Monday, April 29, 2019

Random WIP Monday: FireEater


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Azar Gabija Kenna was born of the molten fires of the Earth. She was a FireEater and immortal. She only had her master. Her teacher. The one she loved like a father. They lived for a very long time before they learned to time jump. One jump equalled one decade. Then about 100 years ago for them Azar fell in love. Edmond was a noble who wanted to make her his lady. But her and her master gained the attention of a WaterEater, Irvin Arlyn Calder. He wanted their power to time jump and to make her his consort. She had to destroy the town to weaken the WaterEater and Edmond was killed along with the town. Now 100 years later and Azar has broken from her master to live her life and stopped time jumping to sit in a college Anthropology class and in walked a reincarnation of Edmond.  Will she get a second chance at love or will Irvin make her once again lose out on a true love in his pursuit for her power?

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