Thursday, May 13, 2010

Iron Man 2 and other movies SPOLIER FOR DAYBREAKERS

Well lets recap the movies I have seen, Iron Man 2 I gave a B+ It was action packed but really again predictable, I wish for one movie where I can't figure out the end, The Losers I thought was very funny I am not big on these type of movies, but it earned a solid B, I would pay to watch again, very funny very funny, On DVD Legion, I think I may have written on this before, but it got a C it was a good movie, you could see the end from a mile away but still action packed enought to watch again, DayBreakers, well this one was a very intresting vampire movie, more my speed, I mean the end was good, Vampire turning back to human using what kills it, then the blood of a treated vampire, very intresting, I hadn't thought of that vampires being able to change back to human, I mean I know Joss Wheadon did it in Angel, but that was for like 1 eposide and he changed, back these humans can't be changed back... intresting... very intresting I gave it an A-, I wanted more...

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