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Exceprt The Seven Deadlies A Guardian's Life Saga Novel

Copyright © 2012 by Katherine Rochholz
Published by E.A.R. Publishing Company
Publisher’s Note
No portion of this book may be reproduced by any means, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise, without first obtaining the permission of the copyright holder.
This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons living or dead (unless explicitly noted) is merely coincidental.
Cover by J.V.K.
Photo used for cover © Zlatina Tochkova Used with Permission 

This Book is in memory of my grandparents:
Bernice Agnes and Ross Jay Kitchen
Evelyn LaVonne and Raymond Lee Rochholz

I only met my Grandpa Ross, but all of you are in my heart and I think of you daily.  I wish I could sit down and talk with you all every day.

Ezekiel 18:4 - Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

The Journal of Catherine Von Kampen
First Entry 1490 
I don't know what today is.  I stopped caring about time.  I know it was the first of May when my family was killed.  I met another Hunter; he told me that I have to write down my notes, my thoughts, and my kills.  He said that a Hunter's journal was their life line.  It holds their secrets, it holds their rituals, and it holds everything they learn.  I ran into him hunting of all things a vampire.  I heard it had information about the demon that killed my family.  It turned out it wasn't a vampire; it was a vampire like demon, an Alp. It normally looks human, but its true shape is horrible.  It was hunched, skin that fell off its body, and had sharp rows of blood stained teeth; it had horns of red, and it seemed that it had hair of fire.  If it hadn't been for that other Hunter, whose name is John, I might be dead.  As it is, I have a nasty wound, but John put some herbs on it, he said they were lavender and thyme, with sage and a flower he called Calendua.  I am lucky to be alive.  John told me to forget revenge to go home, to marry, and to have children.  I laughed.  My life was over the second my brothers were killed.  John just told me the date is about mid-July.  Makes sense... It doesn't seem like that long ago I celebrated my brother's birthday... Edmund... my heart still breaks for Donatello, the baby, and Edmund, and Hugo, the oldest boy.  I miss them so much.  My heart breaks.  It is broken.  So I laughed at John.  I have to avenge my brothers.  They were my life.  My soul.  My heart.  I would freely give my life for them to be alive once more.  I would freely give my soul for them to be here once more.  I found out about a demon that gives those wishes.  I have to find out more, I have to find it...

Early Fall 1490
John and I went our separate ways.  He found out about my trying to make a deal.  I did my first exorcism.  It is so different than just having the words, and knowing the steps, performing one is so different.  You don't have time to do the whole 500 plus pages of the Rituale Romanum.  You do it quick and dirty, in Latin.  You call upon archangels in your own way, you especially call upon Michael.  You place a protection spell on the person the demon is possessing (you want to do everything possible to save the human).  Then you prevent the demon from leaving before the rite is finished, by doing a binding.  Finally the last part is sending the demon back to hell.  This person I performed the rite on died.  John had told me sometimes the demon had already drained the life of the person they possessed.  The demon said something though that bothers me.  It knew I was hunting for the one demon, and it knew why.  It said to find the demon I seek I must first seek the truth of my existence.  It said I was more than human.  But it was a demon and they are evil and evil beings lie- but I have learned that lies are always built on a small bit of fact...
All Hallows Eve 1490
Vampires in Ireland???  Must find out more about them...
Also was told today is All Hallows Eve that is why I am seeing more activity... that means it is my 18th birthday....  
Winter 1490
Found out salt, especially when it forms a circle; is a way to protect one's self and used to purify locations.  To salt the ground is a way to prevent evil from growing (used mostly in cemeteries as one can't grow anything on salted land.)  Must make sure I have a permanent supply of salt...

