Monday, August 17, 2020

Re-Release of Novels


I will be re-releasing all books after re-writes (basically some small changes), new edits, and putting them under a Pen Name, Kris Charles. It is a play off my middle name Christina and my dad's confirmation name Christopher, and my dad's middle name. It is to honor him.

Katy Lily Book 1 is already done with a shiny new title, a new simpler cover, and closing little loop holes. I am getting the proof, and will be re-releasing that at the start of September! 

Edits for Katy Lily Book 2 and The Seven Deadlies (book 1 of Guardian's Life) are underway! They will be re-released before end of the year.

Edits after those two books will be for Katy Lily Book 3 and The Keepers and the Sisters of Lilith.

After that focus will be on The Damned Saint, Praying, and a couple of screen plays! 

I am going to be better with keeping my website and links up to date! 

Back to the writing board! No more delays! 

The new covers for Katy Lily 1 & 2; as well as the new cover for The Seven Deadlies!

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