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Excerpt The Damned Saint

Ahh, look an excerpt, I am actually editing! Good Kati!

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The Damned Saint

“Who came up with the saying ‘you dance with the devil and you get burned?” Gabriel asked Sophia and Botis as they sat at the poker table in Monte Carlo.

“Well that is a load of shite, I mean Luci sits on a throne of ice, and the bastard doesn’t dance. Didn’t in heaven and for sure won’t in hell.” Botis answered as he flicked his hand to change the cards to their favor.

Sophia slapped his shoulder, “play faire for once,” she hissed as she shook her head at the person sitting at the next table playing blackjack.

“Says the woman counting,” Botis mumbled. “It comes from a folklore, Gabby.” He turned and rolled his eyes as the whole lot of them were cheating one way or another.

“You going to tell me more there, Snek?”

“I have a name you over-hyped secretary!”

“Sure, you do, danger noodle!”

“Danger noodle! I will show you a danger noodle!” Botis puffed up and about hissed at Gabriel.

“Stop it you two, do not get kicked out of this casino, I will not free you from boredom until I am done. And I like this place. Seriously, every time you are in your male presenting form you pick a fight with Gabby.” Sophia rolled her eyes and leaned back, “tell the story, ole wise Snek!”

Gabby laughed as Botis sighed, seriously, what was he thinking cultivating friendship between the two of them. Seriously, it was the sex. Sophia got him hooked on sex with her. “Fine.”

Gabriel made a whipping noise but shut up when Sophia glared at her, she knew her friend’s temper.

“It is from a folklore, a girl wanted to dance at her communion even if her partner was the devil. It wasn’t Luci; but it was a demon, who burned the church to the ground after dancing with the girl. The demon then laid with her, yes, Gabby, like I ‘lay’ with Sophia, and tried to breed an army of Cambion. We destroyed them all with fire. God choose to drown the Nephilim, and Luci choose to burn them. Anyway, the mortals who lived used it as a tale of caution.” Botis shrugged as he threw an arm around Sophia, who knew the story as she was around when the event happened, who was one moment away from killing the deal who had started to flirt with Botis.

Gabriel smirked, “so you are saying Lucifer is still a giant lazy sod? And the saying should be dance with a Demon and you will get burned.”

Sophia snorted, "I have heard Vapula enough times on the subject. Speaking of that grumpy lion, wasn’t he supposed to be here with that Angel boy toy of his?” She smirked, "and the burn in quite enjoyable. Sophia laughed at Gabriel's choke and Botis looked way to smug.

Botis shrugged again, “he could have decided to go somewhere with his husband” emphasis on husband. “Only God knows how the two of them could have lasted this long.”
Gabriel snorted, “I am sure even SHE doesn’t know, and she made them soul mates.”

Sophia shrugged, “I get it. The balance each other. Raziel is laid back and good with holding secrets. Vapula, he is uptight, seriously lump of coal up his ass and two weeks you would have a diamond uptight, and wants to spread knowledge. They can reign each other in, give knowledge when needed and keep secrets when needed. Vapula can get Raziel to be serious, and Raziel can take that stick out of the ass of a grumpy lion.”

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With the craziness out there, I haven't been able to post! I hope everybody is staying healthy and safe! My thoughts go out to those who are affected by this horrible virus. My thanks and worries go out to the essential workers, in all fields.

New Poem: All Rights Reserved


I feel like I am drowning
Drowning in the darkness
Darkness of my tortured thoughts
Thoughts of which there is no escape
Escape from the dark
Dark where I dance
Dance with the Fallen
Fallen that hold me
Who am I
I can't fight to the Light
Light, To Bright, I close my eyes
Eyes blind to the Angels
Angels who give their lighat
Light on the path
Path out of the dark
Dark I feel like I deserve
Deserve the pain of this darkness
Darkness that shows
Shows my broken halo
Halo that once shined
Shined but now broken
Broken... is there hope
Hope... I can open my eyes
Eyes Blind to the Angels
Angels that give me Hope

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Random WIP Shades of Fear

Shades of Fear
All Rights Reserved

A 16 year old is about to have his life turned upside down by a group named Κυνηγοί της Δαίμονες

