Friday, November 27, 2009


I had some strange dreams but the one that is sticking with me is that I called dad one night I was off work he came and picked me up I was happy when I called him, and heard his voice, he was mad at me though or something something with Kim something I did wrong? or maybe something I didn't do for Kim, I don't remember much just the feelings and him picking me up.


I have had a lot of strange dreams but the one I remember these last few days is that I got off work one night and called dad I was happy when I called him and heard his voice, he came and picked me up but he was mad at me something I did wrong or something I didn't do it had to do with my sister Kim I am not really sure, I just remember the feelings mostly guilt, pain, happiness.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vampire Academy

I read this book in one day, it has been awhile since I have done that of course it has been awhile since I had time to do that, but I give the book a solid B, here is why it kept my interest, I had no reason to scan the pages, and go forward like I do with most books (some are long winded) but the characters I like, Rose and Lissa, and then of course their love interests... hmmmm... anyways I know it is a book for a younger audience, I say high school (there is some adult content!) but since it is a quick read it is good for anybody who is on a busy schedule, this book did good on some of the ancient myths about living vampires and undead vampires, as well as guardians of said vampires, very good about them being half breeds (I did research on this when BloodRayne came out)... so not to upset about any myths here but some could have been explained better.... The second book gets a D+ it kept my interest for a bit, the 3rd book an F could not finish it it was kinda stupid, couldn't hold a person's interest at all.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fablehaven Book 4 SPOILER

Okay so Gavin was the bad guy... that kinda sucks for poor Kendra not sure how I feel about that but the new dragon the cute one named Raxtus, I like him he at Gavin (which was the evil dragon!!!!) Anyways I give the book a C+, since I don't really like the ending but book 5 which will be the last should be interesting!!! But this book starts out with Seth and his family thinking Kendra is dead!!!! But she is not she is fine, and Seth is a Shadow Charmer, and Kendra FairyKind and when they hold hands they can talk to dragons without fear!!! Anyways enough about the book people should read them, they are for a younger audience but then again so is Harry Potter and adults like those books.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Again a weird dream were were at a store, and there as a kid that was going to be taken away by social services, I told them I would take the kid they said okay so I took the kid, then there was a little bike and then put the child on it, and he laid down, it was like a motocycle bike, I said no that is not right, then I am pushing him down the asles in the store, then dad was there, then I was at home and I saw dad change from the way he felt in his casket to being normal and I asked him if he was cold, if he was scared and he said no everything is fine, then we were at the cememtary then dad's grave was dug up and the casket was open and then he was sitting there shaking his head... then I woke up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I should be hiding in a corner

With all the pain that inside me

But here I sit trying to hide the pain in my voice

But here I stand trying to hide the pain in my eyes

I need you here by my side

Why did he have to take you

Didn't he see how much we needed you

I should be hiding in a corner

With all the pain that is inside of me

Yet here I set going about my day

Trying to hide the pain in my voice

Trying to hide the pain in my eyes

People think I'm fine but they don't see me at night

They don't see the true depth of my pain

We need you here by our sides

Why did he have to take you away

I want to be hiding in that that corner

To hide all the pain I have inside

But instead I go about my day

Hiding the pain in my eyes

Hiding behind a smile that is fake

Hiding the pain in my voice

By forcing myself to laugh

Io here I sit trying to hide the pain in my voice

And Here I stand trying to hide the pain in my eyes

I still don't know why he had to take you away

When you should be here standing by our side

Fablehaven Books 1-3

No I know these are for a younger audience but they really are intresting... better then Harry Potter, though sometimes the book could get long winded, but still intresting to read... it has dragons, faries, trolls, brownies, nipsies, and other magical creatures and nice plot point, a bad guy nobody knew was bad, a couple of kids that fix the problems they cause, and a couple of good guys trying to save the preserves of magical creatures, I give the books as follows Book 1 I give an C+, Book 2 I give a C and Book 3 I give a B-.

All Saints Day All Souls Day

Today is All Saints Day and tomorrow is my aunts birthday as well as All Souls Day, it is another day we honor the dead. I am suppose to go to mass tomorrow at Columbus for the All Souls Day Mass, but I don't know it hasn't even been 3 full months yet since I lost my father, and time seems to go buy so slow and so fast tat the same time, like it is November all ready and I can't believe that, and then of course it feels like I am frozen in time because of the pain I feel and I try to hide it, and most of the time I do good at hiding the pain, people don't want to see that, they treat you different. You know I stopped and had some thoughts the other day, if I was working at GMAC still on that horrible day I would have been working until 2 that day, I would have lost out on that day with dad, of course I would have also been fired for taking 2 weeks off. Well later.