Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shades of Fear Excerpt All Rights Reserved

Shades of Fear Excerpt All Rights Reserved  

“Mom, I just killed a man, I shot him. I put a gun against the man’s head and pulled the trigger. I killed a man.” Nathaniel never, in a million years thought he would go sobbing to his adoptive mother stating he had just killed a man.
Sister Bridget Marie looked at her young son. “Explain please baby.”
Nathaniel looked at his mother and nodded. “I am a Nephilim. I know an angel is my biological father. One of the archangels trains us to combat the demons. There is this group Κυνηγοί της Δαίμονες or Kynigoí tis Daímones it is Greek for Hunters of Demons, and they trained us then set us out in the world.  I got my first mission to kill this man processed by a demon. The human already dead, but this demon was wearing him like a suit. Normally we use our swords that we are trained with; however, we do have blessed guns with bullets that are forged in holy oil and holy water. In the fight I dropped my sword and ended up using my gun. The smoke of black left the body and the body fell dead. I killed a man.”
Sister Bridget Marie looked at her little boy. “No, you freed him. Now, sleep and then you will tell me everything in the morning. Don’t worry my son, everything will be alright.” She kissed his head as her son lost his battle to stay awake.
The next morning he sat with his mom and Father Richard. He sipped the tea his mother made and looked at them both. “It all started when I went to that interview. Suddenly the world exploded in color and a man who was about six foot three came and grabbed me. He explained to me that I was a Nephilim, that my father was a warrior angel. He told me he was the Archangel Michael. I, of course, demanded proof. He unleashed his wings and after I checked to make sure they were real I asked a few questions. According to the General all Nephilims start coming into their powers around ages fifteen to sixteen, they all have a disability, color blindness to deafness to being mute, one of their senses is distorted. They take you away to this training facility where time runs different. That is why I was missing this last month. Then they send you out to destroy those processed by demons.” Nathaniel took a deep breath. “It is different when you are trained for it, than actually doing it. I killed that man. No matter what I ended that life. Yes, the man was destined for hell because of his sins, yes, he was processed by a demon and it freed him, but it was still a living being and I killed it.”
Sister Bridget Marie held her son close as Father Richard thought about it. “That actually makes a lot of sense.” Father Richard stated. “Think about it Sister. He always seemed to know the good from the bad, seemed to be able to heal quickly and his only defect so to say was he was color blind. It makes a lot of sense that he went missing where time runs different as he looks an adult now instead of the kid he was when he left for the interview that day. Why did your vision explode in the law office?”
Agares, Flauros and Rimmon, is ran by demons. Higher level ones. They make sure the balance of evil is preserved on Earth. I guess it has to be balanced; too much of one over the other would lead to the world ending. That was the price of free will.”
“The number one defense law firm is ran by high level demons. That is… something.” Father Richard stated shocked.  “Wait! One of my friends works there!”
“Most likely a demon. Very few lawyers that work there are human. Interns, personal assistants, they are human, but the lawyers, especially the partners tend to be demons.” Nathanial explained.
“So Dick is probably a demon…” father Richard sighed. “That makes sense. The man won’t come to church, he always is a little shifty, but he seemed like a decent enough man when I met him at an AA meeting.”
“Good for recruiting I hear.” Nathanial stated. He shrugged. “I met a Cambion, I was supposed to kill him but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. He hated his job. He has to make deals for souls. He goes around writing contracts giving the person what they want and hell gets their soul. They live for anywhere between five to thirty years after the date of the deal. Depending on what is negotiated. I guess being killed for anybody who isn’t human is bad. Purgatory is endless nothing. I think I would destroy my soul if I had to go through that.”
Both adults chuckled. “That would be hell for you, stick you in the largest library in existence and forbid you from reading any of the books.” Sister Bridget Marie stated.
Nathanial stuck out his tongue. “What can I say, I love my books. I am trying to figure out a way for Nephilims and Cambions to get out of their ‘destiny.’ I think it is a forced contract with loop holes, I just have to find the loop holes.”
Father Richard nodded. “If anybody can do it, you can.”

