Monday, January 18, 2010


Okay another one happened a few nights ago, I was racing across town with this man, don't know him, we were in a car then we weren't we were trying to steal a car, but someone, something changed and I lost all my clothes??? Anyways we went to this place and I tried to find clothes but the owners came home and all I got was a towel then we were laying in a bed trying to sleep, but there was an attraction that could be cut with a knife but we didn't act upon it, because we had to leave, then we went to Walmart or another store and I was shopplifting clothes all types then I woke up

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Dream

Okay so I was walking though my old grade school St. Mary's talking to Stabler from SVU about something I don't really know what, we talked about when we went to school it seemed safer, I mean we were always alone with counselors and such in those rooms pointing to rooms up the stairs and isolated, then we were in a room looking at things we were knelling down in front of something, I asked him why he does this job, then he saw something and asked what was between my legs, then I asked him if he knew why I did the job, he said yes, he knew, he was there, and nobody believed me, that it was consensual, when it wasn't, I told him they threatened to hurt my family... then I woke up

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Okay the movie was okay I give it a C-, there was a lot of action but no real plot point, it was like they threw the big name actors in (not that I don't love Robert Downey Jr., but really I need plot) and then thought crap we need some type of plot and came up with something on the spot, it seemed to be they use 1 whole movie to introduce the 2nd movie! But I would pay the 7 dollars to go see it.


I had a dream again it is a recurring dream I am in this white room it is a baby room I am sitting in a white rocking chair (or sometimes standing) by a window it is bright out side, I am in a white nightgown, old fashion type I am holding a baby in a white blanket the crib the dresser the chair the walls the carpet is all white, I have gold band on my finger there a pictures in wooden picture frames, but I am crying, always crying never saying anything just rocking my baby crying, looking out the window and the beautiful day.

Friday, January 1, 2010


okay this one started with me riding in a convertable with mom and 2 young children one looked like my sister when she was young then we were at the grocery store i said i would stay with them and sent mom in but i put them in a cart and went in and told mick to move the car then i was in a school or something looking for someone but it had like a store aslie in front of a classroom of small kids then i was somewhere where thes 2 guys were like ordered to do something with sand and i started digging though it to find this man i found him he was moving sand i said i am sorry then we were walking and i said i killed my best friend and he was like my angel and i said no she is okay then were behind a piler and i asked him to dance with me we danced then he kissed me and then i woke up.