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An Unholy Creation Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Theodore went to lift my head up so he could look into my eyes.

“No!” I didn’t want him to see the blood stained tears.

“Katyla, look at me.” Theodore just kept his hand on my chain.

I looked up. New tears started to spill, he was shocked.

“Your tears they are…umm… pinkish…” He was lost for words.

“Yes, they would be blood red, if I fed off humans. But since I don’t, they are pinkish, as are my eyes.” With that I dropped the spells I placed around me; they only hid my eyes.

“My God…” I could feel the shock go through him.

I turned away. “I never really wanted you to see me this way; I hid the color of my eyes.” I knew he saw the reddish, pinkish color of my eyes.

“Why are they that color?”

“I am a dead being, my soul is trapped for eternity on this planet, I have to survive on blood, and I choose animal blood.”

Theodore just looked in my eyes for a moment, and then did something that truly shocked me, he kissed me. It was a feather light kiss, just a brushing of the lips. “No more lies, Katyla.”

“No more. I promise you, no more lies to you, and once I tell Marcus the truth, no more to him.” I can’t believe he wasn’t kicking me out, yelling at me to stay away, he was holding me, and he kissed me.

“What are you going to tell Marcus?”

“Nothing, his memories are coming back to him, he may have a few questions about the last two thousand years, but he is remembering everything now. I must warn you when he comes of age and I turn him, he may start acting more like my Marcus then your Marcus, they are one in the same.”

“Let’s cross the bridge when we get there. So what have you done in the past two thousand years?” Theodore was curious now about the men in my life; that I saw clear as day. I laughed.

“I wrote books on Shakespeare, and other people of ancient time, Cleopatra is a vampire you know? Of course she is also my ex-husband’s lover, I changed her for him. She spells her name with a K now.” I rolled my eyes, I created her and she acts like she is above me. “Shakespeare was a total bore, and annoying. Other than that, the last few centuries, I have been going to school, high school, college; I even fought for the woman’s right to vote, Susan was a very interesting woman to be around. I have written textbooks, I have written fiction, I have forged documents, I have fought in wars. There are so many things, I was a famous artist, famous writer, an actress, but they all died under mysteries circumstances. But never once did I find someone like you.”

“Like me how?”

“Someone who smells so sweet, someone whose kisses I want more then their blood. I have only ever been with my husband and that was almost six thousand years ago and when Marcus was born, we had separate rooms, I had my heir.”

“What is this about me smelling so sweet?”

“Human blood is sweet, vampires crave it, and being around it is a huge temptation, when I was younger, I didn’t even try to stop myself until my son met his bride. We didn’t kill mind you; we messed with the memories of the humans, the majority of the time. But there were accidents, I won’t lie. I have barely been tempted in the last two thousand years, but you, I am torn between biting you and kissing you.”

“What would happen if you bit me?”

“I don’t think I would be able to stop, your blood is my only weakness, and you distract me, with more then just your scent.”

“Is that what attracts you to me, my scent?”

“At first, it was all I could register, but there is something about you, I think I would rather kiss you then bite you.”

“Well, that is something, I can help solve.” With that he bent down and kissed me again. This time taking it further then just a brush of his lips, the kiss deepened, until we were laying on the loveseat. Then I heard Marcus’s thoughts, he was waking up, I glanced at the clock, it was eight in the morning, and Theodore was moving down my neck.

“Theodore…mmm… Marcus is getting up…ohh…” Theodore moved, quite reluctantly, away from me, to the point he pulled us both into a sitting position, but kept me pressed up against him. When he touches me, I am thankful that I learned how to keep a handle on my strength around humans, I could so easily kill him, and I am beginning to think I will not be able to go much further with him, without changing him. He already distracts me to the point of insanity, if I ever lost full control with him, I would kill him.

“Marcus will know when he comes down?” Theodore asked as he laid his chin on the top of my head.

“Yes, this will make for a very interesting morning. At least there are no classes for another week.”

“Hmm… you know if we take you back to the dorm this morning, there will be lots of gossip, you should just stay here. I am sure Marcus will go back to sleep after asking you the many questions he is bound to have.” Theodore was sending some clear images of me and him, and we weren’t on the couch.

I looked over to him and he had a knowing smirk on his face. He had figured out what I meant by clear images. We heard Marcus coming down the stairs. We waited for him to sit down which he did, on the chair in front of the loveseat. We waited for him to talk.

“First question, do you know dad?”

“Yes.” Theodore answered.

“Are you okay with it?”


“Okay, Kat, you were my mother in my other life?”

“Yes, I was.” I was answering now.

“Argos killed me, Rae, and my unborn baby?”


“He had you stung up with something, it looked like a cross but it was weird, like silver but not, you were dying. Why didn’t he kill you?”

“He wanted me in pain. He had me strung up with silver on a wooden cross coated with silver; it burns into us, if blessed by a holy person.”

“So vampires are evil now?”

“Not if they choose not to be, but some are evil, if it has been blessed, they will work, if the person who wields it believes in the power, if you believe a cross will keep me back it will; if you don’t, it won’t. It is all about beliefs, and Argos believes blessed silver will keep us bound. So it kept me bound. I had to watch.”

“But he tortured you; he killed Rae and the person I was quickly.”

“He made you watch your bride die, he made you watch the torture I had to endure, then he killed you, and cut my throat and released the chains and left. The worse thing he ever did was to not kill me after what he had done. You and Rae and that unborn child of yours, was my whole existence.”

“Okay, so what now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you turn me again, do we fight Argos again?”

“No you have to find Rae first. She was the power behind you. Yes, you can see past lies, and see the future, but Rae was the other half of your soul. And you finish high school first. I will keep Argos and the others off our tail for the next two years, you concentrate on school.”

“The watch you gave me you made that for me six thousand years ago?”


“You made that!” Theodore was shocked.

“Yes, I have made a lot of things, I have had centuries to do so, but the watch I made for Marcus in his first life, was when he turned sixteen and became a man. Back then he was a man. Today he is still a child.”

“I am not a child!”

“Marcus, I don’t mean mentally, I mean physically the world sees you as a child. Even the nature of vampires has changed. Vampires can have children, and the child is born human, and once it reaches adulthood the body turns itself. It used to be around age fifteen or sixteen, now it was around seventeen or eighteen. As society grows and changes, so do the laws of nature. Mentally you are an old soul. Your soul is almost six thousand years old. Look at me; do I look like an adult? People see me as one because of the age I say I am. I was seventeen when I died. I was fifteen when I had my son. Today that is considered way to young. Back then that was considered waiting, most girls were married at eleven or twelve and had their first child by thirteen. Today that would be married at around age twenty five and first child a year later. My age at fifteen would be considered waiting until after I was thirty. So as you see the world changes, and so does the laws of nature.”

