Friday, October 2, 2009

You've Got To Stand For Something...

Or You Will Fall For Anything... the Aaron Tippen song is going though my head, lately music has just been flowing though my head, but I can't bring my self to listen to the music I love, me and dad loved the same type, though I liked a few more types... You know you have to to stand for something, you have to stand up for what you believe or people will suck you into a trap that you will never get out... I am going though a bit of writers block the only thing helping me get though some of these down times was typing out my story I wrote, but now that I have typed the story I wrote on paper almost completely, I can't seem to continue I have about 20 pages... but I don't know what should come next now that my team is going to go back home for the holidays... It is fall now... starting to get cold... I don't like the cold... Dad's stone is in, they can't set it until the weather breaks and as long as there is no frost... I am buying plots next to mom and dad.... kind of weird.... you know my big fear was losing them at the same time and I thought that was the way it was going to be, losing dad now was not what was suppose to happen it was suppose to be after I was older... after he was older... I also haven't bought anything but powerball since he passed except for shortly after I bought 1 I don't know why but I haven't since... I use to buy them all the time those scratch tickets... and joke when he was old and senile he would only go ticket when I came by... he wouldn't remember anything else just ticket... you never know what you will miss until you miss it, it is all those small things you barly noticed that you took for granted that you miss most of all, those everyday small things are the things you miss the most... You know things happen for a reason but only God can tell us what that reason is... I want to know now...anyways.... I was planing a trip... I was planning a big Chrismas... now now I am planing nothing.... Who wants to go to Vegas next year... I am going for a week for my birthday!!!!!

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