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Erin O'Hara - O'Conaill

Erin O'Hara was born on March 21st 1070, to Agnes Bridget (McBride) O'Hara and to Bernard Christopher O'Hara. Her mother was the witch of the village, they came to her for everything she was a Healer. Her father was human, and was killed by a monster. Erin O'Hara was raised by her mother and schooled at a local magical school Dublin's School for the Magical Arts. She is a Spirit Elemental. She graduated in 1091. She studied under her mother who was a Healing Master, as well as Divination Master Madam Catherine Campbell, and Electrokinesis Master Sara O'Cuinn. She found out during her 20 years trying to master her skills that her father was killed by a werewolf, so she talked her sister Arima O'Hara into joining her on a hunting trip to find the wolf that killed their father. Arima agreed. They were close on the wolves trail, when they were attacked by the back. Arima was dying, Erin could not lose her so she preformed a dark magic spell causing her to become in immortal. It drained all color from Arima's skin leaving her pale white, it also changed Erin's skin to a deep dark chocolate, since the spell was considered the darkest of magic. The pack head was going to kill Erin, but his son, Evan O' Conaill fell for her, upon laying his eyes on her. So he bit her, turning her to an immortal werewolf. Erin took many years convincing that they only kill when hunted. That they were not the monsters that myths made them out to be. Erin agreed to marry him in 1125. They moved to America where they both got jobs at Bridgett's School for the Magical Arts, and soon Erin and her sister-in-law opened Madam Wolf Divination shop in Marcus Village. Erin missed Arima and convinced her to come to America where she too got a job at the school. Erin left the school for the meeting of the werewolves where they argued about who to follow. But in the end Erin and Evan were able to convince the wolves to swear their loyalty to the side of Goodness. And to fight the Darkness that was coming the world's way. TO BE CONTINUED...

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Antonio Cuin MacCathmhaoil Jr.

Antonio Cuin MacCathmhaoil Jr. was born March 25th 1992 to Sandra Alexandra (Porter) and Antonio Cuin MacCathmhaoi Sr.  He has a gift for premonitions having his first visions when he was only a toddler.  He knew of his connection with Katy Lily before she was ever born.  He does not understand the connection fully, but he knows he must be there for her.  He went to Bridgett's School for the Magical Arts graduating in 2011.  He is studying under Potions Master Antonio Cuin MacCathmhaoil Sr, Healing Master James Porter, and Pyrokinesis Master Azra Curran.  In 2013 he put his studies on hold and joined the United States Marine Corps, signing up for two years.   To Be Continued...

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Blog Revamp

As you can see I changed my blog's layout!!! The background was created by J.V.K. A very talented writer as well as artist!!!!  Check her out Paths of The Spirits on Facebook !!!! Thank you sooo much J.V.K.!!!! 

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Camp NaNoWriMo!!!

In a few days I am going to start NaNoWriMo and on my facebook page I am allowing my fans to choose my story :)   Comment with the one you want to see :)

Blurb 1: Remember Copyright 2012 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved
"I walked through the stones at my local cemetery looking for just one. But the ghosts knew I was there, they talked in my ear, telling me of their stories and the one I searched for was far from my grasps, as all who lived in this small cemetery had the right for their stories to be heard. These are their stories, as well as my own, as I search for who these lost souls were, and who I am.
My name? I don’t know. That is the problem. I woke up in the hospital with no identity, no family, no nothing. However I did find out one thing. I see ghosts. Well just not ghost but everything supernatural. So why am I in this cemetery? Because the last ghost told me to find a tombstone. A very specific tombstone... My tombstone."

Blurb 2: Remember Copyright 2011 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved
"Katyla, is responsible for one of the worst creations of the supernatural world... she created a race of Vampires... She lived as a ruler until she met a young Wiccan, whom her son had fallen in love with, and she was shown the errors of her ways. She fought to change the laws of her vampiric race, but her best friend who ruled by her side would not allow it. He destroyed her life. He killed her son in front of her, he killed her pregnant daughter in law, her life destroyed before her. But she placed a curse upon Argos, her former best friend. Cursed him with the fact her son, Marcus, would be reborn and when he was of age he would remember the things Argos had done, and would raise his army once more and finally destroy Argos and his way of life. Watch as Marcus once more lives and Katyla is on a mission to not only save her son's life once more, but try to save the human race..."

