Tuesday, June 19, 2012


... or lack thereof....

It is not like I ask for much.... just a little feedback.... sure once and awhile I get an honest opinion (like I am trying to do to many things and granted I am and I am cutting back, but nobody gives me a review on my writing (heck I can't even get family and my so called friends to read it.  I thought I didn't care, that since I was doing this just for me, I wouldn't care.  But I do... I don't know why I do, or why it matters all of a sudden, (well not all of a sudden, this has been eating at  me for awhile)  I am not asking for much, a comment here or there, a one word bloody response, heck I will take 'it sucked, you should just give up, you shouldn't write' right now as a good sign, at least at that point I would know somebody read my work...okay the pity party is done, but hey if you get a chance check out my works  Thanks much and <3 to you all!

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