Monday, January 7, 2019

The Ending: A Flash Fiction Story

The Ending
Katherine Rochholz
Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved
Flash Fiction 

                I had a checklist in life. Military. Check. Buy a ranch. Check. Marriage. Check. Kid. Check. Tell my kid legends of magpies and fairytales with song birds. Check. What I didn’t plan was a stroke and the commotion and upheaval it would have on my life while I tried to heal. What I didn’t plan on was that one I day I would remove this band from my finger. Because I meant it when I said ‘Death Do Us Part.’
                I was sitting in the living room after my in home nurse left, after I had done my daily physical therapy. I decided I wanted some mangos, so I grabbed the cane; I loathed the damn wheel chair, and made my way to the kitchen. I stopped wright out the door when I heard a simper from my wife. I had a scowl on my face; I hadn’t heard that sound from my wife in a long time, since before my stroke a year ago. So, I had to stop and listen to what could make her sound that happy.
                “Of course he doesn’t suspect a thing. He is just hoping to get work the ranch again. He only cares about this damn ranch. As soon as he is dead I am selling the damn thing.” He is a fool,” she stated. “I can’t wait until we make love again either, Rich. I will see you this weekend?” There was a silence before she said, “love you too.” And she hung up the phone. She started to finish the dinner she was cooking.
                I ran my thumb over my wedding band. So that is what she had really been doing during her club meetings. I put on a smile and went to get my mangos. I then called a ride after cutting them up. “Dear, I am going into town.” I told her as I wheeled myself from the house.
                I made a trip to my lawyer, made sure my son got everything if I died, from the ranch to the insurance, to all the money I had saved. And nothing to the woman I thought was the love my life, she would pay for her betrayals. After all, everything was in my name. She married me and was a house wife, she came with nothing, and she would get nothing. I had a plan and there were no guarantees, if I would make it out of it, and I needed to protect my son, and my gift to him.
                Three weeks later my wife was driving me to a doctor’s appointment when I grabbed the wheel and swerved us into a tree. I felt the van rolling after the hit to the tree, and when it came to a stop I moved from my chair to crawl out of the van. I checked my wife, who lay dying. “I said death do us part, whore.” I then, with a twist of my arms, broke her neck. I collapsed as I pressed my emergency call button telling them that we were in an accident.  I lay upon the ground with a smile as I heard the ambulance and the cops coming. I closed my eyes and my world went black.

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