Nathaniel Samuels was going on 16, a progeny, a genius, and a charmer with a silver tongue.  His goal was to become the best lawyer ever seen.  At least that was the plan.  He was also color blind.  Until one day he started to see flashes of color.  Confused he put it out of his mind, until he was going into the best know defense law firm, Agares, Flauros and Rimmon and his world exploded into color and a man claiming to be his father grabs him and whisks him away to a top secret training facility.  His father heads a group called Κυνηγοί της Δαίμονες, it is a group of Nephilims whose only mission is to destroy the demons of Earth.  But unknown to Nathaniel he is so much more and his training and finding out he is a son of The Archangel Michael is just the beginning…

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An Unholy Creation

I will be publishing an old novel a chapter at a time, An Unholy Creation. It needs editing, but I will post mostly edited posts, once to twice a week until the story is finished. Check it out! Links to the side or just click here!

Running Repost

All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2017

I sit here at my desk and twirl my elm wand as I create a water lily. Honestly, I do not know why I like that bloody flower, but I do. My husband used to bring me them from the pond he had built just outside our property line. We couldn't have the pond on the property because of some if the rituals we did. Being necromancers, powerful ones at that, the lilies would have disintegrated into dust every time we did a ritual. Thus, to make sure he could bring me them when he fancied, the pound was built off our property. I flicked my wand and set the water lily ablaze. I roughly wiped the tear that fell down my cheek and stood up and left the study. I was leaving the house. Moving away from the memories. I had never felt so powerless than the night my husband was murdered. A thousand years and my heart still burns. I never saw immortality as a curse until I realized I couldn't spend it with the love of my youth.

I walked to my car. I snorted as I looked at it. After all, I have been around since before Christ. However, those GPS units are a lot handier than road maps, especially when one is alone and can't read a map and drive. I turned the key and pressed the button to start the directions towards my new home away, finally, from my past.

Six hours later I stopped at a truck stop. I walked in, used the restroom, and walked around the place to stretch. Almost twenty-five hundred years old, though I barely look twenty, I need to move my limbs more than a standard mortal. I snorted at the choppers that one would see on television. Why would anybody need that? But the place had everything from twine to glass and plastic trinkets. Why I would never understand and I had spent centuries being a nomad.

I soon grabbed some water and snacks, paid for them and my gas, and left. Strange places truck stops, all walks of life gather there, reminds me of watering holes in ancient times. I drove off shaking myself out of the thoughts of my past.

Thirty hours later, and a few more stops, I parked in front of my new home, sleek, modern, and across the country. So different than any other house I owned. Running from my past, mostly. I stood in the back yard with my elm wand pointed to the ground, and created ad pond with water lilies. My only reminder of my past. But then again, I always had a soft spot for the flower my husband gave me, always. For eternity... just like I would live. Immortality had never seemed a curse... until it was.

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Dylan And Suzanna: I Am Death Series Story One Repost

I am Death Series: Story One

Dylan And Suzanna 

All Rights Reserved 
Copyright 2010

I am Death. I mean whoever hears those words outside of a play, or now in this future most only dreamed of in 1515, movies. NO ONE! Well that is what I thought as well until I came back to my home and found a man who was about five seven or five eight with a dark tan and graying brown hair and the bluest eyes in the world sitting with my black green eye cat in my chair. My mistake was asking him who he was. Man do I regret that question. His answer was just that. “I am Death.” And to make matters worse it was followed by “and I am your father.” And that it was time for me to come home. That is how I ended up here. And where is here? Good question. Here is about five hundred years after that fateful date and I am waiting for this drunk to get into his car. I thought this day would be a total bust, after all I had twenty souls to collect that day and I was only on number five. That was until I saw his daughter. Then those human feelings I left behind five hundred years ago came rushing back. And I knew she was the one who could save my soul. But how do I convince this angel from heaven itself, when I just took her father’s life force? This is my journey to salvation, join me if you dare.