New Year’s 1941
What a way to ring in the new year... I ran into a Catholic priest who was possessed, the demon was getting people to sin.  It was successful because it used the body of their priest.  The priest said it was fine to sin, because the Lord created them to live happy lives.  He stated that to sin brought the person happiness.  I had to trap the demon without the protection spells; it tried to leave... the priest died.... Well, I am assuming it is the New Year, everybody is saying ‘Happy New Year.’  All I want to say is ‘not until I kill that damned demon that destroyed my life.’  Then I will be able to say ‘Happy New Year’ once more.
Undated Entry
Rowen Stakes bust to kill a vampire- burn the body or decapitate, doing all three preferred
Undated Entry
Werewolves are real- ran into a Hunter who told me that the north is full of them; he says they like the cold- must research how to destroy-
Valentine’s Day 1491
Found out the official date.  I will try to be better with time and dates, who knows it may become important... Ran into another Hunter about a week ago.  He was hunting the original Valentine...  He told me the story, the true story, Valentine was an evil Warlock, who pretended to marry people (though quite illegal at the time) so that people would live in sin.  Valentine, he said, was an underling to Lust.  It was his offering to the sin, in exchange for his power.  He was killed, stoned to death, and now his ghost, his spirit, is in hell, but he gets one day of rest.  He gets to come back on the 14th of February; to try to break his curse.  But he ends up killing a couple, he must find a pure couple, and there is some ritual involved.  Nobody knows what he is supposed to do, but every year a couple disappears and is killed, horribly.  The Hunter told me to break the spell that brings him back he had to find the original athame that Valentine used to call the demon to make his deal for power.  Once he found it he would destroy it.  I offered my help.  It looked helpless, but we found the trail of the athame.  It was not what I expected.  It was small and plain... there was a blood stain on it... The Hunter (who had introduced himself as Franklin) took me to a cemetery, to hallowed ground.  We dug a hole.  In the hole we threw the athame, some blessing herbs (Rosemary, Sage, Dragon's Blood, Mint, Rue) and some oils ( Clove, Jasmine), and some stones and gems (Salt, Calcite, Coral); we set it all on fire and watched it burn.  We then waited in the spot Valentine always seemed to take his victims.  We waited the night...  Nothing... We had done it....  I must find some stones, and oils as well as herbs... I have to find out more about them... Franklin gave me a small book on oils, which is a start....
St. Patrick’s Day 1491
Met another Hunter, at a St. Patrick's Day Celebration; he was totally drunk.  I walked into a bar as I was hungry and had been able to swipe some money to get a hot meal.  He was Irish; he was the one who told me today March 17th is called St. Patrick's Day.  He drinks whiskey to celebrate.  He told me St. Patrick was a Hunter, a great one.  He said that it started out with Hunters (who live in bars anyways) started celebrating but soon others had heard how he drove the 'snakes' (meaning demons) out of Ireland.  It is a huge thing.  A lot of the Hunters will have some whiskey, go on a hunt, and then drink until dawn.  I listened to the Hunters as I ate corned beef and cabbage, with a large chunk of bread.  The bar owner knew I was a Hunter right away.  We all carry the same look.  It is an angry tired look, which never fades from our eyes.  A Hunter wife and husband team came and sat with me.  They introduced themselves as Mary and Phillip; they have been hunting since they were sixteen as well.  They told me that was a common age to take up hunting, even if you come from a family of Hunters.  They told me to be careful where I stop.  Hunter's look out for each other they told me.  Even if they work alone, which most do…  There is a Hunter's bar founded within 100 miles of each other. Good information to know.  They gave me an extra bible and a rosary, shocked that I did not have them.  I thanked them by giving them some Rowen arrows, for their bows.  Found a lot of wood on my travels, and thanks to my father, I have more than a few skills. I am good with wood mostly because it is easier to work with.  My father was a blacksmith, but he loved carpentry.  For all that man's faults, he taught me right.  I learned at that moment when I gave them my gift for theirs, trading was a Hunter's means to live.  Tonight I was able to get my hands on herbs, stones, oils, books, and some more weapons, iron knifes, silver knifes, and some guns.  I found out delicate wood work, like the arrows, was rare, and they really wanted them after I showed off some of my archery skills.  I might stay here a few days, I still have a lot more bows, and I know where to find Rowen trees.
Undated Entry
Ran into a werewolf, thankfully I was close to a Hunter's bar, so ran there.  No injury, thankfully.  We went and hunted it down.  Silver to the heart, decapitation and then we burned the body.  *Special note, Cure for bite, before first transformation kill the werewolf that bit you and cook the heart with clove, olive, nutmeg, and rosemary oils, and garlic, leeks, lilacs (if you can find them) mint, onions, blackberries, thistles, and lemons. You do this over a fire made of cedar and bamboo (if you can find bamboo, if not Rowen is okay) until thoroughly cooked.  Then you eat it.  All of it.
April 21st, 1491
Today Edmund would have been 13.  I dealt with my first haunting today.  At first I thought it was a standard ghost, you tell them they are dead and they move on, no big deal.  It really wasn't a ghost, but more of a poltergeist. Thankfully, I had taken that book from the church a couple months back, a nice ancient book talked all about the undead.  So I burned some sage, salted the home, found out it used to be a soul of a small child.  It broke my heart, but I would not let anybody see that, as I helped the family that had just moved into the home.  Most ghosts and poltergeists are caused by not getting the dying rites, or last rites, not getting a proper burial or they were murdered and the killer goes unpunished.  In this case, the body was just tossed in a hole without last rites and not on hallowed ground.  I found a local priest and he gave the body its last rites and we buried the child (with salt, sage morning glories and violets) behind the church, properly.  It seems to have worked.  I hope it has...
Undated Entry
Ran into Mary and Phillip.  They told me that for each positive trait a gem or stone has, they have a negative side as well.  There are stones you cannot mix others with, or they can be used for dark purposes.  Some are both good and bad...  Must find more info, only have the one small book and a witch's book of shadows for my gem information...
Undated Entry
During a routine exorcism, a demon mentioned something about number boxes; in fact he had had one tattooed upon his chest... Must research it.......
The Number Box on his chest:

May 23rd, 1491
Stayed a few days at a Hunter's bar, word goes around I can make a lot of tools, from knifes, swords, guns, to arrows.  A Hunter, who introduced himself as Michael, wanted a special knife made for him, made out of the melted silver of his wife's jewelry, her wedding band, and her locket with the picture of him within it, (his wife was killed by a demon).  In exchange he gave me a lot of gems, oils, herbs, and five ancient books.  Must be very important to him to offer me all that... It took me a couple of days but I made him his knife, and he gave me my payment. I told him to keep the oils and herbs; I took the books and gems.  I came across a helpful guide on herbs, and how to make them into oils.  I will have to start drawing them in here, soon....
Undated Entry
Heard something today..... There are demons that are family, each gets a certain time on Earth, each doing their own thing... must find more books on demonology....
Undated Entry
Am I the fool?  A Hunter told me about Tarot, first card I touched was the fool...  What does that mean?  The 2nd card was Strength, the 3rd (which should have been the final) was the Devil card, but then the World card fell at my feet... I am not sure what any of this means, but the look on the Hunter's face worries me....  Find tarot deck and info....
May 29th, 1491
Symbols are everywhere... They can point to allies, or they can point to the enemy... Found a book of symbols out in the woods... Followed by a body of a Hunter... Gave him last rites, and burned him...
Undated Entry
Bad-Demonic  :