“So you are saying we are going to have to wait until I am older to turn?” Marcus was not sure about that, with what he now remembers about Argos, waiting may not be a good idea.

“Yes, you really don’t want to be fifteen forever do you?” Though all this Theodore sits, thinking, I am not sure about what, he knows most of my whole story.

“No, how about my dad are you going to turn him?”

Theodore speaks up “if you decide to turn I will be turned.”

“But won’t that mean we will never meet mom again? No offense Kat.”

“No offence taken, Marcus” I answer back to him. I know I will never be what I once was, a mother.

“I have to tell you something…” I could see Theodore was going to talk about the divorce.

“Marcus,” I interrupt, “your mother, in this life, may be reincarnated, but we don’t know how or even when. I had to wait two thousand years for you.”

“Oh… Dad, are you hoping to turn to wait for mom?”

“No, your mother and I grew apart. We were visiting a divorce attorney that day. We were trying to figure out a way to tell you. But I love your mother, just not in a way a husband loves a wife. I love her because she gave me you. So no, I am not going to be turned just to wait for your mom.”

“So you were splitting up? Why?” Marcus was upset now.

“Your mother had a boyfriend; she fell in love with someone else as I fell out of love with her.”

“So you are going to be single from now on, or how are you going to date if you are…” Something in Marcus’s mind clicked. He looked at his father, he looked at me, he looked at how we were sitting now and remembering how we were sitting yesterday. “No… really? Kat?! She is my friend! You are falling for her? Why?”

“Marcus, I am falling for your father as well. It is not something I have planned, I have never felt like this in all my existence, you should know I never dated, even after your death, I was alone. So this courting with you dad, is not something I am taking lightly.”

“And we are going to take it slow, allow you to get used to it. We were not going to tell you until we knew if there was something to tell.”

“Are you okay Marcus?”

“No, yes, I don’t know, okay, I will think about everything, later, I am going back to bed. Oh, and Kat, really not cool with the spell you did to help me back to sleep.”

“Sorry, but I needed you to remember before explaining.”

“And the spell with our memories?”

“I did not want to tell you this early. I will not lie. I did not want you to know about your life, until you were older.”

“Fine, but no more spells, well…” Marcus paused, thinking of Argos, and the other unexplainable things, like Jacob’s arm, it had been bleeding horribly, then after Kat looked at it, the bleeding almost stopped. “No more bad spells.”

“Promise, Marcus, now why don’t you walk back up stairs and get some sleep.”

Marcus walked back up the stairs; I waited to speak until I heard his thoughts drift into a dreamless sleep, about a half hour. The whole time, images from Theodore’s mind was breaking into my conscience; we would have to talk about that.

“Kat, we should talk.” Theodore’s voice brought me out of my focus.

“Yes, I think we do.” I didn’t know what to expect, at least not anymore.

“There is something growing between us, you feel that and I feel that.”

“Yes, we do, but not tonight I can’t talk anymore tonight.” With that I leaned into him and kissed him, with that I left his house, before he could even open his eyes.

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An Unholy Creation Chapter Six

Chapter Six

“MOM!” Marcus was screaming. I was at his bedside before Theodore knew what was happening.

“Marcus, wake up!” I was worried about the images I was seeing in his dreams, his originally turning, his death, his bride’s death. I lived those moments, he had lived those moments. Now we were living them again. I had to wake him up. “Marcus, WAKE UP!”

It took five more minutes to get Marcus to wake up, of course Theodore was on the other side of the bed, not really knowing what to do; his son had never had nightmares.

“What… Kat! You were there, you were hurt! They killed her! They killed him! What is going on? They weren’t human!” Theodore was confused, I picked up on that without really trying, but I wasn’t. I knew the images he got were of the past.

“Marcus you just had a bad dream.” Theodore stated, checking his son for a fever. “Slow down, do you remember what it was about?”

Marcus looked right into my eyes, and I knew he could see though my spell. He was seeing my reddish, pinkish eyes. My son’s power was to see though lies, and to view the future, I knew one of his powers was coming to light. And at that moment I knew he was close to knowing, he was fuzzy on the dream now, but he knew I was there in the past with this young man who had looked like him. He looked at my eyes, remembered the things he had seen, and then turned toward his dad. “No, I don’t really remember what it was about. Dad, can you get me a drink of water?” Theodore left confused about many things. “You where there, you are something else you aren’t human!”

“Marcus, what is it you think I am?” I was either going to have to tell him or I was going to have to play with his mind again. Neither was a good option. I was leaning toward just telling the both of them after all he was starting to see though my lies, my spells. Theodore was pulling strings on my heart I never knew I had, and Marcus was starting to remember his past, it was too soon. I waited two thousand years and I was thinking it was too soon, God did not.

“Don’t make me say it; I don’t really want it to be true. That would mean you are evil!” Marcus knew the word, vampire.

“Marcus, I swear to God I am not evil, I have done bad things, but for the last two thousand years I haven’t done a thing the God would hate me for against humans, against vampires, only when needed. Yes, I am a vampire; I have been for almost six thousand years.” I was just going to tell him, let him know the truth. I would have to tell Theodore as well, he was going to break my heart. “I have killed people, I have done some horrible things, but things change, I changed. I lost all those who I loved, I was shown the errors I had done, and choose a different path then the one I was leading. I am going to make up for the things I have done.”

“You are Wiccan, I heard the title in my dream, some guy with red eyes called Rae a filthy Wiccan?” Marcus was confused now, vampires are evil it is common knowledge, they couldn’t be out during the day, but Kat was, they couldn’t be good, but Kat had never caused them harm but of course it is also common knowledge that they are a myth.

“I am not, I am Catholic if you want me to put a name on my faith, I even spent some time inside the Vatican, I wasn’t even religious until my son and I had met someone, she showed us a different path, and he chose her way of life, I chose another after witnessing the birth of Christ, soon after meeting her.” I would tell him what I was but to tell him his own past at a quarter to five in the morning was not going to happen. “You can’t tell anybody about what I am. If you want me to leave I will and never return, but the choice is going to be yours. I will tell you everything at another time, please wait until you hear everything.”

“I believe you. I want you to stay. I won’t tell anybody. Why did I have that dream?” Marcus was sure there was a lot more of it, then what he remembered.