Monday, April 3, 2017

After Death

After Death
Flash Fiction
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

The young girl looked at the words that were in an ancient book. It was made of a strange leather, she was sure it wasn’t human nor animal, the words were red as if written in blood, and they were telling her a story, or the truth, she couldn’t decide. It seemed to be a story of her life. It talked of her parents meeting, her birth, her childhood and then the pages went from white and bright and happy to a pitch black, the words barely legible. It talked of her death. Of the horrific way she was killed by a person her family had trusted. She didn’t want to read the words. But she was forced it seemed. Forced until she read every word of her horrific death; once she was finished the book fell to her feet and she looked up at the being in black that stood in front of her. “Why?”

The being gave a smile. “That is what happens when one dies young one. You are forced to relieve your life, the book made from your very ash and blood and sins. Once you are finished reliving your life, I am allowed to take you to your judgment.”

“This happens to everybody?”

The being nodded. “Yes. Your body takes its last breath and your soul is brought here, and from the ashes of your achievements and your failures the binding of your book is made giving it a leather like quality. Then the sins that scar your soul and the emotions of the events of your life are used to make the pages. Depending on the events determines the color of the pages. For those events like your death the pages are black, but your childhood happy up until thing. The tears and creases you see on the pages are from your sins. As you see, be but barely a teenager, very few but white lies give your pages any flaws. Then your life blood is used to write your story, as it carries the essence of your life, of your soul, of your emotions, of your talents and thus the story of your life. You are forced to relieve this as the judges view your life. Now come. Your judgment and choices await you.”

The young girl was lead to a court room where the seven archangels sat. Lucifer with his black wings, Michael with his gold, Gabriel with his scrolls spread out before him, Raphael had a medical text book, Uriel was playing with a ball of fire, Phanuel was making a list of actions on could take in life to gain forgiveness. Selaphiel was telling him the list of prayers that their father accepted in exchange for forgiveness. The seventh archangel was sitting in the middle between Michal and Lucifer, Barachiel to bring balance and to give the judgment decided upon. He was the voice of the archangels. An eight was sitting with Lucifer with a three pronged whip, his name Jegudiel and he was Lucifer’s right hand to punish those who went to hell. The young girl swallowed as she stood in the center facing them in this court.

Barachiel spoke up. “This is a simple case. Lily Marie Richards, age fourteen, kidnapped, raped and murdered by her mother’s step –brother. Sins include, petty shoplifting, white lies, and punching a child for bullying another. Religion was Catholic, she never went to church but did believe in the faith, she stood up for others. She is an innocent soul.”

Lucifer sighed. “Why do we do this? I mean most of the time you and Mister Perfect here can set judgment, why must we sit here all the time judging the souls? Heaven.” He gave his vote.

Michael sneered. “Because it is what our father asked of us. Rebirth.” Michael gave his vote.

Gabriel sighed along with Raphael, who finally put down his book. “Look , must you two always fight? Rebirth.”

Raphael nodded. “Lucifer does have a point. We have other things we must do, and though time runs different in heaven and hell we are always busy and can never relax. Rebirth.”

Uriel nodded and put out his fire. “I agree. We must talk to father about this, but stop fighting. Heaven.”

Phanuel looked at the girl. “Heaven.” He wasn’t about to get drawn in again to the fighting.

Selaphiel nodded. “This fighting should have stopped thousands of years ago. Rebirth.”

Barachiel sighed. “Please stop this bickering you are thousands of years old. Jegudiel, you are not needed to send this child on. Rebirth.” He looked at the child. “You have been judged to be reborn to live again. I hope you have a longer and peaceful life. Afriel, take her to be reborn.”

With that Lily was lead to the reincarnation chamber. Lily smiled, she was happy she would have another chance at living and she blocked out the sounds of the bickering angels as her soul was given a new life.