Blurb 3: Copyright 2012 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved
"The icy air was cutting into her lungs, just as the ice, snow and gravel was cutting into her back. I just kept watching, there was nothing I could do, though I am an angel, I could not stop this attack. She was trying to keep her eyes away from his face. From looking at him, for seeing the blackness of his eyes, and the jagged tooth smile he had while he hurt her. It was a demon straight from hell, they have the power to leave hell and destroy. I was an angel and could not leave. She was about to give up. I felt it. So I fell. I destroyed the demon. I heard the sirens then nothing. God had chosen my fate. I would remember nothing. I would remain forever a Fallen Angel."

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The Rise Review

The RiseThe Rise by Joshuah Buckle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Rise by Joshuah Buckle
My body lay in the dark alley, broken and bruised. Rain softly dripped down the brick walls, and over my beaten form. I had no memories of anything that had happened before I woke, and I was alone, with no idea where I was.

Josiah wakes in a world that is new to him, and is unaware of the dangers that hide within it. He is hunted by two Rangers, and a separate group, who seem to know everything from his past. When he befriends Leneya, whose job as a Ranger is to hunt Josiah, he learns that the world he woke up in isn’t only what it seems to be.

He soon finds himself torn; between the life he was meant to lead, and the path he wishes to choose for himself. It is in the midst of this struggle that he discovers what dark purpose he was created for.

‘The Rise’ is Josiah’s story; one of inner conflict and of the timeless battle between good versus evil.   

I bought this awhile ago on a recommendation I finally got around to reading it.  I thought it was a very interesting read, in the fact it made me want to continue reading.  It is a great concept and a great plot to the book.  Some parts felt a little forced, but it is well written, and the plot line allows you that suspense you need to continue with reading the book.  I don't do spoilers so I won't say much about the plot.  But You can't really go wrong with having this book in your collection.  I am a big fan of good v. evil though when I am writing I try to avoid reading since good v. evil is my main theme in about 95% of my writing.  But since this was recommended I thought why not, most of my work is in the editing process and I had some time to kill before going back to work on my 3rd book for a series (5th over all).  And I wasn't disappointed.  It kept me entertained, and allowed me to leave my worlds behind for a few hours (I speed read).  I will be checking out more of his work as it becomes available. 

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Bex "N' Books: Review & Giveaway: Truth and Lies Past and Present...

Bex "N' Books: Review & Giveaway: Truth and Lies Past and Present...: Goodreads Synopsis Katherine Lillian Fitz had only known one type of world... one of hard living on the streets. Then she finds out she i...

Headmaster Oeric O'Cuinn

Oeric O'Cuinn was born on September 17th 1670, to Elizabeth Lua (Austen) Poe and to Byran Richard O'Cuinn. His father was a Guardian and Guard to the Elders. He was killed in the line of duty when Oeric was only five years old. His mother quickly remarried Rion Ryion Poe, he would have three half sisters, Lua Lisa Poe in 1907, Aaliyah Irene Poe in 1950 and Senka Elizabeth in 1979. Oeric O' Cuinn is an Earth Elemental He graduated with honors from Bridgett's School of Magical Arts 1681. He studied under Earth Master Desmond Panetitiere, Magical Defense Master Kendell Cook and Spells Master Dante Hayden. He quickly moved through his studies gaining life experience by traveling the world. He discovered a dark secret in his family soon after Senka was married. And he lost the love of his life due to what he saw was his weakness and inability to see what was in front of him. Due to that he distances himself from everybody who means the most to him. He become Headmaster of Bridgett's School for the Magical Arts in January of 1998. He watches from afar those he loves, trying to protect them, but doing more damage hurting them. It turns out he is the Uncle of Katherine Lilian Fitz. He did not take her in due to his guilt over the loss of lives, due to the inability of seeing Darkness in those around him. To Be Continued...