June 5th, 1491
Heard something at the bar today, black plague caused by a demon, even when sent back to hell, it comes back, but weaker and weaker each time, research needed...
June 11th, 1491
Trading at the bars have been a life line for me, heard some stories today about the first vampire, some say it was a woman, who wanted revenge for being sold into marriage, another states Abhartack who was an ancient Celtic warlord, became the first vampire.  It is said he was small and deformed, and was a merciless tyrant; well the people had the ruler in the next country over to kill him.  Well he did, and buried him standing up, but it said he came back from the dead and demanded bowls of blood, so the other ruler (Cathan) killed him and buried him again.  This continued for a while until Cathan went to a religious person and found he could not die, but could be held in place if stabbed with a sword made with of yew (must research yew more, thought it was evil) and buried upside down, and surrounded Blackthorn and Hawthorne thorn bushes. They also placed a stake of Aspen into his chest, and a giant granite was placed of his burial spot. To this day, it can be seen, and strange things happen on that land.... I hope he never gets freed...
Undated Entry
While trading at the local Hunter's Bar, I heard something, someone says that there are Guardians.  Beings that protect the world forever. They never die, well they can be killed but they come back to life.  They were once mortals... some myth.... Beings of good...
Undated Entry
Got a lead on a creature killing villagers headed to location rumor is it is a banshee...
June 19th, 1491
Was passing through a small town, as I am trying to make my way to Ireland, there is a Hunter that is claiming he has information on the demon I am hunting. Anyway, the town's priest recognized me as a Hunter and asked for help with a creature- a boogyman- he told me it had killed 5 children, it took them from their homes and then ate their brains and bone marrow; I told him I would take care of it. The boogymen come from the closets of their town (rumor is the boogyman is a child that was abused and eventually killed by their parents and to prevent other children from suffering their fate, it killed them and then ate the marrow and brains so it could live forever. Anyways, they feast on the children for six months then it goes into hibernation for twenty five years. To kill them, you have to perform a spell to trap it between worlds in their closet and then you cut off the head and limbs and drag the body parts to a church ground. Then you douse it in holy water and holy oil, and then you burn it.  I was successful... priest tried to pay me, I declined but accepted holy water, holy oils, and some scared bread all great for destroying demons.
July 1st, 1491
Found the damned Banshee... That thing is hell on Earth; it was tough to kill... A Banshee is an evil fairy, or an evil spirit of a woman. They are created when a young woman dies in childbirth, so the young woman, pissed that she didn't get to have her life with her baby, becomes a dark entity.  She attaches herself to families; her goal to kill the young children, striking terror in their hearts, and of course drinking their blood, taking their life force.  To hear her cry will kill you, as it will explode your brain. As it is, I am out of this battle with a bad nose bleed and huge migraine.  Don't know how I am alive...  It is a spirit that looks like a woman, but her skin is so attached to the skull you can see the skull under the skin, in some places it looks like the skin has been torn away and all is left is bone.  To kill it is more grave digging... you find the body of the young woman who died, mix the required oils, herbs, and stones, and burn it... then you take the ashes and seal them in an airtight container never to be opened again.  I buried it about six feet deep on hallowed ground.  Hopefully, no fool ever opens it...
July 17th, 1491
I was traveling to the next local Hunter's bar when something attacked me... It was a Bajang.  Which means another human controlling a damned being.  I cut the thing's head off, and set it on fire.  But another ten came out of nowhere.  I climbed up into the trees.  I was able to hide from them.  I followed them back to a local castle.  I researched them. Thankfully, there was a local witch that had some information, made sure she was a being of good; thankfully holy water works on dark witches as well.  Bajangs are created from a witch or warlock using the soul and body of a stillborn child.  That information makes my blood boil.  I saw red.  These Bajangs kill for their masters.  They are fed a mix of human blood, eggs and milk.  They attack women, draining them of their blood, and then they go and eat their mix and then fall into a specially built chest where they sleep until nightfall to attack again.  To destroy them, you have to catch the bloody warlock and make them destroy it.  To put that warlock under your control, you use a mix of herbs and oils boil them down and then dip an iron blade into the mix.  With that you slice the warlock and then you control him, and cause him to destroy the amulet that he created to control the Bajang.  The Bajang are then destroyed and you deal with the warlock.  I had the witch strip him of his magic.  I didn't kill him... maybe I should have.
The mix of herbs you need for Bajangs:
1 Whole Clover
3 Mint Leaves
1 Peach Pit
Handful of Mustard Seeds
3 Pine Cones
1 Lily Flower
1 Lotus Flower
3 Drops of Rosemary Oil
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon Lavender Oil
Boil for 12 hours
Dip your pure Iron blade into mix.
July 21st, 1491
More and more activity... I was passing through another town; I tend to stay on the move, only stopping when I am near a Hunter's Bar. There are rumors of men being killed in a village nearby... I went to investigate, and after talking to the locals, I discovered it was a Churel.  They are created when a young woman dies, either by murder, suicide, accident or while she is pregnant.  They come back and kill men only, draining them of all their bodily fluids.  They look human but they have razor sharp teeth, blood red eyes, and their feet are backwards.  To kill them is the standard cut off the head, burn them routine. After you do that, you have to salt the grave and bury their ashes, with a mix of herbs.
I used fern, mint, garlic, onion, pepper, witch grass and myrrh.
July 30th, 1491
Ran in to a Rakshasa, and after a few days of research I went and destroyed it.  Rakshasas generally attack women and children, but love to control men and drive them mad.  They are from kings or leaders, or someone with power at one time.  They are grotesque, have orange fiery eyes, and a large tongue that hangs from its mouth (normally bleeding as their razor sharp teeth bite down on it).  They are full of coarse body hair, and have potbellies, horns and either have 1 arm and 3 legs or 3 arms and 1 leg.  They love wearing wreaths made of the entrails of the victims.  They can become invisible, but love turning into animals, most common is a black dog, but will turn into owls or vultures.  They will kill their victim, drink their blood, let the body rot for a few days, then from the skull eat the rotting brain, and then the skin, and finally the decayed muscles.  To get rid of them, you must burn herbs, perform a chant, then dig up the body and burn it burying the ashes, and placing a large stone on the burial spot.
Herbs needed to burn:
Milk Thistle
Dragon's Blood (super rare had to trade 4 knives and  2 dozen arrows for 5 sticks)
August 5th, 1491
Was going through France, heard of a haunting.  The ghost was Gilles De Rais.  He is said to have murdered boys. In fact, he was tortured until he confessed, then executed. Many say he was innocent.  They say he was unjustly killed because he, umm... preferred the company of males, and didn't believe in God. He was targeted and killed.  I don't care.  He was hunting down and killing the families of those that put him to death.  If he didn't kill back in 40, he was now.  So I went and found his bones (did I mention I really hate that part?) threw in Anise, Hyssop, Peppermint, Yucca, Holy Thistle, Devil's Bit and Clove, along with a few stones (salt (of course) Calcite, Aquamarine (pained me to do but didn't have much else with me, I haven't been to a Hunter's Bar for about a week, and these routine hauntings kill my supplies), Coal, and Jasper).  Then set them on fire, and then of course made sure the ashes were buried.  Love these routine hauntings; have to get to a Hunter's Bar... Should be able to get to Ireland by end of month.
August 7th, 1491
Finally found a Hunter's Bar, going to spend a few days need to stock up on supplies.
August 10th, 1491
Ran into a bunch of Doppelsugers, damned children.  It saddens me, but Doppelsugers are created when a young child is smothered by a parent.  They are children that come back from the dead to kill and eat their family.  They start with the parent that killed them, and then they work through the family, after that they will attach any human.  To see a body of one killed by a Doppelsuger is kind of gross.  They are torn apart, nothing left really on the inside, just bones and skin and hair.  To destroy them is horrible; they look so much like innocent children, but they are not.  You do an exorcism, stake the body with a Hawthorne stake, and then place 2 silver coins upon the eyes, and then throw in your mix of herbs and oils, and burn the body.
I used:
Salt (my favorite, or at least the cheapest)
August 16th, 1491
Went to a local bar. They were looking for other Hunters to help them hunt an ogre.  I agreed to go along.  Ogres are giants.  They love to party, it seems. They take women to have orgies.  They kill the women, drink their blood and eat their flesh.  There were six ogres, and it took all nine of us to bring them down, and cut their heads off.  Then of course, we burned their bodies.  We went back to the bar, and the trading and drinking began.... Orges are ugly...  They have yellow eyes (three of them) they have four fingers on each hand, two toes on each foot, and no hair on their head but it appeared to be everywhere else.  They have razor sharp teeth, and bodies as thick as a few ancient trees.  Even with our sharped axes and swords it took forever to get the heads off the Orges' shoulders.  I hope it is a long long time before I deal with them again.
September 3rd, 1491
Hit land.  I am finally in Ireland.  Now to get to that Hunter.  But first had to deal with a Hag.  Ran right into her as she was stealing a child.  The ratty hair, shrinking skin, rotting sharp razor like teeth, her hooked nose (which had the largest wart I had ever seen on it) and her eyes were the worse.  They were white, clouded with death.  Of course I attacked.  She of course tried to kill me.  I left the battle with a few scratches, but the child is safe, and the hag lost her head.  I burned the body with a mix of herbs and oils, and am now on my way to the Hunter who claims to know about my demon.
Herbs used: (I must make these notes to make sure I trade for what I need at the Hunter Bar's)
Holy Thistle
Oils used:
September 10th, 1491
What the hell is an Eretica doing in Ireland????  I heard they were only in Northern Asia.  But I guess they can be anywhere. After all, they were once women who sold their soul to the devil for something, and are cursed upon death to come back and kill their family and their town.  They are only active between the spring equinox and the fall equinox, so it is coming up the deadline to permanently destroy it.  They use eye contact to stop their victim from fleeing.  Then they drain their life force.  They take their soul into them, and take it back to hell upon returning on the night of the fall equinox.  Sadly, the only way to destroy them is to send them back to hell.  You stake them with an Aspen stake, and then you burn them with herbs, oils and stones as you perform an exorcism.
Herbs Used:
Dragon's Blood (Must get more, having to use this more and more, running into stronger beings)
Rose Geranium
Stones and Gems:
September 16th, 1491
Found out colors you wear, colors you work with, and colors all have a meaning... Blue for example is used to repel vampires.... More Research is needed
September 18th, 1491
Found more on colors:
White: Protection, Peace, Purity
Green: Money, Luck, Fertility
Brown: Nature, home
Pink: Love, Fidelity
Red: Blood, Freedom, Lust, Courage, Liberty
Yellow: Wisdom
Purple: Power, Royalty
Blue: Peace, Sleep, Vigilance, Perseverance, Justice
Orange: Success
September 20th, 1491
Donatello would have been 7 today... I miss them more and more each day...
September 25th, 1491
Finally found the Hunter... I think he has been driven insane... He kept rambling about a demon who gave birth to what the world thinks is a human, who shall be either the savior or the destroyer of the world...  The being is part demon, the demon side hidden within.  He did tell me I would probably have to go to the end of the world to find the demon I seek.  I informed him that was my plan, until my dying breath the search won't end...  He said it wouldn't end with my dying breath; it would be only the beginning.... As I thought - insane...

