Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Project of the Day: Editing Shades of Fear

Project of the Day: Editing Shades of Fear

Shades of Fear
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A woman with golden hair and eyes that were reminiscent of the fires of hell stood with a babe clutched to her chest. The night was cold, unusually cold for a June night in the Midwest United States. It was foggy, the rain that threatened to fall hung in the air. But there she stood holding this precious being, that should not exist, to her and hating herself for what she was about to do. “I am so sorry, my child.” she whispered as she put a bind upon what was his rightful inheritance. But no matter her own power the bind would, at most, last until his twenty first birthday. She hoped it lasted that long. She knew he would be trained as a Nephilim; but he would need that training to win the war against those who fear change.
She laid the child down in front of the rectory of the church. She was not lost on the irony that she was dropping her child off in front of a Catholic Church. She chuckled, for immortal beings those very beings resisted change like humans tried to prevent plagues. She sighed, she wasn’t immune to the resistance of change any more than the others of her kind, but she had long ago learned pouting and throwing a temper tantrum would not stop the change.
She bent to kiss the child’s head. “No matter why I do this, I do love you Nathaniel Samuelson.” She whispered as she wrapped him in a blanket and left him lay in the basket, upon the note she placed within the basket she had left it simply stated:
‘Nathaniel Damion Samuels,
June Sixth The Year Of Our Lord 2001.
To Whom Finds This Child,
This child is destined to change the existence of heaven, hell, and Earth. Take care of him, love him, and encourage him… for everything depends upon him. Tell him his mother loves him but couldn’t keep him.
L. Samuels’
With that and one last kiss to her child’s head she turned on her heel and with a rustle of wings she was gone.
Seconds later a young nun opened the door and let out a gasp as she picked up the child. She read the note. Something told her to not share more than his name and date of birth with the others. She would raise him as her own. She would get both her dreams. To be a Bride of Christ and be a mother. With that she turned to file the guardianship paperwork that the law required and inform the proper authorities. After all one must follow not only the laws of God but the law of man. “Don’t worry Miss Samuels, Nathaniel will be loved with everything I have in me.” This young nun whispered into the air, just as she looked into the blinking green eyes of the babe.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The League of The Throw-Aways

The League of The Throw-Aways

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I started a league of assassins.  I took those I knew had the power to become not only powerful, even if like myself they kept their Elemental Power tightly bound within themselves, but those who saved themselves.  I first took Cara, then Lyn, and then Marie, and finally Scarlet and trained them to be elite and set them on their own path.  But before I was a mentor to other throw aways like myself; I was a young girl who was thrown away for having Power… Many would say too much.  After all I was only the fifth person in the history of time to be able to control all 4 Elements.  But this isn’t about them.  This is about my story.  This is about how I started our group of assassins.  How I started on my path and created The League of The Throw Aways.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


