souls of all of the nine realms go. From Asgard to Midgard. They just call me Sister Death. But I once had a name. Though even I am forgetful of it sometimes. Nowadays I just answer to Death. And even through all my manipulations I gain more and more power… power I never wanted, never desired, and for sure never asked for. I tried many things to destroy myself. And I shall at least destroy those who have cursed me to become Sister Death…