“I will tell you everything in the morning, I promise, for now you must rest. May the power of the elements, grant this child a peaceful night’s sleep, during which his past life returns, so mote it be.” With that Marcus fell back to sleep.

“Wow, he went back to sleep quickly.” Theodore walked into the room and set the glass of water on the stand next to Marcus’s bed.

“I am sure he will be fine. He has had a hard time lately.” I got up and moved to stand by the door frame.

“Yes I am sure you are right.” With that I walked down stairs, and Theodore followed me. “Katyla, what is it? You seem very worried.”

Before I answered I sat down on the loveseat, he went to his space right next to me. I leaned my head on his shoulder. “I have something to tell you. You are going to hate me.”

“I don’t think so, but let me be the judge of that.” Theodore was confused now. I moved so I was facing him more, I kept my head down, knowing the tears would come; I didn’t want him to see the tears.

I removed the memory spell I had done, and told him a condensed version of everything, it took about an hour, and he sat there and listened to every word. When I was done I waited for his response. I was not going to look into his mind; I didn’t want to hear the hate before I heard it from his mouth.

“Katyla, why did you keep it a secret then, if we were always going to find out?” He wasn’t yelling!

“I don’t really want Marcus in this world yet, in today’s society he is just a boy. And the danger to the two of you, I thought if you didn’t know, you would be safer.” I looked down for the first time in almost two thousand years; I couldn’t keep the tears back.

“I just want to clarify something really quick; Marcus is the reincarnation of your son?”

“Yes, Marcus has been reborn. I have had to wait two thousand years for it to happen.”

“Is that why Sarah’s accident happen? So you could be his mother?” He was mad.

“NO! I would never have had something like that happen. I do not expect Marcus to ever call me mom, I had my son, and I had almost four thousand years with him. He is your son, but his soul is born from mine.”

“Is that why he is drawn to you? Is that why I am drawn to you?”

“He would be drawn to me, yes. But you, I don’t know why you are drawn to me, if you are. Your soul is new. I can tell it was created, this is your first life time.”

“If you turn Marcus, you will have to turn me, and then it will be my only life time.”

“I won’t turn anybody without them thinking it though. I sometimes wish I could undo it, but then I wouldn’t be where I am now. But it is long, and sometimes, I just hide out. I was not part of society until the last eight years. I was in isolation for fifteen years, because I couldn’t take lying any longer. I knew Marcus was born, and I knew that he would be here when he turned sixteen. I didn’t know the how or the why; I just knew I would be here. I came back as a high school student, then a college student, now a student teacher. Of course there are only a few more years before I have to move again, people will start noticing I am not aging.”

“Then we will wait for Marcus to make a choice. But now I have some more questions. Why mess with our memories? Why not just tell us then?”

“Because, they are not nice, they would have killed you. If there hadn’t been four of them I would have killed them. I killed Gavin.”

“Who’s Gavin?” Theodore did not move, he froze, suspecting what was fact.

“He is the one who tried to kill you. I healed you, you were dying, and I couldn’t let that happen. I killed him…” I wasn’t making sense any longer, I was crying a lot now.

“Why not tell me then? I would have kept your secret!” Theodore was mad at me, just like I knew he would be, I was tempted to look into his mind but I did not.

“I didn’t want you to be a target. Argos, if he suspects a human knows he kills them, or in his case has them killed. I wanted to keep the two of you safe as long as possible. I don’t know why Gavin just didn’t drain you, I don’t know why he used his sword, and I don’t know why he let me save you. Argos is playing games, and I don’t know the rules.”

“That doesn’t make sense, if he was sent to kill me I was already a target!”

“I don’t know how he knew! I don’t! I tried to stay away from you! I tried to stay away from Marcus! Marcus kept seeking me out! But it was never, never outside of school! I have a protection spell on the school, vampires can not enter without invite, though it is a public place, and they can not see what happens on campus. I don’t know how Gavin got in; I don’t know why he attacked you. I don’t know why he gave you that message! He let me save you to give me the message!” Things were starting to click. “But he was angry that you lived!”

“How do you know that?”

“His thoughts told me, he wanted to kill someone else, because you lived. But Argos gave him specific orders to follow. But they included killing you. He must have taken your wedding band and sent it to Argos. Unless it wasn’t blessed, if it wasn’t I am sorry it would have turned to ash when I killed him.”

“You can read thoughts? Can you read mine or Marcus’s? And the ring wasn’t blessed.”

“I can’t read yours clearly, I have to struggle, and I don’t do that all the time, there are some clear… umm… images but mostly you are closed. Marcus’s thoughts I can hear. Sorry about your ring.”

“Who is Argos, your husband?” Theodore wanted to change the subject he didn’t really care about the ring, just that he wanted to keep it around for Marcus, so that he knew he had once loved Sarah.

“No, he was my partner. We were doctors, to use a modern term. Triremes was my husband. We died the bond broke. I never loved him, he was arranged to be my husband. Argos thought I would want him around, I never did, and I never wanted any of them to become what I became. Argos was an accident. I had just woken up, his blood smelled sweet, not as sweet as yours, but I attacked, he stabbed me, and my blood mixed with his, he became a vampire. I was just selfish when I let him turn Marcus at sixteen. I never wanted to be without my son. He was the only thing that made happy in my whole existence. I was the High Priestess of my land; I was responsible for finding a cure that never was found. The disease burned out only two years later. Marcus was my joy.” I knew I was jumping around, and not making sense but I couldn’t seem to control my thoughts and cry at the same time. It took all of my strength to continue to focus that humans were not food.

“Why didn’t you turn Marcus? Argos killed him?”

“I have only turned a couple people ever in my existence; I didn’t turn Marcus, because I didn’t want to be the one to cause him the pain of turning. And yes, Argos killed him almost two thousand years ago. We were going to change up the Vampire Laws, to where killing humans was going to be punished. The human you drank from was going to have to be willing. But the catch-22 with that was that our most important law was not to let our existence become known. We don’t need human blood to live, it just smells and tastes better, kind of like chocolate verse carrots.”

“Why not kill you if you were the ruler?”

“He wanted to punish me, he wanted to make me suffer, and regret my choice. He killed my son, his bride, and my unborn grandchild. I wanted to die. I tried to kill myself, but God would not let that be.” Theodore said nothing, then he put his arms around me and just held me; I turned my face into his chest and cried for the past, the present and the future.