Katy Lily Character- Amanda Americana

Amanda Americana is the oldest professor at Bridgett's School for the Magical Arts, at the age of 535.  She shows no sign of retiring .  Amanda Americana was born to her mother and father in the middle of Sioux Country, she is a member of what is now called the Sioux tribe of Native Americans.  Her parents were powerful as well, they had helped put up more protections around the school to prevent the magical war from affecting the children.  Both her parents were lost int he Magical War of 1491 when she was 14.  She lived at the school since that time.  She has never left, besides to study under her Masters.  She is an Earth Elemental.  Who studied Elements under Master Running Bear, Earth under Master Raining Mountain, and Spells under Master Flying Eagle.  She is very attached to Riley who is her best student.  She has informed him she would be honored to be his Master upon graduation.  She choose to teach Elements as the school is her life.  She has been heard saying "I will defend the virtues of the students of Bridgett's until my dying breath." 

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Copyright 2009 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved Excerpt for The Jennifer Anderson Series Book 1 The Ripper Reincarnated *Note not edited very rough draft for first 2 chapters thought the book is done as is book 2 I have been working on other projects and haven't decided to publish or edit this yet.

A car pulls up and the door opens, the young women of ill repute gets in. There is a figure driving, their hood is up the woman can't see the strangers face, they pull off the road after about 45 minutes, the car the woman notices is an old beater, black with no license plate but she still got in now she is wondering if it was a good idea. "Okay for full service it will be 250 dollars" the woman tells the figure. There is no response instead the figure gets out and comes around to open the door, the young woman gets out and follows the figure and says "okay it can be done here." She is about 100 yards from the car now and notices that nobody is around if she didn't need the money she would never have been out here, but she undresses and waits. The figure walks behind her and she heard a rustle of paper then felt a searing pain she is stabbed in the back and she screams but nobody can hear her here, she is so far away from life, she is being stabbed over and over she only hears the figure counting, wishing she had never got in the car was her last thoughts and the last thing she heard was 57... And her own scream though out the night air, which was cold so cold even though the temperature was 85 degrees. The figure walks back to the car and strips down and puts all the cloths in the back then walks over to the river and washes its hands and then walks back to the car and opens the trunk takes out a bag putting the other in and gets dressed with the clothes inside of this second bag.  The figure then gets into the car and drives away, and drives for about 30 minutes and pulls to the side of the rode takes the bag of clothes out of the trunk and throws it into the bin where the homeless men are sitting, then throws in a bottle worth of lighter fluid then throws the bottle in then lights a match and throws it in.  The figure then wipes down the car then throws the keys leaving it unlocked and the doors open, and then the figure walks away.  About an hour later the figure would be seen getting into a car parked at a local store but nobody was around to see the figure enter into a 4 door Pontiac grand prix.  This trip took 2 hours and 55 minutes, the figure is getting better, and the last trip took an hour longer. Now for her to find her surprise.
Ch. 1
The next morning... "Good Morning Las Vegas! You are listening to..." The radio snooze button is pushed and four 7 year olds run in to the bedroom.
"Mom Mom Mom Mom."
"What?!" The young woman is now alert.
"There is a story on the news that there is a psycho killer on the loose in Las Vegas!"
"Are we safe?" They youn woman's child is asking. The mother gets up and lifts them off the bed.
"Of course you all are I would never let anything happen to you four now get ready to go to school." The children hug there mom and then run out of the room to the living room where the sit down in front of the television. In the bedroom the phone rings.
"Hello, Anderson household." this young woman had gone back to her maiden name and changed her children’s last name to Anderson as well.
"Jennifer Anderson, turn on the news." the person on the other end tells her.
"Let me guess, Amanda, there is a new killer on the loose, my 7 year old children came in running this morning worried about their safety."
"Yeah, but Jenni, this man is sick."
"He couldn't have killed over 2, I haven't been notified, but what is the situation?"
"This is the 2nd killing I guess and the victims are prostitutes."
"Go on."
"Well this guy is picking them up taking them to abandoned fields and killing them after he has them undress."
