Friday, December 16, 2016

Elemental Mazes Rules

Elemental Mazes Rule Book
All Rights Reserved
Katherine Rochholz

The Rules As Given By
Marcus Aurelius Marci Cornelius n. tribu Galeria Scipio Pius

         There will be one champion chosen by myself from each school.  One student per element.  If I am dead than my arm shall be imbued with my magic and I shall choose the champion even in death.
         Each champion must at least be a fourth year.  (Ages 12 and up)
         Each champion must either go to one of the major seven schools or a school in their area.  If they are home schooled they must choose a school to represent and be accepted by that school as a representative.
         Each champion shall choose one companion to help them through the Mazes.
         There will be a maximum of ten (10) students from each of the seven major schools.  A max of two per element.
         The schools must finish together.  With the exception, if a champion drops out of the contest or dies or is mortally wounded.  Then the remaining members of the school shall finish together.
         Each of the major schools is responsible for preparing one of the Seven Mazes.
         Cheating will result in being expelled from the Mazes.  The other six schools shall choose if the whole school is disqualified or if the other teams are allowed to continue.  (Teleportation to is cheating.)
         The Champions and their companion shall each have one bag of supplies.  It cannot have spells on it.  The bag shall be provided to the champion and their companion.  The bag shall be 20” height, 15” wide, and 6” deep.   The bag cannot contain spelled boxes or bags. 
         On their person, they can have a knife, their wand, and a weapon of their choice, example bow, and arrow.  No guns allowed.
         The tournament uniform consists of a pair of pants, a shirt, a jacket, a coat, gloves, hat, scarf, socks, underwear, long underwear and a pair of boots.  Each contestant and their champion will have three sets of this uniform to fit in their bag.  These are the only items that may be shrunk to fit in the bag.
         The champions and their companions have eight weeks or two months to get through each maze.  Once every school and champion and companion are through the maze or at the end of the eight-week time period; they will have a one week downtime before the start of the next maze.
         If all but one school is disqualified the remaining school does not have to go through the remaining mazes they are declared the champions.
         Champions and Companions may set traps for other schools but may not physically interact or confront them to knock them out of the competition.

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