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An Unholy Creation Chapter Five

Dinner went off without any issues, after that most of the kids were tried, so I took them back to the dorm.  Then hunted, I caught a bear a little to close to the town, and a couple deer.  Then I went back to my room and rested for the first time since school let out.  I didn’t get a chance to be alone with Theodore again that day.  And I wouldn’t until New Year’s Day.

          The call came from Marcus at three in the morning. 
          “Kat, you have to come you have to come quick!  Hurry!  Hurry!”  Then the line went dead.
          Of course I left the dorm and ran on foot; thankfully it is what is commonly known as the devil’s hour, the so called darkest hour of the night.  I was at full power.  I made it there in two minutes.  When I got there, there were four vampires trying to get in.  Theodore was standing at the door. 
          “Let us in, we know she is here, we want her!”  The leader of the four was there, screaming at Theodore, of course I recognized two of them.  One was my husband when I was human, and he was the one yelling at Theodore.  Argos had turned him, thinking it would be what I wanted.  But of course once he was turned, he decided that he was not going to be tied down for eternity to me.  Of course I felt the same way.  He met his vampire lover, Kleopatra, in Ancient Egypt four thousand years ago, she was here as well.  With them were Antonio, who is newly turned last two hundred years, and his wife Rossi, I picked their names up from their minds. 
          “You were looking for me Triremes?”  I said from behind them.
          Triremes turned around quickly, and growled, actually growled at me.  “Katyla, we will not allow him to live.  Argos has decided you are no longer above the Vampire Laws.”  Great now I was going to have to erase some of Theodore’s and Marcus’s memory, at least until they were turned.
          “Now Triremes, you know who your true creator is, do you not?  Did Argos not tell you?  I am the true creator of our kind.  Argos is the opposite of me.  That is why we worked well together as human, but as vampires, we of course become sworn enemies.  You owe your existence to me, not Argos.”  Of course we never discussed the events of our existence not even with Triremes, or the others that were as old.
          “It does not matter; you still love humans, feel compassion for them, refusing to drink from them.”
          “I believe all life is sacred.”  I was moving closer, walking around them; I was going to go for the house; once an invite is given, then it is valid until it is recanted with a spell.
          “You killed Gavin.  Tell me was a human’s life worth more then one of ours?”
          “Who is Argos to decide who lives or dies?”  I was almost to the door, and I was starting to get very angry because they were talking about killing Theodore and Marcus.
          “If what you are saying is true then you created us, and you made us above humans, closer to gods!”  Kleopatra was speaking now, and crouching, she was going to pounce.
          “Well, since I am your creator that makes me your god, so bow to me!”
          “Argos is our leader, never you, you love the humans!” Triremes was so stupid sometimes.
          “We were once human!  My son is again human!  Argos killed OUR SON!  Yet you follow him blindly!  Your death will be painful, that I promise!”  With that I jumped inside, pushing Theodore further into the house and Marcus up the stairs.
          Triremes tried to grab me, but for once I was happy of the law of nature that required vampires to have an invite into the house.  “You will be sorry Katyla!  Siding with humans is now punishable by death in our world!”
          “Guess what, you hold no power over me, and Argos will die, as will those who choose to side with him!  I, Katyla, daughter of Johan, state this proclamation, and my child, Marcus, reincarnation of Marcus, son of Katyla, daughter of Johan, High Priestess of Atlantis, we shall not stand by and watch Argos destroy the humanity of the vampires, nor the humans that live without knowing this world, and educate the ones that know.  We shall, at all cost, bring down the corruption of the Vampire Laws, and rebuild a solid foundation.  The vampires that choose to follow us well be spared, as long as they follow the laws of the new reign.  Those who choose to walk with Argos will DIE WITH HIM!”  With that I slammed the door.  “Theodore, Marcus, forgive me.  From the Heavens above, the Hells below, from the north to the south the east to the west, with the powers of the air earth fire water and spirit, erase the last” taking a very quick moment to look at the clock seeing it was only three thirty in the morning, “four hours of these two young children of God, Theodore Simmons and Marcus Simmons.  May the elements send the vampires which, stand with Argos, that stand on this property back to Argos, to give him the warning.  So mote it be.”  With that I opened the door and stepped outside.  The others were gone, and I turned around to knock on the door.
          Theodore opened it looking confused.  “Katyla, what are you doing here at almost four in the morning?”
          “I got a strange call from Marcus telling me that I had to hurry something was wrong, so I rushed over here.”  I said putting my hands around myself, it looked like I was cold, since I only had on a little bitty jacket a tank top and a pair of pajama pants, and they were flimsy silk.
          “Get in here, it must be freezing!”  Theodore said moving to the side.  Marcus was sitting on the steps holding his head.
          “Kat!  What are you doing here?”  Marcus said rising, he was wondering why he was downstairs.  He was also sure something had happened, something strange, he remembers the name Atlantis, but thankfully nothing else. 
          “You called and said to hurry over here something was going on, when I got here there were a few people outside, but they left when I walked towards the house.”  I stood in the doorway with Theodore.
          “Do you remember calling?”  Theodore was asking Marcus.
          “No, I don’t even know why I am here; I don’t remember anything since about eleven thirty last night.  I remember saying goodnight then sitting here.”
