Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RANDOM WIP: The Pool Of Lost Souls

Excerpt: The Pool Of Lost Souls

All Rights Reserved

I literally snorted. “Satan’s Little Chariot of Failed Potential? Seriously? That is what you want to call this monster? It is a bloody three headed dog!”
“But he is darling!” Her sister in law, Hera, stated. “You need him! Between him and the ferry man, they will protect the entrance to your realm!”
            I looked at the large black dog; he had a brown spot over each of his six eyes. “His name will be Cerberus. Not Satan’s Little Chariot of Failed Potential. How in the name of me did you even get that?”
“He doesn’t really listen to Zeus. He said it was failed potential for a castle pet, he really isn’t good with children either.” Hera smiled. “Now be a good sister in law and take him off my hands. And you complain about my name for him.”
“Cerberus is a very good name for him,” I stated.
“It basically means Spot.” Hera deadpanned.
“So?” I was petting the dog under his chin. My precious Persephone would enjoy the puppy. I always loathed these weekly meetings on the Mount, but this time I could bring back not only chocolates and wines but, a puppy as well. That should get my beloved wife to forgive me, for whatever I did. Blasted it all to the underworld but, even as a woman I have no clue what that blasted woman is thinking. I should have been born a male, I swear.
Hera rolled her eyes. “See you next week Hades.”
“The same to you.” I picked up the monster puppy and used my flames to sink back into the underworld.

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