October 1st, 1491
I am moved north, and last night as I crossed a cemetery (rumors of vampires), I heard screams; a woman was being dragged into the ground next to a stone.  I ran to help; I was able to save her, as the creature let go when I stabbed his arm with a silver knife. I walked with her out of the cemetery.  She was mumbling that she could not believe her Henry would be a Haugbui.  I went to the local Hunter's Bar and discovered that a Haugbui is a dead body possessed by a demon, that will drag all who comes near the grave of the body to their death, eating the body and drinking the blood.  So I went and dug up the bones of the person this morning, burned them, and then reburied them and placed huge stones over the grave... quick and crude, but hopefully it works.
Herbs used:
Oils Used:
Stones used:
October 3rd, 1491
Today Hugo would have been 15...
October 7th, 1491
Incubus/ Succubus
Horrible creatures.  The Incubus is male and forces itself upon women, subjecting them to night terrors, and of course they try to impregnate them.  They love preying on nuns, or other religious women.  Ran into to one at a nunnery.  Poor nuns frightened out of their minds.  Three had already been impregnated with demon spawn.  They hope the children will give into their human side as adults, instead of the demon within them (I have a feeling I should come back here in about twenty years, or let the owner of the local Hunter's Bar know. I won't kill a nun and an unborn; I still have a bit of a conscious).  Anyways an Incubus shows up in a human form that females find attractive, so I slept at the nunnery and hoped to kill it.  And it showed up! It took a bit of will power to remember it was a demon, the icy blue eyes and the dark hair, it would have been so easy to give in... but instead, I staked it, and cut off its head.  Then of course burned it and buried the ashes.
Herbs used:
October 13th, 1491
Ireland has a lot more stories, a lot more demons. I wonder why?  But today I had to deal with a leanhaum-shee. It is a fairy of sorts, which seduces anybody who catches its eye, and then drinks their victim's blood and eats the internal organs.  You have to trap it on hallowed ground, and bury it alive, staking it to the ground with silver stakes and Blackthorn thorns.  Tricking it into the church's graveyard was the tough thing. Finally, I found some bait... stupid drunk little man... he didn't die... anyways got the leanhaum-shee into the graveyard, fought it, got it into a grave, staked it, bound it with thorns and then buried it.
Herbs used: (The damned thing cut me...and good too)
October 19th, 1491
Okay, seriously what is it with demons and witches?  Jigarkhwar, a daughter or son of a witch that sold its soul to the devil and a demon; they have the power to paralyze their victims with just a stare.  Once they are paralyzed, they use dark magic to remove the liver and then it is shrunk to the size of a seed and it hides it in its calf until it needs to eat it.  Once it is eaten, the person cannot be saved.  They are doomed to die.  If you find the Jigarkhawar, you can cut open the calf and get the liver, and have the victim swallow it whole.  Then to kill the thing, you have to bind her head with silver chains and Blackthorn thorns, and then you cut out the eyes and fill the sockets with salt, and then you hang her, and you leave her there for 40 days, then burn the body.  I am not waiting 40 days, found a priest that will watch the body and burn it for me.  Note to self: Must pick up a lot more salt...
October 22nd, 1491
Ran into a group of Kosci.  They were eating a family... Male Kosci are called Koscima and the female is Koscama.  They are victims of drowning (mostly pirate ships that went down) they hunt families and dine on their internal organs as they drink the blood.  It took a while and a chuck of my Blackthorn arrows (a lot harder to make by the way but Blackthorn is the only thing that works on Kosci), but I finally killed them all and burned the bodies.
October 27th, 1491
Ran into a black dog... Its eyes glowed red...  It smiled at me and winked... I was shocked, paralyzed with fear... the devil himself is said to take the form of a black dog to make deals with the living... before I could even think of a way to destroy it, it was gone... so I found out this about them: YOU CANNOT DESTROY THEM!  You can do an exorcism, but you cannot kill them, and they always come back.  They are called upon when a person wants to make a deal with the devil himself, instead of an introverted demon.  Why would it cause me to freeze? Why did it smile at me?  Why wink?
All Hallows Eve 1491
What a way to spend my 19th birthday! Ran into a damn pack of werewolves.  Almost didn't make it...  I stop and think about it now, the wolf that was on my tail stopped.  And it sniffed the air, and turned around as I was nearing the Hunter’s Bar.  It must have known that I would make it to the bar before it could kill me.  I couldn't take turning into a werewolf, but after hours of fighting, I was exhausted and the five werewolves were dead.  I am bloody from head to toe, and all I want is a bath...
November 3rd, 1491
Heard a rumor... a Hunter related to a werewolf without knowledge of it.... I laughed at that fact... then I felt bad for the Hunter to know one day soon that their loved one would die from their hand or another Hunter's hand.
November 11th, 1491
Was traveling through a village and was told about a demonic monster they named Brunhilda.  Legend holds that this demon was once a mighty warrior that saved the village but a god came and demanded a sacrifice or it would destroy all the land.  Since this great warrior was unmarried and scared even the town’s people with her power, the villagers tricked her in to a compromising position and killed her to appease a god (which was a demon in disguise).  She came back as a demonic force to get her revenge. In the month of her death's anniversary, she comes to the town and kidnaps young children and babies and eats them (Demons really like to kill children it must be something to do with their innocence).  The town was naive in their actions a long time ago but I hunted the demon.  She was huge, a bloody giant.  Her hands could easily close over my body and crush me.  I was able to create a small (well large) trap.  She entered the pentagram made of salt and other stones and herbs I had ground. It trapped her there long enough for me to do the exorcism.  It was successful.  Thank God she was slower, due to her size, than me.  I shudder to think how she would have killed me.
Herbs used:
Oils used:
Holy oil (time to find a priest to trade again running low)
Aquamarine (thankfully I had this, it is a powerful gem)
Time to find a bar need to trade and I just made a lot of silver iron knives as well as Aspen and Rowen arrows.
December 1st, 1491
One can tell it is winter, even the demons are feeling the cold. Thankfully, there is a Hunter’s Bar every hundred or so miles.  Don’t know what I would do without them.  Mary says I should marry one of the other hunters.  She said it is good to have companionship, to have love.  I laughed… truthfully I don’t know if I want to risk that… ever…  I will die hunting evil… do I want a husband to bury me?  Do I want to love someone just to bury him?  I never thought of it before; I always thought I would go to war, come home marry one of the boys in the village, after my father bargained for my dowry, have a few babies and die… but then the demon destroyed that… destroyed my life.  It killed my soul; it killed me but left my body here to rot… Of course I told Mary I would think about it…
December 5th, 1491
As it gets colder, rumors of werewolves and yetis become more and more… Phillip says we should move north; it would be more active.  I agreed.  Mary didn’t like the idea, but she agreed that we needed to make some more money and there were postings for Hunters up north.  So we set off.  I should note I keep seeing yellow eyes everywhere… and the other day Mary was pressuring me and I snapped at her; she swears my eyes turned black…  I wonder what is happening…
December 11th, 1491
We ran into fairies!  Real life fairies, and not the nice kind either.  These were dark, demonic.  They tried to drag Mary into the river as she washed.  They said that she had not asked permission and her life was forfeit.  Of course killing something as small as a butterfly is hard, but finally we were able to kill some of them and move on.  But there is a strange mark on Mary’s hand… I think they cursed her… Something is going to happen.  I can feel it.  This mark it looks like the devil’s pentagram.  But in the center there is a demonic fairy shape… it takes up the back of her whole hand.  Mary says she is not worried, but I see the looks between her and Phillip.  They know something is not right either…
December 16th, 1491
The mark faded into Mary’s skin.  But I still see it.  I know it is faded because Philip mentioned that it was lighter.  It seemed to be glowing, but I did not tell them that.  We ran into a priest.  He looked at my cross and smirked.  He told me before I celebrated my twenty-first birthday I would be a being of hell.  He told me I would give up my mortality, for revenge.  I tried to say I would never, but I could not.  I just looked him in the eyes and I knew I would give almost anything to kill the demon.  I had even offered up my soul.  Is there anything I would not do for revenge?  It scares me that I don’t know the answer.
December 19th, 1491
It is so cold out.  But I have split from Philip and Mary for a few days. I just need to think things through.  I went on a couple of hunts and killed several vampires. They laughed at me and said their leader was chosen.  They just had to wait for the demon to keep its promise. I staked them, cut off their heads, and burned them.  At least the fire kept me warm while the bodies burned.  I have noticed I no longer have a need to write down items I need.  My mental notes are better than I thought.  I ran into a hunter last night and traded some arrows for some herbs.  He seemed to have a lot of Dragon’s Blood.  I will continue to write a list after a large hunt, but I am going to find Mary and Philip again.
December 24th, 1491
