Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Honest To God Realistic Writing/Publishing Schedule

They are all basically final drafts and edits going on this year.
July: Elemental Mazes/ 1st draft of Sister Death/To Bring An End
         Short Story The Final Lullaby Tour
August: Finalizing Elemental Mazes for publishing.
September: Praying Final Draft

          Existence Short Story Final draft
October: Monster University II (1 short story a day for 31 days plus 3 bonus)
November: The Keepers Untitled Sequel
December: Plotting 2019 (Mostly the last 3 Katy Lily books).

Monday, July 16, 2018

Choosing Between 2 Titles

In am conflicted between 2 titles of my Camp NaNoWriMo Novel.

Sister Death


Endask Til: To Bring An End?

Basic Plot:
I have walked alongside the River Styx and longed to cross, cross to find oblivion or peace, even pain, anything to end this immortal boredom. When my sisters became the Norse deities Future, Fate, and Present I was forced to become Sister Death. I call Gjöll the River Styx to piss of the other Norse deities. After all I am the Sister Death. Sister to the Fates, To Life. While Freya is worshiped, the Fates known as Skuld, Uror, and Veroandi, are revered and respected. People forget that they gave me a power all of my own. Even Hel forgets that she is not the Queen of the Dead. I am the judge of the dead, the true Queen, I choose where the souls of all of the nine realms go. From Asgard to Midgard. They just call me Sister Death. But I once had a name. Though even I am forgetful of it sometimes. Nowadays I just answer to Death. And even through all my manipulations I gain more and more power… power I never wanted, never desired, and for sure never asked for. I tried many things to destroy myself. And I shall at least destroy those who have cursed me to become Sister Death…

Monday, July 9, 2018

Update 07/09/18

Found a slight plot hole in Elemental Mazes. Closing up and creating the final draft now. I have pushed the publishing date to late summer/early fall 2018. Until then stay tuned for short stories and Microfiction stories! Right here on this website and on my Facebook page! Thanks for supporting me!

Working on a new short story/novelette now! Will be posting in a few weeks!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Dirty Secret A Micro Fiction Story

Dirty Secret
Copyright 2017
All Rights Reserved

There he goes, not even noticing how I look at him. He doesn’t notice the look in my eye. He doesn’t see that he owns my heart and soul. He doesn’t know how much I need him.
It is wrong I know.  But I can’t help but love him. I try to stay away. I try to remember he isn’t mine. I try. I try so hard.
Sometimes I slip. 
But only when I am drunk, which is often, as I love him so.
I love him.  How could I not?
It really is a sight to behold, that man. 
But I am nothing but a dirty secret, for when he has had too much to drink, when the job gets to tough, and when he just needs someone other than his wife. He comes seeking a comfort only I can give.
But then he leaves again; the clock mocks me as it flashes two in the morning.  Four hours.  For four hours he was mine.
And now he will go back to her.  His love.  His soul.  The one that doesn’t have to be the dirty little secret.  The one that gets to tell the world he is hers. The one that gets to tell the world that he belongs to her. That the world knows has his heart. Even if I have his body for hours at a time.
I get up and look in my cabinet.  The gun he gave me is there. For my protection, he had told me. He had a lot of enemies.
The pills the doctor gave me are there. For my depression. My anxiety. My seizures. All there.
I am sick of being someone’s dirty little secret.  I look at them, but I slide down to the floor and sigh.
I don’t know how long I am there.  But suddenly I hear my door open; only he can get in to my apartment.  I wait for something, but nothing is coming.  I hear the bathroom door open.  He is standing there above me.  He has a gun.  I look up at him.
            “You can’t be my dirty little secret anymore.”  He pointed the gun at me and shot twice, into my chest.
            As I lay there, the pain of the bullets in my chest, I was gasping for air.
I hear another shot; he had turned the gun upoin himself and shot himself in the head.
I struggle to get up.  I make my way to the phone… I dial emergency services. “He killed himself…”  I gasped out, and then my world went black…
I was no longer his dirty little secret.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Nine Years A Poem For Father's Day

