Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016 Update

The book I am writing for #NaNoWriMo2016 is The Keepers and the Sisters of Lilith!

Copyright 2016 Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved



The woman held Cain’s dagger at the being’s throat, the blade was cutting into the skin and blood dripped down the blade onto the floors of the catacombs. Not that the blood was noticed with the amount staining the ground, the pools of blood allowed the being to see their reflection as they knelt before the traitor and the Sisters of Lilith.
“Abby, Abby, Abby! Your Guides are dead, your Protectors are dead, your Keepers are dead. Just give us the power of the mines.” Leslie McKinnon stated as one of her minions slit the throat of a Keeper. “Oh before you think you have your backup lists, I hunted down your list of potentials.” Leslie bent and whispered into Abby’s ear.
Abby looked at Leslie and her former Protector, Jesse Harrison. “Why Jesse?” She whispered.
“Humans deserve the power of magic. I don’t believe we should never control this power! You were keeping it from us!” The Sisters of Lilith and Leslie made so much sense! They opened my eyes!” Jesse explained.
Abby sneered. “I can’t believe I was wrong about you. Or was I right until she seduced and lied to you Jesse?”
Jesse winced before he put up an angry mask. “It is love! You do anything for love!”
“But not that! You don’t do that! Anything but that! You do anything except betray yourself!” Abby yelled.
Jesse looked to Leslie. Leslie came up behind him, Abby on her knees and weak. “Don’t worry honey, this guilt isn’t going to last.” She took the blade of Cain’s dagger and slit Jesse’s throat. “Pity!” Leslie smiled as she clapped her hands. Jesse’s body fell to the ground and bled out adding to the amount of blood these mines and catacombs have seen since Abby created them when her brothers abandoned her. “What I can’t let any Keepers, Protectors, or Guides actually live, my dear beloved Abby,” Leslie smirked. “After all once a traitor always a traitor. I should know.” She tilted her head, staying away from Abby, mostly on purpose. “Goodbye, Dear Creator!”
Leslie went to lunge at Abby with Cain’s dagger, however, Abby called her magic and shut down the mines and catacombs, closing them in on themselves and making them disappear and locked down; causing the magic to be trapped within the objects out in the world and the ley lines. They could not stay that way or the world would be destroyed. After she started the process Abby wrapped her magic around herself and started to disappear; but not before the blade sliced deeply across her chest, but not quite entering her heart. As she fell onto her living room floor she passed out into a healing sleep. When she woke she knew the work to save the Earth would begin… She just hoped she wasn’t too late to save her Earth…

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