Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay so last night I had a dream i can't remember, but get this tonight... or this morning what ever I have been dozing, headache, but get this okay first I dreamt I dreamt of a bat, okay I was in my parents bed? I don't know because it looked like my parents room and bed but the curtains were not, anyways I hear a squeek squeek, I pull back the curtain and there is a huge ass bat, okay so I "wake" up go down and tell Matt my brother, now I know I am in my house, and tell him I dreamt of this huge bat go up and check with a flash light (I don't know why we just didn't turn on the light, so anyways next dream was that I was with my family some type of genetic genius okay and I did this thing where it mutated people into creatures, well this one guy found out injected himself with the stuff, and refused to take the antidote, well anyways there was a boy out there who was infected, and I had to get these pills to him, now my lab at the hospital (I am guessing... was like Spores but like 3D and I could make people into those creatures!) So I run out no car keys nothing to get to this I escape this mad man that I have security to go help my mom! now I get to this store it is raining yes raining at first it is like target or something inside but it isn't it is a grocery store, well this is a little piece of paper that has four obituaries on it, the one I saw was Don Knots died at 61 or 81 on Nov 1st or Dec 1st but he is already dead yes I know, anyways I run into this person I know she use to be my neighbor, Carrie she is shopping, anyways I tell her I am some type of genetic genius and ask to use her car, my phone vibrates but I have a old phone of mine the little gray one my second with US Cellular, anyways I try to call on it and it gives that message you need a major cc or whatever okay, but the funny thing is I am in our 93 white and blue huge passenger van but I don't have the keys, I had asked to borrow Carrie's car when I was leaving, so after I mess with the van get in check the mirror in the visor, I find Carrie's car, it is like a Lamborghini!, anyways I have issues driving it and go though roads go though grass miss trees, all without an issue, but I get to the highway I see mom and Mick ahead of me in the truck there is a toll we stop I yell to mom I am right behind them to pay for me, and then I pull up and stop and the toll lady says the don't normally let people do that but she will make the exception and has me sign something with my inatials something and then I wake up! Okay so I am weird I know this but I am typing it now so I don't forget ! Later

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