Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day Twenty-Two Monster University: Jo

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I love being young. In fact I was always obsessed with youth and immorality. I love being what I am. I was once known as Elizabeth Báthor. I don’t miss those days. Trying to prevent me from drinking and bathing in the blood of my victims; tsk tsk tsk. Like they could keep me caged to my ‘death’ in a tower. Those lovely virgins made me young. It made me immortal. But of course I was betrayed. Of course, always betrayed. Betrayed by my lover. Okay, so I cheated on him a lot. And that was all hidden under the rug in those days but come on! I wasn’t made to be a one man woman. And I was made to be young and beautiful forever and ever! I made to many deals to become immortal and beautiful forever. After all, locked up in my own castle I had nothing but time to learn how to summon demons and make many deals with death, demons, Satan, whatever you want to call them. They gave me what I wanted. Young and gorgeous forever! I became hell on heels; and love my undead life. I became what is now known as a succubus! I love it.  And my bar in this lovely little college town shall sustain me for decades! Okay I may be trying to hard... I am bored as hell...”
            Jo looked up when her door opened. “Hey, Kat.” She greeted her friend. If another woman understood not being tied down and living a free life it would be the voodoo priestess. “How can I help you today?”
            “You haven’t been coming out with me.” Kat stated with a pout as she sat down on the couch in front of Jo’s desk.
            “I have been busy and have my victim trapped in the web. You know my process Kat. Half my power comes from the supposed relationship with my male victims. My female victims is mostly about the blood and death.”
            Kat nodded. “Fine. Look I was wondering if you want to go out tonight?”
            “I can’t. I am shorthanded since Draco decided that he had to go and kill the girl again. And I am stuck with a bird out on my damn fence.”
            “Oh please if you aren’t a monster or a kid you can’t see the ugly mug. Don’t worry about it. Now come on! I could give you one of my slaves?”
            “No. I need people with brains, not that want to eat brains.”
            Kat laughed. “Oh that is good, need with brains not that eat.” Kat started to laugh harder. “That is perfect! You should make that a motto!”
            Jo rolled her eyes. “Glad you think I am funny Kat. Now if you will please leave! I have to get this paperwork done! And then I have to run the bar tonight. I should hire some local students to bus, of course I do have an issue keeping them.” She smirked at her own private joke. “They just seem to disappear!”
            Kat laughed as she stood. “Later Countess.”
            Jo rolled her eyes and waved her away as she went back to her paperwork. She never had a problem with paperwork. After all she ran her husband’s kingdom for the whole time she was killing and bathing in the blood of the innocent. Please she wasn’t the only one. Her whole trial was a political cover up. The people they were really upset that were dead were the lovers of her brothers, father, and her husband. She had killed them being petty she would admit but they deserved everything they got. Especially her husband’s lover. She had made her strip and then stand naked in the middle of a blizzard. During which Jo would walk out and whip her and let the blood fall upon the snow. That woman was the only one she never drank from. She didn’t want her tainted blood near her. After all she wasn’t her husband’s only lover, just the only one Jo had caught him with. The woman froze to death. And then Jo had thrown her body over the top of the tower with a giant bloody red A sewn into her chest. Her husband was a lot more discrete after that. Jo shook herself from her thoughts and stood up and grabbed her jacket. Time to hire some more waitresses and waiters. After all a few were going to go missing soon.
            A bit later she was sitting in a coffee shop doing interviews.  She rolled her eyes. College kids all the same. Thinking working in the bar that is known to not ID or get in trouble for it, would be easy and fun! It was a lot of work and she wanted people who would actually work for the time that she kept them. Some she kept of course. She didn’t kill all of them. That would be noticeable if everybody went missing. Just a few here or there. Most of the time they were middle the road or lower road in classes and thus most thought they dropped out and went home. She ended up hiring about a dozen new workers. She yawned as she went home to her current boy toy. She smirked. He was tasty. Of course, he would have to be upgraded soon. Unlike Kat, she didn’t keep her toys around or have more than one at a time. She may be a succubus but she still had only one lover at a time. Balancing more than one was too much work and as long as he could satisfy her monster she didn’t need more than one. She smirked as she beckoned her toy over to her.
            Jo lay in bed that night and sighed. She used to have so much fun with torture and mayhem. She still enjoyed sex, drugs and rock n roll. But the torturing and the bathing and drinking of blood was getting so boring! She would lure her victims into her meat locker, hook them up, dissect them alive, bath in their blood and drink some and then well… her beef wasn’t always beef. She sighed again as she got up. She didn’t need much sleep. She moved into her study. She looked at the portraits of her in her years. She wasn’t as old as some monsters but she was powerful. Her dealings those years locked in her castle were good for something other than immortality and beauty. She was still vain. But her idea of beauty transformed with the decades. And thankfully with magic when she went through her tattoo phases she could remove them with the pain and scaring. But she still had a few right now. Right now she thought leather and bikes were quite hot. She looked in the mirror. She knew she looked good. And she knew even if her life was getting a little boring she would continue to do her rituals. She had too, to die or grow old was not allowed. She sat at her desk and ran her hand down her journals of years gone by as she got lost in thought.
            It was a few weeks later that she kept some of her staff back for a party. She smirked and flirted and even took a few of the guys into the back for some private party time. But in the end she was standing in her meat locker with the girls and boys all gasping for breath as she placed the hooks through their lungs.  She stripped and started to slice their major arteries. She didn’t dance as she normally did, but she did drink the blood and immersed herself into the blood and lay there as if in a bath. The blood in her years and all but her mouth and nose submerged.  She sighed and tried to relax.  After about an hour she stood and unplugged the drain of the tub she had set up to catch the blood. She moved and quickly cut the humans up and ground them up into her famous ground beef.  She cleaned up and then went home.  She laid in bed that night hoping that something happened to change this monotony of her undead existence. But she would rather this cursed boring life than to find out what awaited her in the afterlife. Maybe something would soon be set into action. She could only hope…

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