          “Why don’t you go on back to bed Marcus and I will talk to Katyla.”  Theodore said, he was still standing right beside me.  The spell took a lot out of me and I haven’t hunted since Christmas day.  Normally I can go a two to six weeks without hunting depending on the energy I used, so his smell was filling me, with both hunger feelings.
          “Okay, ‘night dad, ‘night Kat.”  With that Marcus walked up the stairs we did not move until his door closed.    
          “Why don’t we move to the living room?’  Theodore asked waiting for me to walk first, so I did, I went and sat on the loveseat, and even though the room was empty he sat right next to me, and put his arm around me.  “Katyla, you are freezing!”  He reached over me, and grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me.
          “I kind of ran here, my car is snowed in.”  Thank God it snowed last night.
          “That was silly.  I wonder how I ended up downstairs, or why Marcus called you saying to hurry over here.”
          “I don’t know there was a group of four people outside when I walked up, they didn’t look right.  They ran away as soon as I started walking up to the house.”
          “But that doesn’t explain why Marcus thought you could do anything.”
          “I know, it is strange, but I am here, and everything is okay it seems.”  I didn’t like lying but I can’t bring them into my world, not yet, it is too soon.  Saying the things I did bought the past back to my, remembering my human life, my civilization which destroyed itself, Atlantis.  It reminds me how all the books and movies about Atlantis are wrong.  We existed about six thousand years ago, we destroyed ourselves.  We were advanced, and if people kept that rate of advancement up, well there would be no earth, and people were becoming to corrupt.  So we destroyed ourselves, well the humans from that time destroyed themselves.  The call to do so was made by my sixth cousin.  Who took over leadership four hundred and seventy five years after I died; he made the right choice.  The people didn’t die, they just moved, and never talked about their lives at Atlantis.  They became a myth right before their eyes.  Theodore’s voice brought me back to the present.
          “Maybe he had a bad dream, and slept walked, calling the first person on his phone.  But then of course that doesn’t explain what I was doing by the door.”  Theodore was confused, his head hurt, he was sure he was missing something.  He couldn’t remember much past eleven thirty last night either.  Marcus went up, since they didn’t really feel like celebrating a new year.
          “I don’t know, but I am glad you both are alright.”  Then I heard it, Marcus was not awake.  His thoughts, his dreams, were confused.  He was getting bits and pieces of tonight, a lot of words going round and round in his head.  Vampires, beings with red eyes, me and my proclamation, the words I had said about him, the confusion was coming forth in his dreams, which meant that my spell was not valid enough to keep them from remembering during their resting period, either that or Marcus was coming of age sooner than I thought.
          “Well, I wish you would have thought things over before running over here, especially dressing in practically nothing, it must be below zero out there.”  Theodore was wondering how I had not frozen on the run over.
          “All I heard from Marcus was to hurry, and I hurried, thankfully keeping my thoughts on getting here kept me from freezing to death.”  I had to put him at ease about me, he was thinking he should take me to the doctor, to check for hypothermia, or frost bite, I had not warmed up much since the blanket was put on me.  Of course that was because I am cold, dead, I am surprised he doesn’t hear that my heart does not beat; he is so close, and warm.  “I should be leaving.  There may not be many kids back at the dorm, but there are three of them and they can cause enough trouble by themselves.”
          “Why don’t you stay the night, and I will drive you back in the morning, the girls are sleeping and then there is the dorm supervisor in training to take your spot next semester.  I am sure she can handle it.”  He didn’t really want me to leave, that was obvious.  And I was warming up now, not in the literal sense.
          “I can hear the gossip now!”  I was trying to find a way to leave; I really needed to hunt if I was going to be close to him.
          “Ha, there are not enough people here to see, especially if I drive you back in the morning, the kids sleep until noon.”  Theodore, was thinking something was not safe outside right now, it was for now, but wouldn’t for long, the others would be back.
          “Fine, I will stay on the couch, I am going to go get cleaned up a bit, where is the bathroom?”  I was going to sneak out; I could smell the deer about ten yards from the house.
          “Up on the left, I will get a pillow and blanket for you.”  When I got up to go up, Theodore followed. 
          I turned on the sink and then opened the window and jumped out.  I ran to were the deer were, there were twelve of them, perfect.  I pounced on the first one, and just five minutes later, there were twelve dead deer and one very full vampire.  I hoped back in the window, just seven minutes later.  I turned off the water, just as Theodore knocked. “Yes.”
          “I have laid out a blanket and a pillow for you.”  Theodore was on the other side of the door imaging me sleeping elsewhere and there was not a lot of sleep involved with those images.
          I opened the door and was face to face with him.  “Umm… Thank you Theodore.”  I just stood there waiting for him to move.  And the move he made I was not expecting.
          He bent down and pressed his lips to mine and pulled me to him.  My mind shut down; for once there was nothing but Theodore and me.  I have never been so single minded.  All thoughts of everything flew out of my head, and all I could think was I needed him closer to me.  He deepened the kiss, I couldn’t get enough, and it seems neither could he, he turned so I was pressed against the wall, and he was pressed up against me.  It took any brain power I had not to crush him.  After what seemed like forever, he started to break the kiss.  I looked up at him.  He was out of breath, and so was I, I don’t need to breathe!
          “I…”  He just couldn’t figure out what to say, he wasn’t sorry he kissed me, and I wasn’t either.  I was peeking into his brain, and all he could think about was doing more than just kissing.  That is when Marcus screamed.