Okay that is it! Christmas is now my least favorite holiday!  In the last two days, I have dealt with a set of twins, one supposedly good and the other more evil than I thought possible.  They are grandsons of Lucifer.  Well great, great, God only knows how many great grandchildren of Lucifer.  Saint Nicolas himself, and his twin brother Nikoli.  St. Nick, he wasn’t so bad.  He liked giving gifts to kids and leaving candy and other little goodies.  His brother Nikoli was a true demon.  He liked to suck on peppermint sticks, sucked them to a sharp point, then he would stab it into his victim’s eye and… well… eat the eyeball.  With Phillip, Mary and Jolly Old St. Nick himself, we were able to hunt down and destroy Nikoli.  It was not an easy job, that demon could really kick; I think I broke a couple of ribs.  At best they are bruised.  Phillip says I will live.  It hurt to laugh but I had to laugh at that.  Nikoli got me right in the ribcage as I bound him for the exorcism.  Finally we were able to send him to hell.  Using a lot of our goods. 
Herbs used:
Oils used:
Holy oil (time to find a priest to trade again running low)
Red Coral
Sapphire (It hurt me to use this pretty gem, but in the end we needed the power, and Phillip and Mary are more important.
December, 31st, 1491
It is the end of another year and rumors of my demon are becoming more and more.  I don’t know what to believe.  There are rumors of a werewolf that went to hell and stole Lucifer’s Trident, a long time ago.  That he is out there hunting down the beings that killed his family.  I also hear of a Hunter who is part demon.  I hear of a vampire with a soul.  I hear so many things.  Are there good beings mixed within the bad we have been killing?
January 4th, 1492
It is a new year, and we are hunting all the time.  We had to fight some Kozlaks this time around.  They start out as poltergeist and then start to suck the life out of their victims.  It normally only takes a few days to wipe out a whole village.  To destroy it is just like any ghost, find out who the ghost was, dig it up and burn the remains to ash.  Of course nobody would give us information.  So we dug up the cemetery and burned them all.  I am much too young to feel so old.  I am tired all the time.  I must be coming down with something.  Only when it is night and the moon is bright do I feel like myself anymore.  Strange but it is calming.  I need it…
January 7th, 1492
My thoughts are becoming darker.  I am becoming darker.  I am almost cold inside when I kill now.  I have no qualms about killing an evil mortal.  A human, a waste of breath, had a knife to Mary’s throat, Philip was fighting three others.  I took aim and shot him with my arrow straight and true into his eye.  He was worshipping a demon.  Better that he’s gone from the world.  Mary told me my eyes went black and I smiled as I pulled the trigger.  Maybe I did.  I had no qualms at all.  There was no hesitation in my actions.  What is changing me?
January 23rd, 1492
What do I stand for?  I don’t know.  I see the ghosts of so many I have killed.  The demons, the humans… I kill more than those I write about.  I see them.  They haunt me.  What do I stand for?  Sometimes even I don’t know.  But I wake up every day and fight.  I wake up every day and pray for a chance at redemption.  A redemption I know my soul will never see.  I know that now.  But I still get up.  I still fight.  I still pray.  I still believe.  My brothers… I will never see again… What do I stand for?  Someone… something… please tell me!  I don’t know who I am.  I see the ghosts of those I have destroyed.  Who am I?  What am I?  Darkness is spreading through me…
January 31st, 1492
Mary is pregnant.  She just told me today.  She is about three months along.  Pregnant.  A Hunter having a baby.  In this world?  I smiled and congratulated her.  She is due in May.  I don’t know if I will be around then.  I don’t know what will happen.  But I am happy that she is happy.  Maybe this will get her to stop hunting.  Maybe she will bury me.  Maybe I won’t have to feel the pain of losing her.  Pregnant.  A pregnant Mary telling me I should marry and have a baby.  I laughed.  My soul is too dark for that.
February 7th, 1492
Sometimes I wonder why I even wake up some mornings.  We lost five Hunters last night.  We were attacked by zombies.  Honest to God zombies.  At first I thought it was a joke, when they told me that they acted intelligent.  I mean I have battled what I had been told were zombies before, but these are different.  I had seen reanimated copses, and called them zombies, but these were different than any zombie I had dealt with before.  Something had to be controlling them.  They were made from a whole town.  We heard rumors of them just sitting there and dying.  So full of sloth that they just died.  I do not know.  But they came back from the dead with a hunger they could not fill in life because of their laziness to get up and get food.  They attacked us.  We were surrounded.  But we fought and in the end we lost five, and the bodies of the zombies were destroyed.  We burned the whole town.
February 16th. 1492
I was walking alone, wondering where the Hunters I have met on my journeys are, and I saw it.  The bloody demon.  I gave chase.  It led me right to a field of murdered children.  I fell to my knees and cried.  They all had the blood hair blue eyes of my brothers.  I fell to my knees and cried in pain.  I screamed for it to come kill me.  This is war!  What are you waiting for you bloody demon?  What are you waiting for when I am not waiting?  When I am breaking the rules?  Killing demons, and mortals alike in my hunt for you.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Oh Lord help me!  I don’t know what I stand for anymore.  I don’t know why I truly do this anymore.  Is it just revenge?  Is it more?  Do I do it for the right reasons?  Do I even care?  What do I stand for?  Oh Lord I need redemption.  I need you to save me… or do I?  Is it you that is meant to save me?  Or is another?  The holy men I run into… they cry for me.  They worry for me… they know something… they see something… Someone save me… please…
February 21st, 1492
An Incubus tricked a local woman into having a baby.  I look into those eyes and you would not believe the things that can come from the most horrible of beings.  The child is pure mortal… probably to the pain of the Incubus… The baby is so gorgeous.  He reminds me of my brothers.  Mary is cooing at the thing.  I am glad it turned out human.  I could not kill it.  I look into those eyes, and find my weakness.  Kids… I may be cold and heartless… but not that cold and heartless.
March 3rd, 1492
Ran into some hobgoblins… who knew they were real?  Well I guess Hunters older than I did.  They are ugly little creatures.  They tried to push a few of us off the cliffs.  Thankfully they are slow.  It didn’t take long to evade them and kill a few.  I am becoming too good with weapons.  Mary fears that… not I.  I am proud of my power.  She thinks a man will tame me.  I feel no desire.  The only love I know is that of family.  I do not think I can love.  I do not think I could ever be a wife.  Or a mother.  That is alright with me.  I cannot risk my soul becoming blacker with heartache.
March 29th, 1492
Some nights I wish the battle would end.  Like tonight.  We all fought… but the vampires were too much… the different types joining against us… these were not normal vamps; they were older. They were more powerful. They had other beings in their power… Sometimes I wish this would all end.  That I am taken to the Gates of St. Peter and judged… Hell may be my destination, but could it be worse than this life? The rumors are yes, that there are mortals that have been to hell and back… but I don’t know…  Lord, I ask you every night for redemption… every night I pray for your love… what is my place in the world?  Who am I really… and why do the priests look at me with pity in their eyes and distaste in their voice?  What do they know that I do not?  I will find answers!
April 1st, 1492
If I have to deal with one more small creature today, I am going to scream!  We have been dealing with Imps, Leprechauns, Pixies, Alats, Brownies… lots and lots of small creatures!  They have been playing tricks on us all day.  We don’t kill them because they are not evil… well not all are evil, some Leprechauns are… An Alat pack made off with my bow and arrows!!! It took me about three hours to hunt down the Alat pack and get my stuff back, but thankfully I found them.  I will be happy when this day is over.
April 7th, 1492
Helping at a local Hunter’s Bar, the owners wife became a widow last night…  I was involved with the hunt; it was for, what Philip says it was, an Aswang.  It is an evil creature.  It used to be a human female.  It can switch its shape at will.  We could hear its wings from miles away. We knew it was coming, but as soon as it hit the village we could no longer hear it… It was eerie silent…  It soon attacked.  It killed the widow’s husband and four others before we could bring it down.  Four others and I held it down and cut off its wings, beheaded it and burned the body, burying the ashes.  Then, about three miles down the road, we burned the wings and buried them.  I am not sure why, but I used up a good supply of stock, so I am going to stay around for a bit and trade for more… traded for a diamond today… only cost me five silver knives and fifty Rowan bows… it was a good trade… wonder where he got the diamond?
April 15th, 1492
Some nights I regret this life.  I am young, but I look older than I am.  I have stayed around the area since the Aswang attack and more and more strange creatures are showing up.  The latest was a Sampiro.  It appears to be a woman that wears very large heels.  The only thing that gives it away is its eyes.  They grow larger and blood red when they smell a blood that hungers them.  I barely saved the guy before it attacked.  It was harder to kill; I figured the power was in the eyes.  I plucked them out with a silver knife and burned them as the Sampiro screamed in pain.  When I set the eyes ablaze, it lit on fire and soon there was nothing but ashes.  The man paid me some money.  At least I will have some money for hot meals now.