"The first murder was last week, stabbed multiple times from behind and the same with the second victim."
"Any leads on a suspect?"
"Not that the newspaper has been made aware of. But the boss down here wants to link to a Jack the Ripper copycat, and use the headline The Ripper Reincarnated."
"Nice but Jack's first victim was never actually linked to him, so Jack only killed five woman cutting them up and mutilating them."
"True, but maybe he wants to double the number."
"The serial killer, who the copy cat admires, had a ritual and the copy cat will usually do it by the book and don't vary."
"Yeah, yeah miss FBI serial killer profiler rain on my fun."
"If you do go with that lead let me know what happens that gives tell tale signs."
"I'll be sure to let you know, talk to you later."
"Later, Amanda." With that Jenni hung up the phone and yelled out to her kids "You dressed?"
"Yes, Mom" she heard four voices yell back to her.
She gets up and puts on her robe and makes her way to the kitchen glancing at the clock by her bed, it is six thirty in the morning and to early to be up on a Thursday, but her four children get up even earlier for the cartoons. As she gets things ready for breakfast she can't help but remember that her life changed with one phone call from Amanda telling her to turn on the news, it was a different death, different life.  Her husband was holding a press conference and had publicly asked for a divorce in a way. He had confessed to hiring prostitutes and he had contracted HIV though a threesome. He had confessed to hiring both male and female hookers.  'Escorts' was the word he used.
She is fine, that was three years ago now and many HIV tests later, they are still negative and she thanks God everyday that her and her children are fine. Here ex-husband was never the same he was the mayor of Las Vegas and had a huge political career ahead of him, which was destroyed with his confession. She thought about going back home to Adair, Iowa, back to her daddy's farm. She had bought it for him about eight years ago before her children were born, and her dad would welcome her and her children back with open arms, but there are not many serial killers in Adair, and she works for the FBI profiling team specializing in serial killers, she travels a lot, but not so much from Las Vegas, that is why she stays. She also teaches some times at the local high school, history, so that way when she is taking a mind break she has something to do when the kids are at school. But mostly she works from home on her cases.
She thought about what got her into this line of work.  Her family was not the normal type of family, they are a weird bunch, and they loved to watch true crime shows, especially about unsolved murders.  So she would follow up, use as much information as she could get and solved many crimes before being trained by the FBI to do so.  Well what happened was the FBI tracked these anonymous tips that turned out right all the time and came knocking at her daddy's front door. They sat down and asked a million questions for hours, before deciding to pull her from school, get her a GED and stick her in the profiling class at the FBI head quarters.  Two years later she was the best in here field and she went to college mostly on-line but sometimes in class.  She was a Political Science and History major with a secondary education certificate. She met her husband Richard Armstrong, he was a law student and 27 she was 18.  He had gotten his masters in Political Science and then was finishing up law school, it was a crazy courtship. They married within 6 months of knowing each other. She was working for the FBI and he was setting up his political career and soon won a mayoral election right out of law school. She bought her dad his farm back and within a year she was pregnant and had four children, Agnes Bridget, Christopher Ross, Evelyn Rae and John Raymond. After the children started to go to school at the age of 3 she started teaching part time so as not to be alone all the time with her work. Then three years ago the bomb was dropped on her. Her husband of six years was admitting to affairs with both women and men! And that he had HIV. She was floored he did that across national television. They were asking him were she was. She was at home in her kitchen watching the television with Amanda on the other end of the phone, she was in shock. She first went to a doctor and had blood drawn from there she got the best divorce lawyer in town, there was no way that man would get anything of hers or her children. Her dad flew out and stood by her side for the year and half of hell. She won, she got full custody of the children, the reason being certain underage prostitutes came forward and he lost all rights. Her children did not know why she was mad at their father but they were so young when going though the divorce. She changed her and her children's' last names back to Anderson. Now her kids watch the news every morning- case in point new killer. Not yet defined as a serial killer unless of course there has been 1 other linked. But if there was she would have received a call for a profile as soon as the third body had been found.