Maybe I should explain, when you are a child of death, you became a reaper yourself. It is not as cool as you think. Father was quite the ladies’ man, so to say. I have about a thousand half brothers and sisters all over the world doing the same thing. Now we are not evil or good. We are neither. We are neutral. We walk this Earth, taking the souls of the dead to judgment. But we never are judged. Each reaper has one soul that can save theirs. Our souls are in a limbo state, we could go either way. Good or bad, or stay neutral. Most of us stay reapers forever, I mean forever! There are reapers that have been here since the dawn of humans. Before there were six plus billion humans, it was just my father. He was the angel chosen to be death. It was decided by both God and Lucifer, so that way the angel would be neutral.

Well it was like that until about five thousand years ago, then my ‘father’, to use the term loosely, was tempted by Lucifer with a ‘fair maiden’ well my father fell. She had a child and when the child came of age that child became a reaper. To punish my father and to make sure he remained neutral, God came down with a punishment. That my father would never see heaven again unless his true soul mate saves his soul, the same punishment was dished out to his children. He has yet to find his soul mate. When he does a new death is chosen from the reapers who have not been saved. Which to date is all but five.

A reaper was given a gift though, to know when their soul mate enters their life. Just great that I had to be collecting her father’s soul at the time I meet her. Well not meet her but see her. For my soul to be saved I have to tell her I am a reaper and she has to accept that. That is why only five of my half siblings have been saved and allowed to live a normal life and death. People have issues dealing with the fact we are the ones who take the souls of their loved ones. How we do it would take more time then I have to explain, but basically it works like this: everybody has a certain amount of time on earth, they have to fulfill their goal, which they may not know, and they die. For example an infant, they are put on this earth to remind people how fragile life is, or for other reasons. God is not very good at giving reasons. Or a father may be taken early so that his children can go on to meet their goal. Sometimes I feel that the humans we take are God’s pawns in the war against Lucifer.

Before I thought I would just keep on reaping until the end of time and spend my time in limbo for eternity, that would be better then this life. Now I have a choice. Now I can choose to go after this woman.

After a few days of thinking, and waiting for the funeral, I went up to her and introduced myself. “Hello my name is Dylan. So sorry for your loss.”

“Did you know my father? By the way I am Suzanna.”

“In a way I did.”

“What does that mean?”

“I was there for an important event in his life.”

“Oh.” Before she could say more she was swept up by the next round of guests.

I watched her for the whole night and for the following few weeks. Making a point to bump into her when she was getting coffee or at the grocery store, of course I also had to perform my job, so I couldn’t be too much of a stalker. Which was what I was turning into. One day I took the chance to ask her out. “Hi.”

“Hi! Dylan right?” She turned to look at me, as we waited in line for coffee.

“Yes. Suzanna right?” I pretended to ask with a smile.

“Yes.” She smiled right back.

“Would you like to have dinner?” I stopped and waited, holding my breath.

She smiled and said “yes, that would be great!” So we made plans to meet up that night. That was six months ago.

We have been going strong and no I have to tell her who I am. So as we lay there watching her favorite film, I look down at her. “We have to talk.”

“What is wrong?” She looks up with me in worry.

“I have something to tell you.”

“You are breaking up with me aren’t you?”

“No. But you may leave me.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Here what I have to say first.” I move to sit in front of her, to look her in the eye.

“I am a Reaper. That is my job. You asked but I never really told you.”

“What is a Reaper?” She asked.

And I told her. Everything. About my father. How I found out. How the first time I saw her I was claiming her father’s soul. Taking him to his judgment, then making sure his judgment was carried out. It seemed like forever. I spoke and spoke never really listening to my words, just watching her face. Watching her go though hatred, revulsion, sadness, and the final one I could not name. I had never seen that look. “There is everything.” I hung my head and waited for her to leave, waited for my soul to be crushed.

“I understand. I am okay with this. Do you always have to stay a Reaper?”


“Well what did you do before you were a Reaper?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was she really accepting me? “I was a carpenter.”

“What do you do for money now?”

“I own a lot of furniture businesses.”

“Okay. I love you. No matter what I love you.”

I just kissed her. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to be saved. All of a sudden I saw this flash of light. My father stood inside of it and smiled. I knew that I was released from my curse. I could really have a life with Suzanna. “Suzanna, marry me?”

“Yes.” She smiled. And in that smile I knew heaven.