Wednesday, August 24, 2016

To Hell And Back

Random WIP:
To Hell and Back
All Rights Reserved

Karli signed up to fight in the wars. Who exactly the enemy was her leader wouldn't tell her. Karli signed up because Eden had spoken to her soul. Karli had given up her soul the moment Eden first spoke. But as the war continues Karli starts to question if she is on the right side... Things are not adding up. Is Eden the true evil? And if so will Karli be able to save herself before this powerful silver-tongued woman destroys her? After all, she vowed to follow Eden To Hell and Back...


“I am good. I am the light. Follow me and be saved.”
These were the words she used that day. I believed her and at that moment I choose to follow her. To hell and back.

I awoke in the camp the next morning. I had signed my life to her and was prepared to fight the enemy. I walked to the camp as I whistled a little tune. "Morning!"
"Karli! Good morning."
I was to find out the enemy that day. Who we were fighting and I couldn't wait.
I sat down and took the coffee that was offered to me. "Sooo...?"
"The enemy is an unknown entity. Though we know of it and know they have an army against us we do not know their leader. We only know they are true evil."
So they knew nothing... "How do you fight that in which you do not know?"
"With determination Karli." She smiled at me the icy blue of her eyes ensnared me. I only wanted her.
'But..." I couldn't get out my objection my thoughts all on her and not this blasted war that both sides refused to give.
“There are no buts Karli, there is only a determination and faith that we will be the victors of this Godforsaken war.” She said as she blew her blood red hair from her face.
“You are correct.” I looked at this perfect being, through we were both fae, she looked like a goddess, her looks unique. I looked like any fae, glowing red eyes and blue hair with highlights, mine were purple, but others had different colors.
“I know I am. We fight tomorrow at dawn. The evil’s army is on the way here.”

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