Wednesday, June 20, 2012


When I get a chance I will review As you saw some old reviews posted recently because I was going to repost them on another blog, but decided just to do everything here, mostly I will ramble about things to vent, talk about my writing, give previews, give you information about my characters' world, and when I can I will pop out a review!  Since taking the leap into writing down the stories I created since I was 9 (They were all verbal then except a few made into short stories for school) I have been stuck in my own little world and have been a little behind with books... ummm... I have no excuse except I am obsessed with my writing, but I have decided to catch up so to say and take a break (writing 4 books since April 2011 and started a 5th and have outlines for 3 more) has fried Kati's poor little mind!  So Tuesday and Thursday (06/19 and 06/20)  I am doing a mini read-a-thon 5 books 2 days and I have 3 down and 2 to go and almost done with one of those 2!!!  And when I finish the first readable copy of my 4th book (I mean readable for somebody other than me, I usually go through 2 or 3 revisions before giving it to my editor) which should be at the end of this month, Next month for 2 weeks I am going to go through my TBR list and get as many done as I can in 2 weeks and I am open for suggestions, I have a few on the list and it is a mile long, but I have to be a bit picky so Suggest away Please :)

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