Thursday, December 17, 2015

Elemental Mazes!

First Draft of Elemental Mazes is done! Now my edits creation of the second and third drafts and then off to the editor for the first review!

Elemental Mazes:
Katy Lily Year 4/5
Book 4 of The Katy Lily Series By Katherine Rochholz

Katherine Lillian Fitz has had The Veil Lifted from her eyes...
She still struggles with her nightmares within her new life...
She is still trying to discover the truth about her past and the lies about her present...

But for as much danger as she has faced nothing has prepared her for the mazes.
The Seven Largest Magical Schools are coming together for a tournament that only happens every seven years;, Elemental Mazes.
Seven Mazes around the world;
Two months each to get through them;
The contestants win or lose, many can die...
And now they must survive not only the Elemental Mazes that has taken the lives of many contestants in the past...

But Senka is no longer content to sit on the sidelines and is determined to have her daughter back at her side.
Will Katy Lily be able to resist her mother?
Will she and the others be able to survive the mazes?
Only time will tell and this time the journey may lead straight to their ending.

Journey with Katy Lily through her world...

Discover the darkness within the light...

And the light within the darkness.

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