"Mom, we want pancakes." Evelyn states.
"You do?"
"Yes, Yes" I hear Chris and John agree.
"How about you Ag?" She just nods her head in agreement, that is her quiet child.
"Well okay thank I will make some really quick we wouldn't want you for late for the bus today." She starts cooking while they go back to watching their cartoons, she is thinking about the day ahead as she sets the places and starts serving up pancakes. "Kids come and get it." She has to go down to the main headquarters today and her children only have today and tomorrow before being let out for Christmas break. She sits and eats with her children just watching them she doesn't get to much time, they finish and do a mad dash to the door all four could be heard yelling "bye mom" down the hall. She gets the dishes and washes them and puts them away and turns to her room to prepare for the day.
An hour later she walked into the FBI Las Vegas head quarters signed in walked right over to the door with a huge restricted sign on it and swiped her ID card gaining access and here boss was right inside waiting for her to show up.
"Jennifer, we have a problem" he was telling her as they walked to the conference room once in the conference room.
Jennifer asked " with what a new serial killer or one of our 39 actives?"
"Remember that profile you made for your final - the scorned female."
"Our fake profiles we needed to do, yeah why? I mean how could we forget that , praise from the professors and shit from the guys in the class, they at least choose males or copy cats or the normal typical serial killer, but I made up a woman, not typical out of the ordinary very extreme and will probably never see in this life." Jennifer and her boss are Mike are sitting at a conference table, talking so nobody can hear.
"Wrong, someone has your profile or had to have at least read it, they are coping it, to perfection."
"Okay we think that it is a male that is killing the victims, the victims are actually getting into the car- they are pros."
"Just as in my profile, well make fake profile. I mean the killer could be a female, homosexual or even bisexual, are the killings after a sexual act?"
"Not that we know of there was no sign of entry and the doc found nothing on the bodies to suggest sex within hours of being killed, most likely the first customer of the night."
"Any undercover cops in the area?"
"Yeah, I may have the fielders ask the people on their corners."
"You may want to pull them and send the johns, we don't want our agents killed if there is a psycho on the loose."
"Good point as soon as the third body is found which should be tonight I want a profile and get yours out, we need to go over both with a fine tooth comb, and keep this between only the team."
As she walked from the conference room to her office she could see Mike's wheels turning in his head. He was right of course when he said it was most likely a male killer, but who knows how many people had access to her grad project. She went home soon after checking her email and putting in an appearance, she waited for her children to come home cooked supper and helped them with their home work and put them to bed, but this issue was still on the back of her mind. It kept her up all night, that she was able to pull the finish product from her file (there are 2 copies one at the library in the FBI and hers) and starting the new profile.
Ch. 2
The car came up it was blue this time still there were no license plates and the figure was as always dressed in black and the hooker walks up to the car the figure opens the door and she gets in saying it will be 250 for a ride of his life. The figure drives to an abandoned building and the figure gets out the hooker follows and strips and turns around. She hears the rustle of plastic and then feels the searing shocking pain. She is stabbed again multiple times but nobody is around to hear her scream with her final breaths of life. The figure is counting she hears and she hears the number 57 as the last thing she hear before her life force gives away into nothing. The figure continues to stab the lifeless body, 117 times to be exact just like the previous 2 times. Then just like the previous two times the figure strips and walks to a hose and turns it on letting the water run over its hands then wipes everything down even though the figure is still wearing the gloves, it then walks over and places the clothes and the gloves into a bag and gets dressed from a different bag then it gets in to the car. The figure drives about 20 minutes into the desert and where a group of homeless people are staying. The figure places the clothes into the canister they are burning out of and pours lighter fluid on top and throws in a match to light it on fire, then gets into the car and drives for another 50 miles before parking getting out of the car and wipes it down and getting into the waiting car. Again down in time the figure is getting better.