Friday, May 6, 2016

An Unholy Creation Chapter Four

Chapter Four

It was Christmas Day, I have decided to risk the sun, I am taking a couple of the students to the Simmons’ place and taking them back, they all have their gifts for each other in their back packs.  I have gifts for everyone as well.  For Theodore, I bought him some of my books, ones I wrote, about Shakespeare and some of Shakespeare’s early work.  They are very expensive by today’s standards but to me, it is nice to give them to someone who never knew Shakespeare and enjoys his plays.  For Marcus, it is his pocket watch I am giving him.  I made him this watch for when he turned sixteen, the day Argos turned him.  At sixteen then he was a man, today he is still a child.  I have made some changes to the watch, mostly so now it would take batteries made today, but it still as ancient as his soul.  For the other kids, I got some games to play in the dorms, on the new X-Box 360 that the school had gotten for the dorms.  I parked in the driveway of the house next door to the Simmons’. The house was now closing on a sale, my sale; I bought it yesterday offering the owners three times above market value.  I waited for all the students to get out, with packages in hand.  I went around back of my van and got my bag, and followed the students up the door.  Thankfully it was a cold day, very sunny, but cold, so most won’t look twice at my extra clothes.  I was kind of nervous I had not talked to Theodore since the day school let out, five days ago.  And Theodore has been haunting my dreams, and they were not bad dreams, just unnerving, and completely erotic.  But the first child knocked and he opened the door.
          “Come in, come in, it is freezing out there come in!”  He said moving to the side to let the kids in then he saw me and smiled. “Katyla, get in here, you are going to burn!”  He grabbed his coat from the hanger and came out and put in around my shoulders.  His smell was all over, and for first time since I was human, I felt warm.  He rushed me into the house, and hung his jacket back up and took mine.  The kids had thrown theirs so I helped him pick them up and throw them on a chair by the door. “Kids, don’t care where they drop things.  They all must be in Marcus’s room; I got him that new X-Box 360 system and the new Call of Duty game for Christmas.”
          “The kids today do seem to love their game systems.  I brought gifts, where do you want them?”  I said heading into the living room.  I listened for a moment to the excitement of the children, but as always with Theodore, it was only allowed for a moment.  He had started to move towards me at that moment.
          “Over by the tree is fine the kids will probably be a few minutes then will come down and exchange gifts.”  Theodore said walking behind me, never staying more then a foot away.
          “Do you need help in the kitchen?”
          “Do you cook?” Theodore was shocked he hasn’t met a lot of woman who volunteer to cook anymore.
          “Yes, I am very good, my mother’s best friend taught me, and she was a world class chef in Paris.” Not true but the cooking classes I took in Paris were by a woman, and Julia was famous.
          “Marcus said you lost your mother.”
          “Yes, I was young, as soon as I could go to high school my father sent me up here.”
          “What does he do?”
          “He was military; he passed away before the new school year.”  I didn’t want him asking anymore questions.  I took bits from my own history and made them more modern, I loved my dad, he was all I had, he was proud of my intelligence, and proud that I wasn’t going to be a standard wife and mother.  He never got to meet Marcus; he died right before I got married.  It may seem strange that I was married and had a child when I was seventeen, but that was the way life was, then I was an adult woman at twelve, I got married just a few months after my fourteenth birthday, and had Marcus when I was fifteen.  I was going to put off telling Marcus and Theodore that for as long as possible.
          “That must be hard; do you have any other family?”
          “No, is it just you and Marcus?”  We had walked into the kitchen and he was cutting carrots, I had taken charge of the potatoes, we were working quickly, I forget at times to be human in my speed but Theodore never seemed to notice.
          “Yes, I am sure you heard Sarah, Marcus’s mother, passed away during the summer.”
          “Yes I had heard that, you two must have been young when you had him.”
          “Yes, I turned seventeen just a week before he was born, it is hard to believe he will be sixteen next month, on the 15th, my birthday is the 9th.”
          “Wow, it must have been hard going to school and being such a young parent.”
          “It was but it was worth it, I may be only 32 but I have a lifetime worth of memories.”  He had finished the carrots and I the potatoes and we put them to boil and sat down at the kitchen table, continuing to talk.  “Do you want anything to drink?”
          “No.”  Yes, he was so sweet smelling.
          “Do you have any siblings?” He was sitting with a cup of coffee getting cold look straight at me, he was so close.
          “My mother died in childbirth with my brother, he did not make it either.”
          “Oh, so sorry to hear, it must be tough.”
          “I was seven when it happened she was older, there were complications, we grieved, but what was bad was my father didn’t really know how to raise a daughter, so he raised me as a son, until I was a teenager.” That was why I went into science, my father was an elder of the town, and so if his daughter was taught by him, then she was good enough to teach others.
          “Then you needed a mother…” He left it as an open, so he can gain more information about me.
          “I came here when I was thirteen, I am twenty one now.  I think I have turned out okay without having a mother during these last few years of my life.”  About six thousand years, that is.
          “Yes, I can see that…”  All of a sudden the conversation was going to take a different turn, and I never experienced that, my marriage was arranged.  Just as Theodore was going to continue the kids bound into the kitchen.
          “Hey Dad, Hey Kat!  Dad can we open the gifts now?”  Marcus was basically jumping up in down, he knew what Christopher got him, and he couldn’t wait for the game to be opened, some zombie game- Dead Rising 2.  I laughed so low, nobody could have heard me, but Theodore looked my way for just a moment, then he turned back to Marcus.
          “Sure, everybody in the living room, Katyla, after you.”  Theodore got up and motioned for me to exit the kitchen first.  He followed me. I sat down on the love seat the only thing open, and Theodore sat down next to me.  “Okay who wants to go first?”
          “Let the children exchange gifts, I will go check the potatoes and the carrots.”  I said getting up his blood was too much of a temptation today.  I was weakened severely by the sun today, I know the burns are healing, thank God but it is making it harder to be around Theodore.  I almost was done preparing the potatoes, when Marcus came running in, he almost tipped the huge pan of boiling carrots on him, but I caught the pan. “Marcus, you should be more careful, you would have been badly burned if that had fallen on you.”            But he was staring at my hand.
          “Whoa, you caught that pan super-fast!  And look you are not burned!  Dad!  Dad!  Kat has super power!” Theodore came when he heard dad.
          “What is going on in here?”  Theodore came over to look at my hand, seeing that I had caught the pan.  A quick spell and now I had a burn.
          “Marcus came running in almost dumped the boiling carrot water on him, I caught it.  Don’t worry, the burn is not bad, I have had worse.”  I pulled my hand away, I did not want him to notice how cold I felt and then reject me.
          “Let me get some gauze, Marcus, go and sit in the living room, Katyla will be in and pass out her gifts, and open hers after I tend to her hand.”  Marcus wasn’t buying the wound he was sure I was not hurt, but he listened to his father.
          Theodore took my hand again, and led me to the bathroom “I know I have some gauze in here somewhere.”  He let go of my hand and rummaged though the medicine cabinet.  After about a minute he found the gauze.  I was standing very still, and not breathing, this was a small room and his scent filled the space.  There were warring hungers, one I knew all to well, and the other I had never experienced.  I was torn, between biting him and kissing him.  “Here we go, Katyla” Theodore took my hand and wrapped it, never once commenting on the coldness of my hand, I took a moment to look in his mind, he was thinking how soft my hand was, not how cold!