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Truth and Lies Past and Present
Katherine Lillian Fitz had only known one type of world. . . one of hard living on the streets. Then she finds out she is a witch. Now she is thrown into a new world, her world, and for once she thought life would be better. But she was wrong. A dark force is out to kill her, and she is shocked to her core when she finds out how important to her life this person is. Will she be able to come out the victor with her innocence intact or will she once and for all lose the young innocence she has even though she had lived on the cold hard streets of New York? Only time will tell. . .
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A Nightmare Within A Dream
Katherine Lillian Fitz has survived her first year in the the magical world. But a New Enemy has picked up the fight that Wesley Solomon lost. Raven Ebony seeks to destroy Katy just as her brother did, and she just might have her chance. As Katy lets her family know what really happened in the dungeon for death, Katy may have just lost the will to fight. But when it seems all hope is lost, and Darkness has spread, a small shimmer of light can be all she needs to do things she must do, to save those she loves with her heart, her life, her soul. Which may end up being the cost of this war.
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Hunted: A Katy Lily Series Companion
Antonio Cain MacCathmhaoil never intended to be come a professor like his father, but life has a way of changing one's plans.
After a tragic event he applied for and accepted a job at Bridgett's School for the Magical Arts.
There he met Sandra Porter and knew she was his soul mate.
She did not feel the same...
She ran.
But she was then captured by the Witch Hunters...
Then the hunters became the hunted.
Antonio vowed to bring her home.
But first he had to save her from those who hunted...
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The Veil Lifts
Katherine Lillian Fitz: Goodness.
Are they one in the same? The magical world seems to be convinced. Katy holds onto a shadow of a doubt as it would mean the person she had once loved the most, the person who loved her as a child, the person who was once all she hand, the person that she mourned for five years, that her mother would be her greatest enemy...
But before she can deal with the White Being that still tempts her, before dealing with her mother who may or may not be alive, she has to deal with a much more serious situation... Not only has her Aunt Aaliyah broken out from Ghastly, the main Witch's Prison and Katy Lily determined to find a way to prove her innocence no matter the cost...
But Katy has a growing Darkness inside of her... A Darkness that threatens to overwhelm and consume her and worst of all... two people blood related are encouraging her to harness this Darkness and use it... What will happen? Will Katy Lily find her way from the Darkness back into the light or when The Veil Lifts will all be forever lost?
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Corruption? A Katy Lily Series Companion
Senka Poe could not wait to go to Bridgett’s School for the Magical Arts.  She never imagined she might not finish.  But fate had other plans for her…  A plan she couldn’t find the strength to ignore… or deny.   But sometimes things are not what they seem and her life will go from a dream to a nightmare… A choice will have to be made… But can she turn her back on what she wants?  Does she have the strength to turn her back on the corruption of her soul?  Can she find the light within the darkness evading her life?  Senka is about to find out…
She loved him more than her soul... but she wasn't about to risk her child's…  Turn her back on the corruption of her soul? Can she find the light within the Darkness evading her life?  In its purest form can  she resist Corruption? After all nobody is born evil.... even Lucifer was once an angel...
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The Katy Lily Series: The Beginning
Discover The Katy Lily Series By Author Katherine Rochholz. This Box Set includes the first three books of The Katy Lily Series, Truth and Lies Past and Present, A Nightmare Within A Dream, and The Veil Lifts. It also includes bonus Novelette Corruption? Journey with Katy Lily through her world. Discover the Darkness within the Light. And the Light within the Darkness.
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The World Of The Katy Lily Series: A Short Companion Guide
 A Short Companion Guide of The Katy Lily Series. Discover The Master Symbols, The Magical Beings and The Five Magical Artifacts of the Katy Lily Series.
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Elemental Mazes
Katherine Lillian Fitz has had The Veil Lifted from her eyes...
She still struggles with her nightmares within her new life...
She is still trying to discover the truth about her past and the lies about her present...
But for as much danger as she has faced nothing has prepared her for the mazes.
The Seven Largest Magical Schools are coming together for a tournament that only happens every seven years;, Elemental Mazes.
Seven Mazes around the world;
Two months each to get through them;
The contestants win or lose, many can die...
And now they must survive not only the Elemental Mazes that has taken the lives of many contestants in the past...
But Senka is no longer content to sit on the sidelines and is determined to have her daughter back at her side.
Will Katy Lily be able to resist her mother?
Will she and the others be able to survive the mazes?
Only time will tell and this time the journey may lead straight to their ending.
Journey with Katy Lily through her world...
Discover the darkness within the light...
And the light within the darkness.
Coming soon!

Falling Pieces
Katherine Lillian has survived the mazes. She has been putting together the puzzle pieces of her life. And now the pieces of her life seem to be fitting into places. But the problem isn't knowing what is coming...
The problem is that she knows what is coming. She must protect her family. And it is more important now as Riley and Haley are young parents and are being targeted by Senka... The White Being... Her own mother... The reason? Senka wants Katherine by her side and she will do anything to get it. Even killing everybody Katherine holds dear.
She also finds out about one of two puzzles she must solve to be able to end this war. The Ancient Artifacts. She must learn about them. Find them. And one day combine them. But will she be able to do it? Can she pay the cost that will have to be paid? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure...
The Pieces Are Falling...
But The Ending Is Far From Clear...

Forgiven Revenge: A Katy Lily Series Companion
Erin O'Hara was on a mission. A mission to get her revenge. Werewolves had killed her father and her sister and she wanted revenge. What she hadn’t anticipated was being attacked by rouge warlocks. Erin preformed a dark spell. One of the darkest to grant immortality… to her sister. And that is when she met her destiny.
Evan O’ Connaill was the son of the chief. He was working to bring down the rouge weres when he came upon two women who had been attacked. He sensed the black magic and would have let his father do what he wanted but then he looked into her eyes. And he knew he had to have this woman. Now he just had to convince her to give an old werewolf a chance… especially since it was his brother who killed her father.
Will Erin’s thirst for revenge over the possibility of a bright future? Or will love truly triumph over the bitterness and darkness in her soul?
Coming Soon
Dark Shadows
Dark Times are ahead.  Katy Lily will have choices she has to make.  Things she must do.  But will she be able to survive the Dark Shadows of her soul?  Will she be able to handle the heartache and the responsibilities thrust upon her?  The war between Darkness and Goodness is building to a fever pitch and already Katy Lily has lost more than she thought she could live through... What more will be taken from her as the Dark Shadows descend upon their lives? Will the choices she make be the right ones or will they lead her into the Darkness?
Coming Soon
Pure Shadows
Katherine Lillian MacCathmhaoil has fought the Dark Shadows.
She has picked up the falling pieces of the puzzle.
She has made her way through the Elemental Mazes.
She has had the veil lifted from her eyes.
She has fought the nightmare within her dream.
She faced the truth of her past and the lies of her present.
Now only one thing remains, the final year...
The Final Battle...
Shadow against Light...
Senka Against Katherine...
Darkness Against Goodness...
It all comes down to this...
The Final War for Earth...
Journey with Katy Lily through her world...
Discover the darkness within the light...
And the light within the Darkness...
Coming Soon