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Attention Peeps, Magical Followers, and Hunters . We need to band together and get a facebook page and also website taken down and reported as many times as we can. Reason? Is because this site is letting ANY READER DOWNLOAD EBOOKS for FREE WITHOUT THE AUTHORS PERMISSION. Authors work hard for their money and this site is STEALING them and reproducing them for free. I know as an author I am furious at this!!! It's illegal and needs to be stopped now. This is the site ... Please REPORT THEM, share this with friends and ask them to REPORT THEM as well. Lets get this page and website taken down and show our support for the amazing authors who writes additive books that we love to read  The owners of the page is saying that he has a legal right to do this, though all international laws state copyright infringement is illegal.  He says because he is in Canada he is not bound by laws.  The people who support him have been coming back saying it is just like going to the library.  That is wrong.  They are downloading books to keep and not borrow and without author's permission.  If you want to borrow a book ebook or otherwise got your library, that way the author has been paid or got to or they allow you to sample the book, or even lend the book and borrow!!!!!  Please do right and buy the book, or borrow from a library or from the websites directly that way the authors get paid, or they have given authorization to share their work.  This site does not get author authorization and is doing this illegally ♥ ~Kati    

Stephen L. Wilson: WARNING- Authors, your craft is at risk! The "Naps...

Stephen L. Wilson: WARNING- Authors, your craft is at risk! The "Naps...: Within the past day it was brought to my attention by a  friend that there is a site proudly promoting the fact that they are freely distr...

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Favorite Sin?

Working on The Seven Deadlies has given me a lot to think about with sins and deadly creatures that stalk the night.  What do you think is the most interesting Deadly?  What is your favorite being that goes bump in the night?  Mine, I am a big fan of Pride so far and Greed, those were my favorite ones to write about, and my favorite thing that goes bump in the night?  Everybody who knows me knows I have a soft spot for Vampires! 


Check out this drawing!!!!

Drawing for $75 every time IF I WERE YOU gets another 100 people to put it on their shelves! Once you have it on your shelf you are auto entered into every drawing. Do the extra items as many times as you like for extra entries. Rafflecopter will pick the winner so its completely blind and you can win as many times as you get lucky!

Truth and Lies Past and Present Katy Lily Year 1 Trailer!!!

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An Unknown Love (working title)

You know the drill this is copyright all rights reserved 2012 Katherine Rochholz

Melina watched the main that looked so human. She felt a burn that she had never felt before when she was round him. But she knew he was something else. She had been hunting him. He changed; she found his skin at least once a month. But she knew the wolves in the area. He was something else. She watched him as he helped the little girl. He was a doctor here in town. He stood about six three and had golden eyes. And when he laughed, something melted inside her. But Melina could not afford to lose focus. He was a creature. He came from the depths of hell. She just had to find out what he was so she could destroy him.

Blurb from New Novella

Remember peeps Copyright 2012 all rights reserved Katherine Rochholz blah blah you know the drill

One moment of love, forever changes Dani. She just was going to throw her sister off at home. She never thought there was a whole other world out there, until she joins it. To protect her sister she gave her life. She was killed. She was changed, by a creature she thought of as fiction. She is dead. Well, undead. But she does not thirst for mortal blood. As a gift the powers the be, for her unselfish love, they changed her thirst. She hungers for vampire blood, the blood of evil.... and she will hunt them and destroy them with every fiber of her undead being...

Work Work Work

Over the next few weeks I am going to be doing a lot of editing and a lot of writing, I have things I must get done, so you might not see a lot of me here but tomorrow I will post 2 things the blurb for my NaNoWriMo and a peck at Book 2 of A Guardian's Life!

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Angels of the Knights Fallon

Angels of the Knights - FallonAngels of the Knights - Fallon by Valerie Zambito

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay I wasn't really going to read this book yet (it was on the TBR list but not high up) Well I grabbed it today by accident and headed off to work (I had just won the book and it was on top) I try not read a lot of good v. evil when I am writing about hell and such myself, and angels, never really my thing. I love the idea of angels, and fallen angels, and well more angels, but never really found a book that caused me to read it in 1 day. (Though I love books and love angels combining the two is about a 3 day read for me because I get sidetracked with other stuff and I have my own good v. evil stories) But I read this book in 1 day! I loved it. I love Kade, and wish that more men were like him. I totally connected with Fallon the main character, she was so easy to connect for me. I was cried at scenes and to me that is a making of a good book. I loved the whole thing. I can't say much without giving it away, but this book everybody should read!! LOVED it!

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Melina from Mel's Projects Interviews Me

Melina from Mel's Projects (Click here now!!!!!) interviewed me and here is the interview!!! Enjoy!

Melina: Sum up one of your books in 25 words.

Me: I just did this actually for some book marks I am planning for A Guardian's Life: Like the mythical phoenix Kari shall rise from the ashes of death to defend mankind from the demons of hell!

Melina: What's the most challenging part of writing and publishing?

Me: With most of my books dates are important, so making sure my time line is historically accurate, and that research is the toughest part, that and the publishing aspect of it, covers are my challenge, I tend to go simple because simple draws me.

Melina: What series or books can we be expecting from you in the near future?

Me: A Guardian's Life series is my newest series the first book will come out in September. But the Katy Lily Series is my baby. I have a huge attachment to it because I first created her back in 1993 as a story I told my brother to help him sleep, thus that is why my main character is named Katy (a play on my nickname Kati) and her brother is Riley which is my brother's middle name. For anybody that knows me and reads my book will notice in Katy Lily there are many many tributes to my family. Book 2 will be in paperback in the fall and book 3 will be digital in the winter. I don't do many one offs at all, I am trying to think of one and my novella From an Unholy Union and my novella Unholy Creation are really the only ones, even my short stories tend to be series.