          “Umm… Mr. Simmons…”
          “Call me Theodore.” He said cutting me off.
          “Theodore…” He was done wrapping my hand and facing me. “Umm… thank you.” 
          “Not a problem at all…” he was going to kiss me, I was no longer reading his mind but I could tell he was going to kiss me, then Marcus came bounding in.
          “Are you okay Kat?’  He was still sure I had not been injured but he was going to go along with it.  He had thought about it and decided to keep it a secret; people would think he was crazy.
          “Marcus, I am fine… thank you.  Your father and I were just about to come out.”  My voice sounded husky, and it wasn’t from the lack of breathing.
          “Good, I have a gift for you!  Dad can I give her the gift now?”  Theodore had not turned from me. 
          “Yes, we will be right there, go get Katyla her gift.”  With that Marcus left again.  “I want to talk to you later, once the kids settle.”  Then he took my hand and we left the bathroom and walked back to the living room. 
          “The carrots!”  I just wanted to escape, his warmth, his scent, his voice, all causing a whirlwind of emotions I had never felt; the want of his blood now the furthest thing from my mind.  I pulled my hand away and went to the kitchen.
          “Katyla, all I was going to do was put some butter on them.”  Theodore went to the fridge grabbed a stick of butter and threw it in the pan.  “There, they are done.  Let’s go back to living room.”  He took my hand again and I went with him to the living room.
I sat back down on the love seat, and he sat next to me. Marcus was already there, with a small wrapped package.
          “Kat, me and my dad bought this for you.”  I let his grammar slide, the box was wrapped with purple penguins, and it was kind of funny and cute at the same time.  He hand me the box.  “Open it!”
          I lifted the lid and inside was a sapphire necklace, it was the darkest blue it could be before being considered black, and it was surrounded by two garnets.  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  “It is so…”
          “Do you like it?  I saw it the other day, and thought of how it would be the perfect gift for you!  Dad said that it was a bit much at first, but a few days ago he agreed to get it with me.”
          “It is perfect, thank you so much!”  I was speechless; it was over two thousand years since I received a gift.
          Theodore, went and picked up the necklace from my hands, and moved my hair to the side, and placed the necklace on me.  The blue and the red popped against my white skin.  “I am so glad you like it Katyla.”
          “I mean it, it is perfect.”  I couldn’t believe it, they bought me something, and I was being accepted, by Marcus and Theodore.  They never once commented on my white skin, my cold touch, and my odd tendencies.  Well Theodore did, but somewhere in the last few days he had a change of heart.  I was holding back the tears, of course other I had to for more then looking like, what is the word kids use to day... sap?  I also had to hold them back because my tears are pink, they are tainted with blood, if I dined on human blood they would be totally red, like they day Argos killed Marcus I am still upset with myself that I was still so weak after almost four thousand years of being a vampire, I was still drinking human blood, but less and less back then, Marcus wanted to do away with the practice all together and I stood by him.   “I hope you like my gifts, I got for you.”  I went to get up, but Marcus beat me to it, only because I let him, and bought the pile of gifts I bought over to me.  I passed them out, to the children first, leaving Marcus and Theodore for last.  I handed Marcus his small gift, and Theodore his, and sat back.  Theodore did as well his gift on his lap, and I had an urge to place my head on his shoulder, so I did.  And I could hear his heart beat pick up.  At first I was worried something was wrong.  I tried to move, but Theodore put his arm around me.
          “Oh my!”  Marcus had opened his gift.  “Dad look at this, isn’t just the coolest thing?”  He was holding up the pocket watch.  “Kat I just love it.”  For once his games were forgotten.
          “I am happy you like it Marcus.” 
          “It is one of the best presents ever!”  He was handing it to Theodore.
          “Katyla, where did you get this, I have never seen anything like it.”
          “An antique store, I saw it and thought of Marcus, he is going to be sixteen soon, time for him to carry a watch I thought.”
          “It is really something.”  Theodore was thinking it was way too expensive to leave with a fifteen year old kid.
          “Dad I will be real careful with it!  It is the best, not like all those other watches kids have; I have an honest to God pocket watch!  Can we go up and play games now?” 
I heard Marcus say those words once before and hearing them again I was transported to the past, before the birth of Christ and before I chose my new life, and Marcus’s mind was too filled with games and the pocket watch for me to be pulled from my thoughts.  With my mind filled with the past, I remembered our religion before Christ was born, even before the birth of Judaism, that religion has been transformed to Wicca.  Wiccans are as ancient as I am, they have been called many things, but not all Wiccans are Witches and not all Witches are Wiccan.  Marcus was going to marry a Wiccan Witch, it was 0 A.D., I traveled to see the New Born King and I knew how life was going to change thanks to a vision just weeks before, but just days after that visit as I was laying on a cross of my own, the cross one of the worst forms of the death penalty was just as bad for vampires, I remembered on how I was going to turn her, Marcus’s soul mate, Rae. She was killed at the same time as Marcus, carrying my grandchild.  Rae was a beautiful soul; she was the one who brought forth the humanity that both Marcus and I were losing a grip on.  If she had not come into our life, we would have turned out like Argos.  I thank God every day for her, and had prayed that her soul is reincarnated.  It had been but I have not been able to locate her.  I felt it the day she was born, but I could not find her, she was born a few years after Marcus.  She would be eleven now, God knows what he was doing after all a few years is better then the four thousand that Marcus had to wait in his last life.  God is leaving it up to Marcus to find her.  It reminds me of my grandchild, vampires can have children if we will it, the female takes it hard if she is a vampire, but heals nicely, I have only witnessed three such births.  I never thought of myself ever having another child.  The children are born human, and then they turn automatically once hitting adulthood, around seventeen or eighteen.
          The kids were getting restless, anyone can see that.  Theodore’s voice brought me from the past.  “Go on, be careful, and take all your gifts up.  The rest of you can take them up and play with or leave them by the tree.  Dinner will be ready in about an hour.”  With that Theodore and I were alone.
          “Are you not going to open your gift Theodore?”
          Theodore looked down at the gift in his lap, not really wanting to move but not wanting to be rude either.  So I moved, so I could face him some more.  With that Theodore unwrapped his gift.  He was shocked, he had heard of some of these books but could not afford them, and had heard of rumors about other Shakespeare work but never saw it and no real proof, until today.  He looked at the name of the author: Katyla O’Hara.
          “I told you I had a family member who was a fan; I am all that is left so everything was left to me.  I was named after this ancestor.”
          “Katyla, this is too much, you could sell these for a small fortune!”  He was shocked I would give him something so perfect for him, but so expensive.
          “Why, I am financially secure, and why not give them to someone who would have a higher appreciation for them.  You would love these more then any museum or university.  I would rather give them to someone who would really care for them.”  I never had anyone to care for in two thousand years; it was odd to feel what I was feeling now. 