April 23rd, 1492
Ran into a Yara-ma.  A rare thing.  It is a little red man. It was probably about three feet no more than four, and the head was huge compared to the body.  There were no teeth in its large mouth but on its feet there were stingers and on the hands suckers.  They tend to live in trees and don’t have to hunt, they just wait for someone to rest under the tree.  Like I did.  The way they come to be is strange, but thankfully a quick swipe of my sword chopped its head off.  They will almost drain the victim, but leave them alive.  They will them come back after a nap to eat the victim whole.  It will take another nap and vomit up the person; they come out shorter and redder.  The Yara-ma will repeat the process four more times and then the victim becomes a Yara-ma themselves.  Strange creatures.
April 30th, 1492
Dealt with a Zmeu today.  They take the form of a flame and enter the rooms of young girls, seeking pure virgin blood.  Once there, they will transform into a shape the young girl or woman desires and seduce them. Once gaining their trust and successfully seducing them, they will drain the woman, leaving her dead body in a burning heap.  You cannot burn their body.  You must submerge them in water… harder to do than it sounds.  But a few Hunters and I were successful.
June 3rd, 1492
Time is moving slowly… I am fighting my grief… I have heard rumors that my demon is hunting the Hunters…  I will kill it… I called the Introverted demon, I offered my soul to kill the demon… it turned me down… told me that there were larger things in store for me… told me stop calling it… it cannot make a deal with me…  I wonder why?  I wonder what is in store for me besides death…