Melina: If one of your books was made into a movie, who could you see playing the leads?

Me: Lucifer in A Guardian's Series I based off Neil Patrick Harris, also Richard Solomon in Katy Lily, I totally see Neil Patrick Harris (see something here, he is one of my fave actors) but other than that I am not really good with actresses or actors, after I wrote Katy Lily's aunt for book 3 I saw the singer Pink playing her and Katherine Heigel would play Jane Hepburn and Lana Parrilla I pictured as Sandra, Katy Lily's adoptive mom. I also see Katy Perry playing one of my characters, but I don't want to give away who yet :)

Melina: What is your favourite book and series? Why?

Me: It is so hard to pick a favorite book or series because I read so much, but it keeps going back that I have a huge soft spot for Edgar Allan Poe and Jane Austen.

Melina: Choosing one of your books. Does that one book relate to anyone you know? How or why not?

Me: I don't have to pick one, my main heroine and heroes in all my story are based upon my parents. My dad and mom are some of the strongest people I know and have been through so much, and that strength, that character, I want my creations to be just a fraction of that, but I throw a bit of myself in for good measure.

Melina: Dream author to collaborate with?

Me: Honestly, I would want to work with an author whose work I loved and loves my work, and with some many new authors out there, it would be hard to pick just one. I have had an idea in the back of my head for awhile to get a few indie authors together and do a short story collection with a central theme of acceptance and tolerance.

Melina: As an author have you ever been asked by publishers to publish/work through them? If so who?

Me: I sent out my book before self publishing to a few publishers (one of which publishes under Disney) and they wanted me to change my work to a lighter mood and to change a few key things about my character. The other I won't name because it was one of the big 6 and people think I am crazy enough for turning them down. But I wasn't going to change my work as drastic as they wanted, I would have changed the age of my characters, there are other things that would completely change who my characters are and I won't do that

Melina: When did you first know you wanted to be an author/writer?

Me: I never thought of it as a viable career choice. I have created stories since I was 9, never really writing them down, they were all verbal for my brother. When I was in college I took a theater class and we had to write a play, after that I started writing more, but someone said something about one of my pieces I had written and I got really depressed about it so I stopped. In fact I never backed up any of the work I had done so when my old computer was hit by lighting I lost it all. But about 2 years ago I was sitting at my cousin's house and my brother reminded me of the stories I use to tell him about Katy Lily and he was like if J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyers can get published you for sure can. So I wrote it, and ended up self publishing it, thinking it would only be for family. I would have just left it at that, but in 2009 my dad passed away so suddenly and I knew life was to short not to do something that made me happy and writing makes me happy and each time someone says something negative about my writing I see it as a learning experience. And when someone says they loved it I do a little happy dance. Writing makes me happy it just took me a lot longer to figure that out than most.

Melina: Did anyone inspire you to write? And who?

Me: My dad inspires me to keep at it. I don't sell a lot, and to get an indie book out there is tough, but my dad, though he is not here with me, keeps inspiring me to write. He would have been my biggest fan. He told me I could do anything and so I will do what I want no matter what others say.

Melina: Favourite quotes

Me: Quotes! I love Edgar Allan Poe's Quote "All that we see or seem is nothing but a dream within a dream." And that quote makes so much sense to me for the Katy Lily Series because I know how it ends, others think it only has to deal with book 2 but there are many many surprises in store for my readers. "The hardest thing in this world... is to live in it." Buffy Season 5 The Gift is another one. I also say it is 5x5 a lot after watching Buffy. I also say it is all blue skies, which was made famous in Dollhouse. But other than that it depends how I am feeling at the time, but I tend to quote a lot of songs, more than people. Though I have a tendency to say As Long as I Owe You, You Will Never Be Broke, which my dad always said, he also would say About Normal when asked how he was... I do that too.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cover Reveals

I am going to reveal the cover for the Paperback of Katy Lily 2 A Nightmare Within A Dream also There will be a new paperback version for Book 1 Truth and Lies Past and Present but I am playing that close to my chest :)  Hope you all enjoy the cover for book 2!!!


