Saturday, July 17, 2010


Okay here are some weird dreams I have had in the last month:
1) For some unknown reason I was back in my high school (for some type of event) and there was this guy, he was someone I use to know then he morphed into an unknown man and he brought out some guns and locked us in the library, people were panicking so I was trying calm them down and making crazy ideas how to escape, then the guy walked back in and I woke up.

2) Kim (my sis) and I where driving and we were going down this steep hil into like a parking garage and this guy like cuts us off causing us to flip over a few times but we landed right side up but Kim was hurt really bad, and I got out and calling 911, we were in this like underground parking lot and road and I could see a subway and olive garden and other places it looked like a downtown. I then went over to protect Kim until help arrived, she was really hurt. Then all of a sudden she wasn't she got up and met Lucy (her friend) at subway. I was still at the scene and there was this guy who just had this worried look staring at me, then I woke up.

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