June 13th, 1492
Heard the demon is on the run. I tried to meet up with it, but it ran into a pack of werewolves… well the rumor was it ran into a werewolf, singular, but what demon would be afraid of a werewolf?
June 25th, 1492
I know I am writing less and less, but not much to write. It is very quiet… Mary and Phillip were right, something huge is going to happen, something has the beings of hell running from this place… Have done some routine vampire stakings, haven’t heard about Mary at all though… Maybe the vampire blood did not take?  Sometimes it doesn’t, if the vampire did it wrong… well too late.  A true vampire must drain its victim until the point before the heart stops, and then it must feed it its own blood.  If things go right, a new vamp will rise in about three nights… Mary… I will have to stake her if she turned… maybe her body was too stubborn to be corrupted… maybe it didn’t take… hold on to hope… do not let evil win…
July 3rd, 1492
Things have started to get back to normal hunting. Whatever fear the demon had put into the creatures is now gone.  And they are all out in force… I am almost out of supplies; I have to stock up, on everything…
July 15th, 1492
I have heard the demon has left and is headed for another world… Don’t know what that means but I will find it. I will hunt it down if it is the last thing I do…
July 19th, 1492
There are less and less vampires around. It used to be common place to stake one or two every couple of days, but lately there hasn’t been one for me to take my anger out on… heard about Mary, another Hunter saw her… she killed four in their group before running off…  What can I do, but hunt her?  Sometimes I wonder what death is waiting for?  Sometimes I wonder if these musing and ramblings of my mind will really help another Hunter after I am long gone?  Will it?  I hope so!  The world is full of evil and we need good men and women to pick up the fight.  We will give our lives and souls to fight the demons of hell… But will it matter?  Where do the fighters end up?  Where do we Hunters end up?  What do we really stand for?  Sometimes I wish it would all end…
July 21st, 1492
Heard a rumor on the vampire shortage, a werewolf is hunting them down. There is a rumor that the vamps killed its daughter, something about her being a great leader that would eradicate all the vamps from the Earth.  I am all for that… but werewolves?  Are they any better?
July 28th, 1492
Hear of ships leaving for the edge of the world.  Finally, I might be able to find it; after all I will go to my death to find it…
August 1st, 1492
Got my supplies, took a lot of trading, but I have everything I need for the trip.  Herbs, oils, gems, stones, weapons, books, everything I need to hunt this demon who claims I am born from its womb, and send it back to the depths of hell from which it came.  It took my diamond but I figured out how to get on the boat and how to travel with everything I need, everything that I have…
August 3rd, 1492
On a ship as a stowaway. The ship is called the Santa Maria…
August 8th, 1492
Caught on the ship, but found a demon possessing the body of the captain (Columbus I think his name is).  The demon could sense me, which is why I was found.  I bound the demon, and preformed the exorcism.  Afterward, convinced the captain I was a nun trying to spread the world of Jesus to the world.  Of course since I got rid of the demon, he turned a blind eye that I was a stowaway.  I pray there will be no more possessions on this boat.  Not enough room to fight; I had to fight the demon to bind him.  I was knocked overboard during the exorcism, thankfully I can swim, and thankfully the crew pulled me up.
August 19th, 1492
Boredom is setting in. What I wouldn’t give for a demon, vampire, creature!  Heard there was something in the ocean, but haven’t seen anything.
September 5th, 1492
Today Donatello would have been 9.  Saw some large thing in the water.  I was very tempted to jump in and fight it, but I can’t kill my demon if I am dead.  It is boring on this boat… I have vanquished all the ghosts of those that have died…
September 13th, 1492
Rumors are going around that Columbus sold his soul to the devil to convince the Queen of this voyage.  I shrugged it off; even if he did, there is nothing to do now.  I wonder how many years he has?
September 15th, 1492
15 years.  I was bored and I went up and asked him.  The demon gave him 15 years!  Then he of course will die and go to hell.  There is really no way to get out of a deal with a demon.  Poor guy will be going to hell in 1504; he made the deal a year ago.
October 12th, 1492
Today Hugo would have been 16.  And finally there is land!  There had been nothing to do on this boat but twiddle my thumbs, and of course research.
October 18th, 1492
So many new things to kill!  I saw some creature that was part animal part human!  I do not know what it was but setting the damned thing on fire killed it.  I am off to find out more about the creatures…

