Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fablehaven Book 4 SPOILER

Okay so Gavin was the bad guy... that kinda sucks for poor Kendra not sure how I feel about that but the new dragon the cute one named Raxtus, I like him he at Gavin (which was the evil dragon!!!!) Anyways I give the book a C+, since I don't really like the ending but book 5 which will be the last should be interesting!!! But this book starts out with Seth and his family thinking Kendra is dead!!!! But she is not she is fine, and Seth is a Shadow Charmer, and Kendra FairyKind and when they hold hands they can talk to dragons without fear!!! Anyways enough about the book people should read them, they are for a younger audience but then again so is Harry Potter and adults like those books.

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