K.B. Miller

November 20, 1947

I don't know where to begin. I'm trying to assemble my jumbled thoughts. I had, of course, known about the vampires. And that after my initiation, I would begin learning how to kill the vial creatures, but to actually see one in person...

The nightmarish images of this evening's events are forever etched into my memory. Ma and I were walking the cobblestones discussing the plans for my Wiccan education. When a man, at least I thought it was a man at first, ran toward us at an unnatural speed. My mother pushed me out of the way, pulling a blessed stake from under her cloak. It was over in a matter of a few minutes, but it felt like hours. She had plunged the wood deep into the man's chest. I was so scared. On our return journey home, Ma just told me to pull myself together. That one day I would be expected to perform the exact same task, defending myself and my family from the vampires. I don't want to be a witch anymore...

Blessed Be ~ Leeny

Want to read more, go check it out for free By K.B. Miller

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Haunted Moon By K.B. Miller

Before Lilyann stepped into her destiny to lead the coven, there was another powerful Moon witch...her grandmother. A teenage witch in Galway, Ireland, Leeny Moon was prepared to take her rightful place in the circle along side of her kin. Until, she witnessed firsthand the forthcoming nightmares she would be expected to face.

The fight between good versus evil begins here...

Blessed Be~

You Guys really need to check this out!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cover for The Seven Deadlies!!!!

I am going to reveal the cover for The Seven Deadlies, the cover itself represents the deadlies hold on society and a whole bunch of other things The photo is from a commons file so the creator of the photo itself does not endorse my work Soffie Hicks has put this in a commons file for commercial use and the cover was created by the lovely Paths of the spirit series by J.V.K.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pen Names

I have a question! I mostly write under my real name Katherine Rochholz but I do have a pen name that some have said is easier to remember and I should maybe use that more, (I have only used it in local contests and things of that nature for poetry and flash fiction) Please tell me what you guys think about pen names :) By the way my pen name is Evelyn A. Rae ( yes that is how E.A.R. Publishing got it's name it is based on my paternal grandmother's first name (she went by her middle that is why I chose the first name) Evelyn. My maternal grandmother's middle name Agnes and my mother's middle name Rae :) Let me know what you think!

Some Nights

Some Nights I Stay Up Cashing In My Bad Luck
Some Nights I Call It A Draw

This is from the song Some Nights by Fun...

I was introduced to them through a friend on Facebook.  I can't imagine not listening to them now.  They are a big Indie band and This song... It it is me... Not many songs are, I use to be an introvert to the extreme.  My writing and publishing has helped somewhat but I still feel very awkward talking to people, especially about myself.  But some nights.... it is like the world is on Fire, and change is in the air.  Some nights I wonder if I am fooling myself with my writing... Other nights I want my words to bury themselves into someone's heart.  I feel like giving up at times, but I get up the next minute, the next hour, the next day, the next month, or how about 14 years.... I stopped writing 14 years ago because someone didn't like what I wrote.  The fool was me.  I know this now, I should have never stopped, it brings a calm to my soul that has been missing for a long time.  What got me writing again?  And serious about it?  My dad died.  He was 50.  And my world fell apart.  The one person I could count on, the one person who I knew wouldn't laugh at this silly little dream of mine.  Who would have supported me, unlike others that I would die for.  He was the person anybody could count on.  I was angry for a long time, almost 2 years before I picked up my pen again.  I was sitting at my cousin's house.  My brother was flipping through a Harry Potter book (I have yet to read them all in fact 2 weeks ago I just read book 1 and 2) and my brother asked me what happened to Katy Lily.  He told me that if this Harry Potter chick can get published, or that Twilight chick can, you can.  So I picked up my pen again.  I don't have the support from my family, in fact they think it is stupid most of time, waste of money all the time. But I get up and march forward.  Will I be the next J.K. Rowling?  I doubt it, but will I have some fans?  I hope so.  Writing saves my soul...

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Author A.L. Burgos

A.L. Burgos is going to have his first book called Sec4rets coming out at the end of September I have read the first 2 chapters and it is sooooo amazing!!! You can check it out online at  Give his page a like and check out the first chapter of his upcoming book.  Trust me you want to get in on the ground floor of this future Best Selling Author!!!!  Well you are at it my lovely Peeps, Witches, Warlocks, and Hunters, how about showing my pages some love!

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