October 27th, 1492
Zombies are big here, so many beings called voodoo people… not sure what it means, but I killed them… I am going to have to leave… I am being chased by the community.  I guess they like zombies eating the hearts and brains of people.  I do not want to be here anymore.  There is a new vast land a couple of boat days away.
October 31st, 1492
Twenty today.  Dealing with a lot of hauntings… becoming so routine…
November 3rd, 1492
Got on a small boat to go to a new vast land.  Almost killed by something - don’t know what it was, but it was not human… it is dead now… I am running out of supplies, no Hunter Bars here, maybe when I get to the new vast land I will be able to start one…
November 8th, 1492
Finally landed, three of the nine of us were lost to the waters.
November 15th, 1492
Natives told me that something was taking and killing people, at least that is what I understood from the conversation, really can’t understand them.  I load up on herbs and get help from the natives making new weapons, Rowen is not easily found here, but there are other herbs and trees, that I have no knowledge of, but thankfully they can point at the ones that may be of help.  There will be a hunt tomorrow. 

Part One:
The Beginning
November 16th, 1493
I died.  I actually died.  The Death Fairy gave me a choice to become a Guardian; I thought they were a myth.  But I took the chance.  My need for revenge so great, I have a feeling I may regret this choice.  When I woke up, I had an understanding of the Native’s language. I could hear for miles, and though it was pitch black, I could see.  The Guardian had told me there were benefits to my death and rebirth.  The Natives told me that the death fairy made me the Guardian of the land, and they were to protect my body for me, as a repayment for killing the Wendigo- at least I know what the thing that killed me is now called, and I vaguely remember setting it on fire by sticking a flaming arrow into its chest.  I am now forever 20, immortal…  I went to hell for a year, time moves different there though.  One day on Earth is about 183 days in hell or about 15 years for one Earth month… so I in hell for 180 years… I was tortured I remember that, but I did not cry out in pain…But the pain I carry in my soul, the need for revenge hurts more than anything they could ever do to me in hell… Found out there are rules for this curse, this blessing…
The rules for being a Guardian (so to say)
You are immortal, your soul can be bargained for time in hell, but you can never truly die (there is one way will get to that)
You have a soul mate.
Your soul mate’s soul belongs to you; your soul belongs to your soul mate.
Before your joining you may bargain with your soul or your soul mate’s soul.
After your joining, you must get your soul mate’ permission to bargain with your soul. 
Before the Joining your soul mate cannot bargain with their soul, with their life yes, but not their soul.
You may use the bargaining chip of reincarnation.  You can be reincarnated, and the demons have until a certain age to kill you.  It is when you made your first kill of the supernatural world, or when you first became a hunter, so for me it would be until I would be 16.  Then I would be immortal again.  If killed, you will be judged, and sent to your final place in eternity, most go to hell.
You will gain powers, lots of them, and certain ones take longer to show than others.   It will be your gift in this curse. 
Right now it is just a gift; I will be able to hunt that bloody demon that killed my family.  It destroyed my life, my soul, my heart.  I will destroy it.

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