Nine Years 
All Rights Reseved
Nine Years
That is all that is going through my head 
Nine Years this August
Nine Years
Nine years without you
Nine years going through stages to try to reach one final stage
Nine years of denial 
Nine faces in a crowd where I do a double take; but it isn’t you
Nine years of hate
Nine different people I hate, you, god, doctors, nurses, your old boss, 3 of your co workers, me...
Nine years of dreams
Nine different dreams cycle, all with you alive and nine different prayers begging it to be real
Nine years of nothing but Darkness
Nine different ways of tying to end the darkness that has invaded my soul 
Nine years of trying not to cry at your title 
Nine years trying to accept you are gone and I won’t hear your voice, and you won’t hear me say ‘Dad...’
Nine years
That is all that is going though my head 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Weight Loss

Generally I write about my books on my site, but I should write a bit about me you would think? I am working on losing weight and setting myself on a 5 year goal to be where I want to be by the time I am 40. A degree, a healthy weight, happy. Follow me on my journey. I will generally post to twitter or facebook.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Praying Character Profile: Captain Lysandra Tia Tiburtinus

All Rights Reserved


For Lysandra, Lander, Leo, Lavina, Lucius and Lucian, it felt like their world stopped. Their parents had been killed in a car accident. To them time stood still. The world stopped and their lives were never going to be the same. Suddenly Lysandra was turning down her acceptance to Yale. She was making sure Lander completed college and Leo, Lavina, Lucius and Lucian all went to college. They never imaged that their world would be tilted on its axis as they end up in a messed up future/ alternate dimension. All they had wished was that their parents were still alive so they could continue their pre-made plans. But as the saying goes… Be Careful What You Wish For.


Captain Lysandra Tia Tiburtinus: 25 years old, Eldest child. Progeny, took college classes while going to high school, as wanted a normal teenage experience. Bachelor’s degree at 18. Master’s at 19 (University of Iowa). Joined the Army as was JROTC/ROTC through high school/college. Did 4 years and joined Reserves. Went back got Ph. D at 25. Ph. D (University of Chicago) in Linguistics and Behavioral and Childhood Psychology. Speaks: Russian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, English, Sign Language. Was just accepted into Yale Law. Plans to become a Family Lawyer. In high school was the cheerleader, Prom Queen, popular, dated the quarterback/ Prom King /popular boy/ Frat king, was part of Delta Alpha Theta sorority. Recently broke up with Brian. Tattoos Army Emblem on left bicep. Motto: This We’ll Defend on back of her neck and a Rosary that goes down her right forearm and around her wrist and hand. 5' 8" 135lbs sun kissed tanned skin, blonde hair (shorty pixie like cut, shaved almost on one side. Asymmetrical. Blue/violet eyes. Has habit of drumming her fingers, one two three slight pause four, one two three slight pause four. Style is casual: jeans and t-shirts, chucks or boots. Always wearing an Opal cross necklace she inherited from her grandmother. Was daddy’s princess didn’t get along with her mom really well, but would go to her for advice. Speech is fast, to slow, sultry, sexy, comes off average to pretentious depending on the situation. Generally is cool and confident wears a mask of indifference when not around her family. Insomniac, hobbies are baking, biking, she wakes no later than five, most of the times up by four in the morning, bed at midnight. When in public instead of socializing unless needed she watches people, reads their body language, she can deduce most things about people, as can her siblings as they were taught to read people. She had the All American Apple Pie life up until her parents’ death. She can be a bit of a snob and arrogant. She is loyal and honorable but doesn’t like to show her emotions and keeps most people at arm’s length. She comes off as a narcissistic. She seems self-involved when she puts up her mask, but is compassionate and caring. Her political views are middle ground, registered Democrat when she was 17 and half. Her biggest flaw is her attitude.