          “Thank you so much, they are perfect.”  Theodore leaned back again, after putting the box of books to the side.  “I can’t wait to add them to my collection, but I will do that later for now I just want to sit here.”  I sat back to, and put my head back on his shoulder.  I didn’t move I just counted his heart beats.  His hand moving across my hair, he moved his chin to rest on my head.  The temptation to look up was so great.  I was just about to, when Marcus came back down, his thought panicky, someone was hurt.
          “Dad!  Kat!  Come quick!”  Then he ran back up the stairs, and so did I, leaving Theodore behind.  I kept myself at a very fast human pace; I got there just as Marcus did.  One of the boys, Jacob, was hurt, he had been messing around and put his arm through the window.  I ran over and looked at it; it was deep, so deep he was bleeding out.  Theodore walked in the room. 
          “Theodore, call 911! Now!  I ripped off my sweater though I was in full view of the sun, knowing my skin was burning, my arms the worst, and all were seeing, but the child had to be helped.  I wrapped the sweater around his arm and helped him to stand up.  I helped him walk, down the hall and then down the steps, taking most of his weight.  He was too weak.  The paramedics were not going to make it.  Marcus was watching how my skin burned, how it was healing, but I was in the sun to long today, it was going to take a couple of days now.  I mumbled a few words to lessen the child’s wound, of course doing so; I stopped the healing on my wounds, and even allowed some of the worse ones to worsen.  Each time I do a spell my mind goes back, back during the Salem Witch Trails, I met a woman, and she was a Catholic Wiccan, who was also a witch.  I saved her life, she wanted to repay me, I said no.  But she said a spell, giving me the ability to practice witchcraft, so that I could have the power of the earth, air, water, fire and sprit.  I haven’t used a lot of the craft so I still do not know many spells, simple healing ones and then the large one I used to save Theodore, and a few others, some I am not proud to know.  Though I don’t know many spells, I am still very powerful.
          “How is he?”  Theodore was on the phone with the dispatch, and I could hear the sirens now. 
          “He is going to have one nice of a scar, and he lost a lot of blood, but I think he is going to be okay.”  I had stopped the artery from bleeding, just some minor bleeding now. 
          “That is good.”  Then there was knock on the door.  “Marcus, answer the door.  They are here now.  Thank you.”  Then Theodore hung up from the dispatch, and the paramedics came in.  They started taking over, thank God.
          “Ma’am, we can take it from here.  Ma’am we were called about a cut not burns.”
          “Yes, Jacob, he put his hand through a window, there was lots of blood, take care of him.”
          “Ma’am, those are some bad burns.”
          “I am sensitive to the sun, they will heal, take care of the child.”  I waved my hand toward the child as I was dismissing them, and I played with their minds to forget the burns, and with that I got up and walked to the kitchen.  I needed blood, but I could not hunt until night fall, and that was three hours away, it was only two in the afternoon, dinner would be in an hour.  The sun had weakened me to the point that any more exposure may finally destroy me.  There would be no way for me to eat; the pain of the rejection would be too bad without blood.  I had not realized Marcus followed me.  I could hear Theodore talking to the paramedics.
          “Kat, are you okay?  I saw how you burned when you took your sweater off.”
          I jumped around a little too quick, the sun had weakened me to a point I was almost at human strength, and that is why Marcus had been able to sneak up on me.  “Marcus, don’t sneak up on people.  Yes, I am fine; I have a weird allergy is all.  It is not very common, but very real.  The sun burns me.” 
          “Don’t you think you should have a doctor take a look at it?”
          “No, the burns will heal just fine.”
          “You will at least let dad take a look at them?”
          “If it will make you happy Marcus, he can take a look at them, but I should call Jacob’s parents.”
          “Dad is already doing that.”
          “Do you have some plywood?”
          “The window will have to be covered.”  A broken window that was not boarded was like an open invite to a vampire.  That is one myth that is true; we have to be invited in to a place where a human is living.  But with a broken window, left open it is an open invite for anything to enter the house, even a vampire.
          “Oh, you will have to ask dad.”  Just then Theodore walked in. 
          “Ask me what?  Marcus why don’t you go clean up the glass in your room, I will be up to board it up in a minute.”
          “That was what Kat was going to ask you, if we had wood to board it up.  I will go pick it up.”  With that Marcus was out of the room.
          “Katyla, that was kind of silly to rip off your sweeter, especially with just a tiny tank top underneath, when you were in full view of the sun.”
          “I had to put pressure on the bleeding; it was the first thing I thought to use.”
          “Those burns are pretty bad, you sure you don’t want a doctor to see them?”
          “I am sure, look they are already healing.”  I held out the arm that was burned, the one facing the window.
          Theodore came over and took my arm, and looked at it up and down, with a frown on his face.  “You don’t seem to have scars, so I will take your word they will heal, but if they don’t heal in the next couple of days, I am taking you myself to a doctor.”
          “Oh… I am sure they will have disappeared by tonight.”
          “That quick?”  Theodore was quite shocked, and I knew I had slipped up.
          “Most of my burns heal that quickly, if they were caused by the sun.”
          “Okay, well let’s see if we have a sweater or something for you.  We can’t have you running around in front of teenage boys in a little tank top.”  I would have blushed if I could have, because I got a flash of his thoughts without trying, it included him removing that little bitty tank top.
          “Umm... I have another sweater, in my car, I will get it.”
          “No you won’t.  You can’t go out in that sun.  I will get it; you go sit in the living room.  I have to go out anyway to get the wood for the window.  Please give me your keys.” 
          I just looked at him; I could have just gone out.  Instead I reached into my jeans pocket and gave him my keys, and watched him as he walked out of the kitchen.  I turned and checked the potatoes, warming on the stove, and the carrots, and the ham.  I set up the rolls to rise, and then went to the living room waiting for him.  That is when I noticed the curtains; they were heavy fabric, almost blackout fabric, and a little note on them to keep them closed.   He really had listened about my little allergy to the sun.  Normally it would not have taken me so long to scope out my surroundings, but Theodore had my usually can focus on a million things mind focused solely on him.  I heard him at the door, and got up and opened it.
          “Katyla I told you to sit and rest, those burns need to heal.”  Theodore was trying to juggle my sweater, and a large piece of plywood.
          “Let me grab my sweater” which I did and put it on.  Then I went to help him with the plywood.
          “Katyla, you don’t need to help, go sit down and rest.”
          “I want to help.”  I needed to put a spell on the plywood.
          “Fine, here is the hammer and nails, follow me up.”  He handed me the hammer and nails then proceeded to drag the board upstairs.
          “Did you talk to Jacob’s parents?”  I asked when we reached to top of the stairs.
          “Yes, they are going to call the doctor.  Then have someone come and pick him up and take him home for the rest of the winter break.”  We got to Marcus’s room, which was full of kids.  I took a moment to look around; it was a reasonably sized room, bed on side TV and game system on the other, with a desk for his computer and homework.
          “Hey, kids why not go downstairs while we fix the window.”  I suggested to them.  They all left the room quietly, and looked to Theodore for his next step.
          “Katyla, why don’t you hammer while I hold?”  He said positioning the board to fill the whole window.
          “Okay.”  I moved and started to hammer the nails into the board, quickly and as quietly as possible.  At the same time I mumbled the spell that would allow it to be part of the house just as if it was a door or a window.  I hate the sound of nails being hammered, it rings in my ears.  When I was done I moved back.
          “Well done.  Let’s get back down and finish dinner, and get the kids feed.”  Theodore said moving towards the door.